I did not abandon our sons

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You’re not alone.
Our children have a version of the truth that was drip-fed them and force-fed them, like a poison, until they are literally sick of hearing anything more about it. The cognitive dissonance is such that even when they sense something not true (what the parental alienator said), they still can’t believe it’s not true. It’s very twisted. Not that we should be unloading our version, our truth, our completely different experience, our grief, our sense of injustice, on them. They have enough to deal with. They have to survive parental alienation, something they don’t even like to recognise as a thing. Coercive control. Child psychological abuse. So, this, ‘I didn’t abandon you’ is what an alienated parent might like to say, but doesn’t / can’t. With time, with counselling, and with whatever it takes to get through this enormously challenging, heartbreaking experience, and with great self-love, we have to do all we can to accept, and to be happy, with or without, our beloved children.

Turning Point

Turning Point….
I know that for me, you were always the man I could count on and the man I chose time and time again.
You assumed you would always have my heart and perhaps that is why you refused to let go and accept that another had occupied your space.
We were the best of friends and the worst of enemies.
You were the man I have compared every other man to…. You are the man I felt most betrayed by, because I loved you with more passion and untamed desire than any other man.
I loved you for the 3 bundles of joy we brought into this world and the family we had and I hated the way you made me question who I was and my security after December 2004.
That was our turning point, our point of no return. You told me you wished you had done things differently, why didn’t you?
I wished a thousand times or more that the man I married…. the man I let go of, was still there. You became so bitter and fueled by your own ego and selfish desire that you allowed things to go too far.
Now, all you will ever be to me, is A Has Been, whose memory fades more and more with each passing day.

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