Someone Save A Life 2Night …

I was late teens , lying on the floor of Beloved’s ex listening to

Elton John , Yellow Brick Road …Buzzed , and the intensity as

I listened to this new LP, connected me in a way that was scary/good .

Having been friendly all my life , certainly stepping back from what

I did not understand as energy .. I was shy, and did not try to evoke

attention , unless I wanted to…not often ..certainly tired of challenges

to be heard and understood .

Smiling , especially with the eyes is a gift to me and I hope I give it out

plenty…acceptance …

I hoped to be an instrument during these challenging times and I am

as clear , my own … Mind over body …Body seems weary .

9 hours sleep last night ***

Solar Plexus

Gut Reactions

Center of our intuitive power .

Pancreas Represents the Sweetness of Life

Pancreatitis Rejection Anger Frustration, because life seems

to have lost its sweetness.

Lymph A warning that the mind needs to be recentered

on the essentials of life . Love & Joy

I was a Bird , Mary Chapin Carpenter

Tapping into Enigma t MCMXC a.D.

I suppose like the 3 year old , I watched self soothe

I do so in various ways , like listening to sexy loving


Sitting with myself , I don’t feel, lack of anything .

I hold this , honoring the time when all I felt was lack.

And death.

Feeling Blessed beyond measure , for the lessons

that leave me at peace within my soul … a sweet

liberation …

Not Ready To Make Nice – Dixie Chicks

In voicing her thoughts , opinion 1st Amendment Right

she was blackballed . As sure that psychiatric or therapeutic

RX were offered/used ..

Perfectly balanced in its words and depiction of daring to speak

and getting slammed for it.

I can relate. I search for Benevolence, I forgive myself for failing

sometimes , and I seek the nuance of the lesson.. That’s happening

much quicker, Thankfully…

I share this in honor of understanding of the outrage and shame

and toxic drugs that are pushed , the social hatred

instead of the end of discrimination and ending the power

of money and deceit.

Not Ready To Make Nice

“The biggest mistake I ever made was…going to see a psychiatrist” (Stevie Nicks) – Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

I know of what she speaks , a true Heroine 🦸‍♀️

from the archives) — I’ve read other articles about Stevie Nicks and her harrowing journey on and off Klonopin. She speaks vaguely in an article I read a long time ago of hiding out at her brothers for two years after the detox. That period I’m in now when many of us are very ill…
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