Michigan Family Court Judge Found to have Abused Power on the Bench in Parental Custody Cases

Much more of this to be revealed ..

A controversial Michigan family court judge has been found to have abused her power on the bench. The Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission has found that Judge
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Author: GreatCosmicMothersUnited

I have joined with many parents affected with the surreal , yet accepted issue of child abuse via Pathogenic Parenting / Domestic abuse. As a survivor of Domestic Abuse, denial abounded that 3 sons were not affected. In my desire to be family to those who have found me lacking . As a survivor of psychiatric abuse, therapist who abused also and toxic prescribed medications took me to hell on earth with few moments of heaven. I will share my life, my experiences and my studies and research.. I will talk to small circles and I will council ; as targeted parents , grandparents , aunts , uncles etc. , are denied contact with a child for reasons that serve the abuser ...further abusing the child. I grasp the trauma and I have looked at the lost connection to a higher power.. I grasp when one is accustomed to privilege, equality can feel like discrimination.. Shame and affluence silences a lot of facts , truths that have been labeled "negative". It is about liberation of the soul from projections of a alienator , and abuser ..

One thought on “Michigan Family Court Judge Found to have Abused Power on the Bench in Parental Custody Cases”

  1. ************************
    SSN;**********, DOB;05/30/1973
    San Bernardino 92405
    1. While Laura and I lived in Traverse City Michigan, we decided to move back to California.
    I was under the impression my wife/daughter ( Laura and Eva *******) were on there way to California once I got something steady

    (which I quickly did)
    , she, in the meantime, had already met another guy and didn’t tell me she wanted to end our marriage until around 3week’s after I left Traverse City for Santa Rosa California.
    Then, at
    some point afterwords, her mother K******* got her friend Mark Messing to file for
    divorce claiming abandonment on my part, and that I was incompetent (crazy), from what I gathered later on. [Exhibit1(a) and 1(b)]
    2. I was given 8 hours notice of my custody hearing in Traverse City the night before the hearing over the phone while I was in California.
    [Exhibit 1(b) and 1(b)] misapplication and in violation of servicing Rule 5(2)(b)]
    3. I was a tax paying resident of my home state, California, when the divorce was
    filed. The manner in which they did so became suspicious of being in bad faith,
    when F.O.C. (Friends of the Court). Told me over the phone that my old social worker at mental health said I was ‘sick’ and out there, and will come ‘home’ soon(assuming to Traverse City). [Exhibit 1(a), 1(b), 24 and 25]
    4. When I talked to the F.O.C. Over the phone while I was living in Santa Rosa,
    they declared no conclusion’s were to made about my daughter until an
    assessment could happen with me in person. I got a little depressed and I moved in with
    my mom. On my first visit to Michigan 5 month’s later, I went
    into the F.O.C. Almost daily asking to meet with my F.O.C. Worker or to request A
    assessment date and to find out what was needed or what the F.O.C wanted and why
    they didn’t want L****** to let me see my daughter Evangeline. After around 3 week’s
    the F.O.C. set the hearing date for 4 weeks after the day the F.O.C. Sent A letter to
    K**** **** house,even though I consistently told the F.O.C. To send all info for me to my California address. This hearing date was 6 days after my scheduled return date
    on the pre bought Amtrak ticket date(exhibit 5) . K****** was the only one besides my daughter Eva who knew that return date.
    [18 usc 241 conspiracy against the rights of A plaintiff.
    5. At A dm hearing on oct 15 2009 case#2008-6042-dm, Dawn Rogers filed with the
    judge A statement that “mr. Zindler has had no contact with Laura or Eva for at least
    two years” even though she had just talked to me and even said to me “there’s nothing there for you” ,
    with A patronizing smirk. Plus she knew I was on phone daily with my wife,
    Dawn had also known I was paying child support and knew I was upset at being removed from my daughter’s life, as well as me being in constant contact with L****** and when cut off I was
    well known for calling all our friend’s and family in Traverse City. [exhibit 2(a)
    2(b).18usc1018/18usc241 18 usc1001]
    6. On my second visit, I went to church to talk to our old pastor about A
    particular rumor, where I (accidentally) saw my daughter, and she being 5 years
    old, I of course hung out with her. Well, when I went outside after church
    to talk to the pastor while Evangeline was having cookies, as soon as I wasn’t standing next to Eva, K******** drag’s my child by the wrist across the street while the
    child was screaming and crying and then peel’s off in her friend’s car with Eva.
