Super Snow Full Moon in Virgo February 19, 2019 – Cherokee Billie Spiritual Advisor

Excellent advice !

Google creating moon water and recharge crystals in the

moon light , whether you see moon glow or not.

3 days total, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, energetically

should give ample opportunity for creating, receiving,

thanking , releasing and tuning in to all that is, all that will

ever be..

Be detailed, Be Believing, Have Faith , Have a plan B , 😝

Blessings & Peace

February’s Full Snow Moon peaks on Tuesday, February 19, at 10:53 A.M. ET.  This will be the second of three supermoons to occur in 2019. Traditionally called the Snow Moon, it is being called the “Super Snow” Moon this year to reflect its status as a supermoon. February’s Full Moon will actually be at the closest poin
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