New Moon Aries #11

A wonderful 11:11:11 Aries New Moon brings blessings and beauty early Friday, April 1.

In this case, the incredible code of 1’s and 11’s partnering with the New Moon is positively stunning!

• April 1, 2022 adds up to an 11 Universal Date.
A wonderful 1Aries New Moon brings blessings and beauty early Friday, April 1.
• April in 2022 is a 10/1 Universal Month.
• New Moons signify new beginnings.
• Aries is the first sign of the zodiac.
• A quadruple stellium of Sun, Moon Chiron and Mercury intensifies fresh starts!

Watch the exciting 11:11:11 Aries New Moon Forecast here:👇via Tania Gabrielle

Aries art by Fourfires Art

Watch “The Next 8 Days Change our Planet Forever” on YouTube

The knowing, not knowing began with my awakening

from the density and oppression of induced mental

illness , that much of what this man discusses is reality

for me .

Therefore it is with great pleasure and strengthened

faith that I now have a lovely home in the mountains

as has been my dream , my soul for decades …in this

life . All that’s connected with this house divinity are

bringing Heaven to earth , which is the foundation

peace of a stable home life .. a gated community reduces

drop ins and drive by as the beauty blesses me each day.

Life is not perfection , as the mountains rest , the

stark baren trees , certainly shadow, but do allow the

Sun shine and light abounds which i am grateful for .

I have been here since Dec 1st , and a few days ago I

felt a variance in my body that was improvement .

I am working hard, very slowly unpacking, packing up

things to give away and settling in…The bulk of my

things are not here , and so its been nice having the

time to be slow ..

This is rather therapeutic, and grounding as I do chores

and get my home in alignment.

Letting go , all but business to conclude , I look towards

Spring and growing , as I create my new life, using the

discernment that with my heart and head have held

me through many life lessons , many adverse that I may

know better and do better . With these experiences

research and education , I can aide in the process of

families , in particular the child ..

Blessings & Peace