    Kathy is on a lot of medication and I was worried because she stammer’s and get’s frantic etc. from the prescription speed pill’s,
    so I called 911. When the 911 operator started getting my info everything was okay,
    but when I told Sergeant O’Brien Kathy’s name
    he started yelling, “where are you now mr. Z***(***”, I told him and he then left the
    911 dispatch and while 2 other cop’s were taking info where I was at, Sergeant. O’Brien
    pull’s up, jump’s off his bike jabbing his finger at me and yelling, “you have no
    right to see your Daughter”, and ,”I know Kathy personally and she is not on
    pharmaceutical’s, while the other 2 cop’s had to loosely hold they’re arm’s up to hold him back, because he was totally coming at me all super mad, then he said, “if you don’t leave my town I’m putting you under arrest”,
    so I threw off my backpack and he arrested me.
    ( I must admit he got me pretty mad) [ (exhibit 26) requesting
    documents for 911 record’s (if possible) and arrest record.]
    7. Though(from what I gathered from the myriad of highly elusive definition’s in the
    Michigan Legislative legalize, (which is binding to all), my next step, in case of bad faith, was to present evidence to the chief judge with A explanation.
    I did, and the secretary sent it back and it said that I was in ex parte and cannot speak to or petition the judge.
    . [Automatism by officially
    induced error ,harm without wrong.]
    8(a). After Laura’s 1st remarriage several ppo’s were filed in ex parte. The one I chased
    down -2010-7454 pp 05/04/2010- The referee, Cynthia Conlon, when she was
    questioning the specific’s of my recent arrest for disorderly conduct,(ch.5) I gave her A
    complete description of the incident. Afterwords, in Cynthia Conlon’s findings, she
    falsified A statement knowingly and with A almost emphasized look of distaste while saying, “the defendant admits to dragging his own child through the street”
    as well as 3 other misleading statements which, comparatively, are irrelevant.
    [18 usc 1622/18 usc 1018/Requesting transcript.]
    8(b). On my second visit to Traverse City to plead for venue, I was only served one of
    several ex- parte ppo’s, even though during the first and second trip’s to Michigan every official I’d came in contact with knew where I was staying
    (I even kept up with both traverse city pd and state police on my own initiative so there
    would be no mistakes as to my where a bouts if any “exciting” make believe were to
    erupt again, as well as the 13th circuit and F.O.C. both knowing what motel room in
    Traverse City that I was in, and where.
    (exhibit 8, 9 and 12)
    9. Due to my being attacked on A previous visit, I brought A friend of the family
    so as to not worry my mother. My witness and I(David fuga), from home state of
    (California), went with me to Grand Traverse and the 13th circuit court clerk with my 3 hearing options and the cash and they said all I could do is go to the friends of the court.
    Same with the prosecutor and family division.
    The witness watched as ,yes, most secretary’s at the Grand Traverse court house knew of
    me and at every reasonable question or request I was chuckled at, along with “sorry we
    cant help you” without even A simple explanation. So I’d like to subpena A written
    deposition for David in whatever manner chosen by district official’s. Writing’s under
    oath is great. He’s down for whatever.
    10. When trying to finding out if I had another ex parte hearing, I walked into the
    courthouse and I immediately noticed a female guard ,Annette McPeake, who as soon as
    she saw me, she picked up the phone on the little back desk next to the entrance, but was
    only on it for A few second’s, and then started walking towards me as I went thru the
    metal detector, so I asked her who she was talking to and she said “none of your business”, so I then walked up to the 3rd floor walked into the 13th circuit administrative office, with my identification in my hand(to make it as easy as possible).
    When the secretary Stacy Fewin’s saw me
    she picked up the phone dialed and said “he’s here”, then walked into the receiving area
    in front of the Secretary’s counter ( which consists of A Ten foot space at best).
