Fungus results from air born mold: Much worse than nail fungus indicates. Bacteria/Fungus =Antibiotics Fail

Knowing of years of nail fungus , ignored , heart

issues now exist, a stint in place , is but a bandaids.

I am treating a toe nail, with 150 Ever Clear topically

and will clear internally , very soon. A random

rare pedicure , cannot be ignored as part of the

issue .

Fungus factored in each of parent’s exit.. It’s

ignored , or unknown to AMA ..which unfortunately

adds exponentially to the horrid results .. It’s a factor

in misdiagnosed mental illness , especially mania.

Alcoholics, and high sugar diets are feeding fungus.

APA , has other dis-ease , codes to diagnosis ,

totally missing the facts.

Of course this video is selling something .. The

edification is my mission .

Clear Nails Plus
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