Crone Jealousy,It’s a very real thing.Where crones were once perceived to be undesirable, irrelevant, and unable to reinvent themselves to birth new things, non-crone women counted us out of many things.In modern times, I am witnessing crones defy the old stereotypes, outdated images and redefine what a “crone” woman is – and some of the younger women are paying attention with an eye of envy.Crones- we are illuminated now more than ever. Our confidently wise, openly wild, and soul joy freedom is the magic younger ladies are seeking, but they don’t have it, not yet. In an age with everything is instant, they have to wait their turn. They have to travel the linear and gather the wisdom through chronological order and biological development. This, with older women being more lusciously glorious in every aging moment of her life and changing the game, Crone jealously is alive and active.My beautiful crone ladies, we are incredible, dynamic, and changing the stories for women in the most necessary way. Cheers to us not stopping!Some are seeing us in a way they’ve never seen us before, and it’s changing old narratives. No longer are the stories of older women being jealous of youth and younger. We are our own women, living it up!Celebrating us!!

Crone’s Return

Crone’s Return by Kay Louise Turner
Can you feel Crone’s Return?Its bubbling, swirling.  On the boil.Women’s Wisdom uncoupling from silence.Hag is calling.  Mighty staff in hand.  Pounding the Earth.
Which now quakes and shakes with her rhythmic insistence.The power of the Ancient is reclaiming its place.The symphony completed.  Feminine synergy.The wielding Axe from the battle won.
Laughing witches gathering again in circle,Reinstate the visibility of Medicine WomenAs integral to community’s thriving.The position of Elder is understood and revered once more.
A great cleansing of the collective is underway,The disinfecting rage of the Dark Goddess WomanEradicates pathogenic patriarchal thought forms andHeals our womb from the pus of patriarchal infection.
As her ferocity replaces meekness and people-pleasing passesAs she takes up space.  We take up space.Biddy is back.  Interfering with clear intent.
Freedom.  Pleasure.  Embodiment.  Sovereignty.  Self-Leadership.Thriving Earth.
From the upcoming Girl God Anthology, The Crone Initiation and Invitation: Women speak on the Menopause Journey
Aleah Chapin – Artist