    I then tried to give her my I.D., asking her if I had A court date on
    the docket, when Chuck Welch, who was standing there, said “how do you not know if
    you have A court date” which I replied that I was in ex- parte, he asked if they had my
    address, I said yes they’ve had it all along and that it didn’t mean they would notify
    me. It was then that Annette Mcpeake came in and stood next to Stacy Fewins (the
    secretary) I recognized her as the door security, the only female guard and that she had
    latex gloves on, then without saying anything, she(Annette) came slowly at me with hands slightly up. So , fearing the worst,
    of her trying to do some kind of restraint or hold on
    me and then later saying there was A struggle, so I can be charged with something
    worse. So I immediately asked her to stay 5 feet back while trying to leave. Once in hallway she started to move towards me faster,
    and since Chuck Welch left to A room there in the 13th circuit office’s,
    though I’m not sure where, it left just Stacy Fewin’s, Annet
    McPeake and myself as the only witness’s, so I yelled “help help”, not even that loud,
    several guards came, put A “arm bar hold”?? on me and then arrested me for disorderly conduct The whole occurrence lasted 2 minutes top’s, there is no way all that was
    documented could have happened, the secretary said almost nothing and appeared
    dazed A little. The petite middle aged guard, ms. McPeake who had rubber gloves on
    with the desired affect, because within 10 second’s
    looked nervous while moving towards me. At no time did anyone ask me to leave, plus
    the guard McPeake didn’t say anything until after I was restrained and waiting for police.
    Then, the same officer
    Sergeant. Jeff O’brian # 211 who arrested me for the same charge (see chapter 5),
    showed up, though I never actually saw him there, either way,
    he spent 30 to 45 minutes in said courthouse, pretty much dreaming up A police report.
    [exhibit 17 (a) (b) (c), (d) 18n usc 1018/18 usc 241/18 usc1622 among other statute’s]
    10(c). Sergeant O’Brien, 2 months after that arrest(ch10), sent the social security
    administration a paper saying I was in jail and not released, which led them to stop my
    disability payment’s and this led me to be unable to pay the hotel and I had A way harder
    time in Traverse City [18 usc 1001.(18 usc1018) .?and deprivation of relief benefits, If I am enumerating correctly?]
    I will have A letter from the Social Security Administration soon.
    11. In the proceeding case, #10-7679-SM, the public defender asked to get from
    me A release of information for A copy of A mental health report, telling me that no one
    would see it, which as I witnessed the morning of the next hearing, there was A meeting between my public defender,prosecutor and mental health official in A meeting room without me,
    (though I tried to hear), then they went to have A private meeting with the judge,
    along with the prosecutor, my public defender and the(I’m assuming)mental health
    professional (though that type of meeting is not that uncommon) , when I tried to hear
    by following them to the court room, they turned and all looked at me, and went off to
    the judge’s chambers to see how they could put my case into mental health court. I said
    no;. [Exhibit’s 23, 24 and 25]
    12. The witness’s each had changed they’re statement’s 3 times, the 2nd time being
    Friday the 14th of January 2010 three day’s before the trial date on Tuesday the 18th of January the 2nd statement was produced A day after I asked the
    public defender If anyone had even read the police report
    [Exhibit’s 18(a)(b)thru 19(a)(b)] ; consultation circle’s
    fraud in color of law, lack of judicial notice to appurtenance and though it might be an
    officially induced error it was at the least nonfeasance.
    13. As well as my being denied witnesses or the right to speak throughout preliminary
    hearing’s, plus, when I was on the stand, the judge frequently interrupted if I said
    anything about why I was there or about lacking my right’s to witnesses or any of the
    bias behavior’s and malfeasance from the court’s there in grand Traverse, by simply
    threatening me with immediate jail if I so much as raised my hand. [ 18 usc 1622
    subordination to perjury.] contemner and embracery.
    14. I was sentenced to 3 day’s for that case(10-7679-sm),which when I got to the jail there was instant harassment waiting for me, name calling, and a guard who stated that
    the stars on his shirt signified how many inmates he’s killed. It was A little scary, so my
    fear of not being remembered and to presuppose any ability of legitimacy, to myself
    even, I began to preach loudly to others about they’re possible loss to court’s in Grand
    Traverse County Now even though I was crying here and there, I definitely remember
    everything and I promise that Sergeant. O’Brien never showed his face to me . The
    jail(I’m assuming) then sent me to A psychiatric hospital.
