Watch “Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Helpless (Live at Farm Aid 2000)” on YouTube

I am family. I am not helpless .

I am standing .

I will have my farm.

I am HOME .

I am Responsible .

I am worthy .

I have dreams , I have fed many dreams and dreamers .

I have faith in Divine and I have faith in me.

I have experience in blocks to my ascending and Awareness that no blocks exist ; not even death ie leaving this body will block .

I am there. I am mastered these lessons and so the forces that test this shall in fact reveal themselves as they are as they choose to remain no longer shadows but the negatives that drag US all down and are exiting for there is no place to hide in the cosmic consciousness that IS our New Earth .


Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna

Show Me Love

Love ❤️ is flowing , and won’t be altered by unauthentic

masked aliens …

Personally , over 10 years ago I relocated to lose an induced

run of negative life experiences , that have taught me well.

Self forgiveness, Self understanding

Self Love ❤️ Are Light points… for many , delayed or denied

in fear of owning shadow… I have a sense of this in many

especially males who have been challenged in early attachment

or non attachment and all in between , never allowed to question to be

armed with facts , digested , healing or healed

so its anger or isolation, indeed how to cope

and step out of being considered a doing rather a being ,only .

Step out of being controlled , in any way.

Learn trust of your intuition, discover your creative passions .

Surround yourself with possibilities .

Learn better communication skills , Listen with head and heart ♥️.

Healing your Mother wounds , nurturing yourself is Love you deserve.🎁❤️

Waking to that is life altering , has no time limit , is a 1 man job .

and alighted much support is provided .

Feminine are waking to the masculine still in the possession stage and

as such she is little more than a domestic , surely not paid ,*** combat

hazards ignored , while death of physical, and spiritual , are excused

as are the effects of this family dynamic real , epidemic and showing

in greater numbers as generations search for love 💕, home and happiness.

It does seem crazy , insane …how many industries thrive up

fractured , angry , divorcing parents .. As so many special children

require so much more

The efforts I have made towards achieving this lay like the crumbs

Hansel and Gretel. Allowing Divine to guide me ..

Joy remains , as Sun pops out , in bright agreement


Blessings & Peace

Doña Luna

Someone Save A Life 2Night …

I was late teens , lying on the floor of Beloved’s ex listening to

Elton John , Yellow Brick Road …Buzzed , and the intensity as

I listened to this new LP, connected me in a way that was scary/good .

Having been friendly all my life , certainly stepping back from what

I did not understand as energy .. I was shy, and did not try to evoke

attention , unless I wanted to…not often ..certainly tired of challenges

to be heard and understood .

Smiling , especially with the eyes is a gift to me and I hope I give it out

plenty…acceptance …

I hoped to be an instrument during these challenging times and I am

as clear , my own … Mind over body …Body seems weary .

9 hours sleep last night ***

Solar Plexus

Gut Reactions

Center of our intuitive power .

Pancreas Represents the Sweetness of Life

Pancreatitis Rejection Anger Frustration, because life seems

to have lost its sweetness.

Lymph A warning that the mind needs to be recentered

on the essentials of life . Love & Joy

I was a Bird , Mary Chapin Carpenter

Tapping into Enigma t MCMXC a.D.

I suppose like the 3 year old , I watched self soothe

I do so in various ways , like listening to sexy loving


Sitting with myself , I don’t feel, lack of anything .

I hold this , honoring the time when all I felt was lack.

And death.

Feeling Blessed beyond measure , for the lessons

that leave me at peace within my soul … a sweet

liberation …

Not Ready To Make Nice – Dixie Chicks

In voicing her thoughts , opinion 1st Amendment Right

she was blackballed . As sure that psychiatric or therapeutic

RX were offered/used ..

Perfectly balanced in its words and depiction of daring to speak

and getting slammed for it.

I can relate. I search for Benevolence, I forgive myself for failing

sometimes , and I seek the nuance of the lesson.. That’s happening

much quicker, Thankfully…

I share this in honor of understanding of the outrage and shame

and toxic drugs that are pushed , the social hatred

instead of the end of discrimination and ending the power

of money and deceit.

Not Ready To Make Nice

“The biggest mistake I ever made was…going to see a psychiatrist” (Stevie Nicks) – Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

I know of what she speaks , a true Heroine 🦸‍♀️

from the archives) — I’ve read other articles about Stevie Nicks and her harrowing journey on and off Klonopin. She speaks vaguely in an article I read a long time ago of hiding out at her brothers for two years after the detox. That period I’m in now when many of us are very ill…
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