Energy Roller Coaster

Tie a knot in the end of your rope and hang on.

Keep your faith

The first of the two expected CMEs thought to come on Monday, 2/27/2023, has already arrived, and solar winds are strongly pushing it out traveling at a whopping 655.4 km/s.

CFN Major Update by Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Remember, normal wind speeds are between 300 and 400 km/s.

So, for winds to be almost 700 km/s is very extremely powerful.

The KP Index is now rated at “Storm” level. The second CME expected on Tuesday, 2/28/2023, is likely to also arrive earlier than anticipated–possibly by later tonight and is expected to be more potent than the one which just occurred. “X-Class” flares are also still expected.

The magnetosphere is pulsating with dense strongly pressing particle plasma.

These cosmic events usually cause quakes above “6.0” magnitude as well as other powerful weather situations as they affect our planet’s inner magnetic field and outer geomagnetic field. “G2” and “G3” geomagnetic conditions are possible.

Thus far on Sunday, 2/26/2023, early afternoon (EST), there has been a “C.5-Class” solar flare with winds whipping at 505.4 km/s.

This mid-range flare is almost in the “M-Class” category and coming after a plethora of mid to strong “M-Class” flares in the past several days.

Powerful CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejections) have blasted from our Sun as well, and their trajectory indicates that one is due to arrive into our planetary realm by Monday, 2/27/2023 and the other by Tuesday, 2/28/2023. However, as is always the case, powerful solar flares even before exact arrival send out energetics to our planet.

Think of how a major storm is usually preceded by gray clouds, winds beginning to blow, and thunder in the distance.

Finally, the full-on storm arrives with torrential rain, lightening, and stronger winds.

If it is a coming snow storm, there are also usually dark clouds and possibly some whipping winds and cold temperatures.

The snow may begin with gradual small silvery flakes and then build to large white powdery fluffs.

In like manner as these metaphors, CMEs stretch-out gradually as they soar from our Sun and then move throughout the solar system and finally thrash into our planet if they are focused upon it.

Therefore, the “M-Class” flares which have already occurred with their attendant CMEs as well as those which are currently occurring and their CMEs are already having effects upon Earth/Gaia and “Her” inhabitants.

Plus, our Sun is still harboring energy for “X-Class” flares.

The magnetosphere is being pressed with dense plasma.

There have been 104 earthquakes in the past 24 hours, and a “6.2” magnitude has happened in New Guinea.

If you are feeling very fatigued today and have been feeling so for many days (or weeks or months), it is likely due to all that is occurring in the cosmos and particularly our planet’s magnetite particles and their power of attraction linking to human magnetic energy.

Magnetite is a natural iron oxide mineral that is naturally found in the human brain and throughout the physical vessel.

It acts like an anti-inflammatory, a vitality booster, and a balancer of the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

When it is interfered with, inflammation can occur; fatigue happens; and the hemispheres of the brain and their hormones are imbalanced.

Magnetite particles are also found within the magnetosphere itself, and as plasma particles (protons, electrons, etc.) arrive from flares and CMEs, the magnetite is activated; our planet is activated; and we are activated as well.

All that is occurring is yet another aspect of the “re-birthing” process and its metaphorical “labor contractions” of this “Shift of the Ages”.

Even in the midst of frustrating physical, mental, and emotional symptomology, we must keep in mind that the “Bio-Photonic” cellular network of SOURCE—the delivery to us of enormous doses of transformational LIGHT—is assisting in the arrival of a new era in space/time.

As cosmic beings, we are tossing, swirling, levitating, with our planet.

We are holding onto “Her” as “She” is cleansed and illuminated in the process.

We are holding on like we would hold onto the rails of a roller coaster. Your level of consciousness is the true key to receiving greater wisdom.

It MUST align with the SUPER-CONSCIOUSNESS of the SOUL.

Reflect on how well you are aligning.

What else may need to occur?

Are you ready for even a more intensified March: the Vernal and Autumnal equinoxes, Pluto’s brief entrance into Aquarius, Saturn’s entrance into Pisces, flares, CMEs, comets, asteroids, black hole releases of LIGHT, and much, much, more?

Are you ready for more knowledge?

Keep in mind the Physicist Nicola Tesla’s advice: “If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

Incoming Light ❤️‍🩹


Brothers and sisters, there’s a solar light tube coming to Earth. It comes directly from the Sun of Alcyone and will flood this planet with an intensity of light never seen before in this universe’s dial.

This light will increase the energy of awakening exponentially. It is this energy, which we have been waiting for a long time, that will allow the mass awakening.

Beloved, be ready to assist your brothers and sisters in this great time, when the forces of light will become visible to all humanity.

There will be billions of beings waking up from their deep slumber of incarnation immersion and this will be wonderful but it will also require a lot of balance from you light workers who are already awake and ready for this mom What the heck.

It’s been years of preparation and we are certain that you are more than ready to assume your spiritual guidance role in this new phase of the Ascension journey.

Beloved, this violet light tube comes to transmute energies that are being released from you and it will have a significant impact on all men and women, without distinction, on the Planet.

It’s an event of monumental proportions and will push everyone to make the final decision: to accept the light or declare themselves permanently bound to the third dimension. There will be no one else in the fence and that will be clear to everyone.

This volume of purple energy will unleash an intense wave of spiritual awakening, bringing out the best and the worst in your society.

There will be no more mistakes, you will recognize from your attitudes and speeches who will embrace awakening and who will choose to remain immersed in the energies of physical density and polarized of three-dimensionality.

Listen, dear ones, carefully and unconditionally love all those who hinder your way.

Help those who come seeking help and answers.

As for others, listen with gratitude and compassion to their loving lamentations and sorrows, but do not in any case enter into argument or conflict.

Accept the free will of every being. Offer your friendly shoulder to everyone and simply walk away from any conflict.

Remember that you are the anchors of awakening and your brothers and sisters are expected to find within you the balance and peace that the Ascension energy brings.

There are countless ways this awakening will present itself.

The only thing that matters is that people are guided to follow the path of their heart.

Love must flow naturally from your lips and gestures, because you too will be touched by the intensity of the energy.

We remember all the steps and initiations you have already taken to be ready for this moment. Therefore, be tolerant and patient with your brothers and sisters who may be confused and thirsty for information and care.

You, brothers and sisters, will have the opportunity to practice your mastery. This will be the time to put everything you have learned during the years of internalization in the quest of self-mastery into practice.

We, the Ascended Masters, will work with you, side by side, intimately connected with your higher selves, to give you the support you need at this great time.

My dear ones, it is with great joy that I bring you this news. We know many of you are looking forward to this moment, which will be a historic milestone. Everything will fall apart before and after this collective awakening.

And do not forget: offer love, only love to all beings, even those physically distant, because even your energetic reach will increase in proportion to this new wave of light arriving on the planet.

Be at peace and joyfully celebrate this great event that the Divine Hierarchy will bring you.

With gratitude and love, I salute you.

I am Master Nada and I offer you my peace.

NEW EARTH that is rising

Laureate G Goncalves

Via Maria Bodnariuc

Amen Alpha Omega Om Om Om Om