    15. Court official’s wrote to said hospital, A statement that I was homeless, when all
    along I told any official who asked that this 3rd time around I was unwilling to reveal my continual location because of the harassment and drama in past trips has proved such that when declaring where I’m staying, has and can lead to more
    ambiguous vilification and or physical harm.
    Furthermore, all those of concern have always had my mothers
    address where I’ve stayed since the divorce 949 w. Edgmont rd San Bernadino
    California where I wanted all my mail or phone call’s sent to and that I was in contact with my mother daily at that phone number and address ( which today I realize was A
    good decision) (exhibit22(a))
    16. After 3 week’s I was told by the psychiatrist there, that I was not going to be let go unless I dropped the issue. ie; not appeal,
    also the court house sent that psychiatric facility A paper saying I pushed a
    woman in the courthouse.exhibit22(a) I was let go 3 weeks later, this being 3 day’s After I agreed to the public defender that I wouldn’t appeal, [18 usc 241]
    17. I somehow have A restraining order from all of the court house by order from
    A couple judge’s, including all its facilities with no options of any right to venue
    regarding daughter. [ exhibit 21]
    18. As well as, in A supervised visit, A worker(Crystal Thomas) at the supervised
    visitation center watched as my daughter took down her pant’s and told me to take down
    my pants so she could show me “how they do it” the same worker saw my little girl say
    “don’t make me kiss your wenis”. Plus, at the end of each visit Eva would grab the
    bottom of A table and beg to not be sent home.
    I of course asked Crystal Thomas immediately if she heard my Eva and she did but still didn’t tell the mother . I called every person I thought
    would at least find out what was going on to no avail, I was even
    told by A few official person’s that I thought would be concerned, that I should call the
    F.O.C. Which I did to no avail. Crystal Thomas wouldn’t tell anyone, even the child’s
    mom. Then, almost 2month’s later after my many requests for her report, I received A
    incomplete and misleading report (exhibit;10 and 11). Essentially saying I’d be okay
    with something like that if no one was watching and she still hasn’t told the mom. when
    I try to tell the mom, she just say’s I don’t know what your talking about. ??Why
    wouldn’t she tell anyone. It should have raised eyebrows and defiantly been looked
    into . I called everybody I thought would find out what was going on after that happened, because I couldn’t Investigate myself due to restraining order’s,regardless of it most likely being 1 of the 2 boy’s in Eva’s
    house, seeing as she said this while in A playtime atmosphere. Though it’s still the
    workers word against mine. When I got that statement from Crystal, I took it to my local Child Protective Services.
    *note;*False writing’s*
    *Most who signed these report’s did so with automatism
    though much of this all, in reality, does reflect A culture of insinuating the
    dramatic by popularized habit for reason’s I have wrote much about, but for this
    particular pleading I’m not going to bring up
    various intrapersonal comprehension malady’s.*
    **Other consideration’s;**
    Though I lack proof besides A knocked out tooth, I did get hit with A shovel,
    My ex wife did send Child Protective Services worker to one of the house’s where I stayed at, as well as A few
    threats (with 2 attempts) to harm me, and as the past has proven, I dared not call police
    for fear of arrest or worse Also my ex-from the beginning has
    consistently cut me off from from my little girl months at A time, who is my
    direct lineal descendant
    Plus the mental anguish both from drama seeking rumor’s turning into my
    being vilified , falsely spotted doing something bad and the all around stare’s and jeer’s from foggy eyed official’s (not all of course). Though for many it might be hard to
    imagine but, Grand Traverse County is truly A upper class well enclosed and guarded
    community with few moderate unbiased person’s being effectual .
    There are only 3 person’s whom are guilty with foreknowledge and intent of
    aforementioned implacable hostility’s. Now I’m sure I can be revealed as lacking A
    perfect and exact codified description, which only one who see’s the law day in and day
    out can accurately describe with statutory precision, like maladministration and
    intentional misconduct, such it seems that when against some people, all knowledge
    seems to be applied. I’m hoping whatever knowledge possessed regarding the defining
    and adjudicating of my relief and or order’s surrounding all that’s happened to me in
    Grand Traverse County Will be as easily quoted for both party’s.
