7 years ago my life ended.

I didn’t see a way out.

Was ready to check out.

It can’t get worse right?

Then it did.

They took my kids from me and I was a good father. It didn’t make sense until I found out it’s all about the state making money.

Then 5 years later I found a video of court corruption against my court actors and sued the state of Missouri actors.

The judge dismissed it.

“Quasi judicial immunity.” That means it doesn’t matter they committed crimes against my children and I, they are immune from liability because they work for the state.

I adapted an attitude of “you didn’t kill me then you damn sure can’t kill me now.”

Went and found a gang of fathers, mothers, and kids that had been ran over by the same system as me and found out I’m not alone.

Then one day life got better. I started rebuilding. Bro I got a long way to go.

I figured if you wanted a voice against the corrupt system, I can be part of that voice.

Life continues to get better every day. I found a quiet voice that speaks up next to me. Rebuilt a family and started working to fix the relationships the state and a vindictive ex destroyed.

You did me a favor all those years ago and threw me in the trash. I found my people down here and we found our worth. We started to get really loud and built something. We ain’t done yet.

My life isn’t for everyone. It is where I was supposed to be. When you hit that point, nothing can hold you back.

Rest. We’ll help carry you until you can go again on your own.

Don’t ever quit on yourself.

We got stuff to do and things to change.

Love everyone of our fathers out there and the women that support them.

Kenneth ROSA
Media Personality

Power Greed $oney : Not in the best interest of the child ” Family Court “

One Mother’s Story

It’s been 7 long agonizing months since I’ve seen my daughter after our traumatic experience. Her court ordered therapist claims to be a kidnapping victim expert using psuedoscience polyvagal theory invented by Dr. Steven Porges. Isn’t that ironic? I was accused of kidnapping my daughter because I protected her, but Dad and the Family court are the real kidnappers, and this fake kidnapping expert is participating in it. So sick and twisted.

It completely mystifies me that my daughter’s therapist claims she can heal trauma by keeping my daughter away from her mother and not ask me for any information about the history of what she’s been through. Only believing the false narratives of Dad. How do I press back on this? Who holds this quack accountable? I have no belief complaints to the California owned Psych board will do anything. Something popped up on FB about Stephen Porges trauma recovery and this really pricked me.

This kind of stuff puts me out of my mind. I still don’t know what happened to my daughter when she was wrongfully locked up in a mental ward for not wanting to go with her dad. It seems to me the child I knew “died” that day that we were attacked, and this other version, the brainwashed child, is someone different. The heartbreak is unbearable.

When I try to imagine what it will be like to be re-united or see her again, at this stage of my own trauma, I won’t know who she is. They are messing with her head and memories of me. That part is so unbearable.

I had a talk with my pastor’s wife and argued with her that I can’t hold on and be expected to wait for my daughter to grow up and then reform our bonds. She yelled and screamed at me and I screamed back “you don’t understand what I feel”. And I told her, I have not seen or met a Mother who has survived this. I have not seen or met a Mother who can tell me what it was like to be reunited with their stolen child after so many years gone by.

Is anyone her able to comment on that?

My pastor’s wife told me that I would have to be the one to tell that story. This made me more angry with frustration. I want MY child back.

PA is ChildAbuse

“When you divorce a narcissist the first thing they’re going to do is turn your children, family and friends against you. Then after that they will rob you of every penny then make it seems the reason you’re suffering is because you’re not with them. Parental alienation needs to be taught in schools worldwide.”

  • Sheffanessea

He had 5 intense years , our last years together as a family to cover himself, plan his escape and further manipulate finances which is ongoing.

His luck continued as I was unable to hire legal counsel until I was referred to my 1st council .I was not aware my lawyer had been in partnership with his . Conflict of Interest ?

No problem. That only came up as a sought legal services and I was turned down due to conflict having to do with his lawyer !!!