    I, move to remove per diversity jurisdiction, 28 usc 1332 (if I’m enumerating correctly) ,
    I move to disclose. To reveal what was truly perceived in the many contradictory and
    provably falsified statement’s, I move to consolidate, and I have A few subpoena’s for
    written interrogatories, which contain around 1 to 3 question’s, and 2 subpena’s to produce document’s, though I’m sure in the nature of the law.
    I have ample evidence of aforementioned. I want to make this as easy for
    everyone involved, but without some discovery it will continue as it has , (hardship that I could describe for much longer than this letter calls for). While I will pursue right’s to
    my daughter forever and in the face of ANYTHING, many can not. Essentially I’m
    seeking Damage’s of $75,200.00 for
    tort’s regarding 13th circuit/86th district cases which several time’s led adjudication of
    among other thing’s; fictitious act’s in fraud of law ,officially induced error ,
    vexatious abuse of discretion and the many civil right’s violation’s, leading to long and many hardship’s,
    struggle’s of which the law should make no man endure.
    The tort of $75,200.00 are against party’s: Dawn Rogers, Cynthia Conlon and Jeff
    O’Brien for denial of right’s, deprivation of relief benefit’s,
    false arrest, conspiracy against the right’s of A plaintiff
    and loss of enjoyment of life, meaning, not being allowed to even write A letter
    to the most important piece of my, life my direct lineal descendant
    E*********************** Born 5th of April 2005 United States 379-31-3234
    Falsified writings to deprive of equality, and safety consideration of A 5 year old little girl… Inter Alia.
    (A) Dawn Rogers for false statement’s with intent to defraud, perjury and conspiracy
    against my right’s
    (B) Cynthia Conlon for false writing’s in her finding’s, subordination to perjury and capricious adjudication with intent to conceal and defraud
    (C) Jeff O’Brien for false arrest, conspiracy against the right of A plaintiff, terrorist
    threat, and abuse of power for personal reason’s.
    I’m totally willing to arbitrate in any way and regarding all thing’s in Grand Traverse
    County I have clean hands. Also I’m hoping to place whole Domestic Relations case under local judicial
    administrative control, if, I receive accommodations for multi- jurisdictional proceedings
    (electronic conferencing,pleads re-pleads motion’s etc.)with any future hearing’s within
    Grand Traverse County jurisdiction. Hopefully by federal writ of mandamus to ensure
    safety. sincerely with love,

    Dawn Rogers Friends of the Court of Michigan
    Cynthia Conlon Thirteenth Circuit Court Referee
    Sgt. Jeff Or’Brien of the Traverse City Police department.
    Cummings, Mclory, Davis and Acho for the two Defendants Dawn Rogers and Cynthia Conlon.
    Request for review of judgment and writ of certorari.
    Wherefore the absque hoc findings of both the Western District of Michigan court and the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, left nothing in which to appeal. Instead giving non-statements that would have left anyone to believe that no one besides Cummings, M’Clory, Davis and Acho law firm has read the initial plea(333). That if the aforementioned Courts had read the pleadings, the most basic of Judicial notice would have lead me to being able to at least be given a oral argument.
    As well as, at least two of the defendants being declared guilty by way of on the face factual causation.
    What has happened over almost two years of time, is well spelled out in the initial pleadings[exhibit 2 (e)(iii)] and backed up with documented proof, as found in the exhibits to the initial plea[exhibit 2(f)(iii)]. I first met Jeff O’Brien when i called the police justly, to get assistance with my mother in laws endangering of my child’s safety. Jeff O’Brien yelled that he knew Kathy Scott personally. He told me to leave town or i would get arrested. i asked him to arrest me then. He did[exhibit 8(c)(i)]. Later on I saw him on the street and ran up to to get his badge number. The the third time i saw him was after he obviously designed the police report that i went to trial over[exhibits 15-19(b)(i)). During the whole trial he did not look at me, nor did he say a word to me or at all. The main give away is that in his police report, he states ” mr. zindler is known for drug delivery’s on the west coast”[exhibit 17(d)(i)). This is not listed in any report, Jeff O’Brien would be able to access. It is however, a description only Laura (my ex wife) would know to use. It is such that if Jeff would have not talked with Kathy Scott or Laura Grielick, he would have said the typical ” drug dealer” or “drug addict” because of my clothes and or origins. As well as Jeff O’Brien using his official position to have my income stopped[exhibit 26(i)]. Doing this immediately after Laura’s(ex wife) divorcing one of her husbands, specifiably so i couldn’t get Laura and my child back to California. Jeff O’Brien also wrote the most scientifically impossible police report[exhibit 17(a)-(d) thru 19(a)(b)(i)], To which the witness’s had to lie in a revised statement a few days before the trial and re-lie on the stand to try and cover up the logical holes in the police report[case10-7679-sm-1]. The same superimposed false statements do occur, but i’m quite sure these were due to cognitive biases, or automatism. For instances, the jail in which i was to spend the three days sentence i
    received from the Judge in my trial for the second disorderly conduct charge, sent the psychiatric hospital a document saying that i had push a lady in the courtroom[exhibit 22(a)(i)]. Just as it was a officially induced error that Stacy Fewins said in her original statement, that i was ” standing over her pointing his finger and yelling at her” the facts lead to this being physically impossible due to both the rooms size and the space around her desk area. i would have been charged with a lot more had i actually went behind a court Clerk’s desk, and was standing over the Clerk in a three to five foot space of which we both shared while yelling and pointing my finger. Yet that of which i speak of in the exhibit 4(c)(iii) and some aspects of liberal paternalism, that been sold at the high price as found in the exhibit 5(b), had a subsequent and or direct hand in influence upon the cognitive biases of those persons, and perfectly good and aware people were able to simply ignore this illogical sequence of events. i remember when the courthouse guard being a forty something petite lady, the only lady guard, was standing there with her hands up and with gloves on. The look on her face was dazed, almost with fear, the lady at the counter at the office of the Friends of the Court, who was obviously sent to wave me off(as she physically waved and said “bye bye your done here”) her eyes would daze slightly here and there as i was speaking and there didn’t seem to ever be some kind of conclusion from her to any of my basic questions regarding some procedural information. Later the same office claimed i was there when i was not, the staff had said that i was told i could not come to the court house ever, and had even wrote this in as fact.
    As well as when in the office of Safe Haven During the few visits I had under they’resupervision. My daughter had said a few adult things such as “ take your pants down so I can show you how we do it at home” and on another visit said “don’t make me kiss your wenis”. Though it was witnessed by Qyrstal Thomas, a child service worker employed by Safe Haven, She would not tell anyone because she was overly focused what I might do or what I was capable of. Only after two months when I had my own child protective services, ask for a statement, did she then send me a statement that only included these statements but had been remembered as my being a possibly part of such heinous crime.[ exhibit 10 – 11 (i)] (my child had said this in a playtime situation and it was deduced by my mother and I as the kids at her home probably playing doctor or something similar)
    Do i believe that the whole court house staff were alright with making stuff up? No. i think the superimposed imagery from advertisements displaying there products in ways that make anything other than they’re advertized images, dissimilar enough that the person[s] had becomes slightly dazed enough, because they’re brain was having a harder time referencing images of others and ascertaining they’re characteristics, when mentally searching for reference points and previously known data, something we naturally do, they were referencing made up images, which then made they’re data searching capacity harder of a task, and leading to a cognitive bias and memory lapse in a slight daze out effect to which I speak.[exhibit 5(d)(iii)]
    There are a few players that knew the true facts surrounding the two years time span in plea333(i). i do believe the three defendants are in acknowledgment due to they’re being able to cognitively see these series of events, before, after and during those three trips of three to five months time. i am positive i can prove that at leasttwo of three defendants are guilty beyond a shadow of any doubt, of vexatious acts born from outside the scope the office, of which any reasonable person would know of its criminality, that they had ensured i was denied possible relief, and it was a pre conceived objective previously conspired about , of which was had been carried out over this time span with reasonable enough forethought. Not because three defendant’s were the smartest or most aware, but because they were behind it. Otherwise i would have been charged with a lot more than disorderly conduct, i would have been called either a drug addict or dealer instead of ” known for drug delivery’s” and it wouldn’t have been said that i hadn’t talked too my wife or child for at least two years.Thus though the three named defendants helped inspire the long unjust struggle and sufferance that i endured, they could not have possibly initiated each errant disambiguation.

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