5D Ascension Symptoms

“Your Guide to 5D Ascension Symptoms”
By Elizabeth Peru

Headaches, migraines, fuzzy head – your brain is forming new neural pathways. You’re creating ‘new thought paths’. The more you accept newness without resisting, the easier this process will feel. Drink lots of water and rest during major cosmic events.

Spiritual flu – This can be a combination of many of the physical symptoms listed. Even though you have flu like symptoms, you’re not actually ‘physically ill’. It’s more of an energetic sickness that passes over 24-48 hours. It can often feel like a ‘spiritual fire’ is rising within you – cleansing and clearing any toxic energy in your cells and bringing them up to a higher, finer vibration.

Dizziness – This can happen around big cosmic events like solar flaring, eclipses and super moons. Ground yourself by breathing up through your feet. Connect with the Earth for sustenance and stability.

Ears receiving high-vibration sounds – This will sound like a tuning fork being struck in one ear or the other. A high vibration sound slowly tunes in and then out. It doesn’t hurt and is random (this is not the same as tinnitus). Ear downloads are the way that high vibration 5D information is absorbed by your energy body. All is sound. You’re receiving instructions on your next steps. You may not be able to decipher what the messages mean. Just pause, allow them to absorb and say, ‘Thank you.’

Thymus fluttering, sometimes felt as heart palpitations – Your thymus gland is your gland of spiritual awakening. It’s shaped like a butterfly and sits over the sternum in the middle of your chest. You can tap it with your two middle fingers to ground yourself as it flutters, when you’re growing in spiritual awareness. It can often be mistaken for feeling like your heart is palpitating or skipping a beat. This feeling comes and goes, particularly when your heart and ‘high heart‘ (the energy centre of the thymus) are expanding. The vagus nerve which runs down the side of the neck is also linked into the heart and when stimulated (as your neck becomes tight, perhaps from resistance to your incoming life changes) this can also serve to awaken the heart energy field and cause an expansion (fluttering) of consciousness.

Blurry eyes, sore eyes, eye ticks – Your eyes can become inflamed and sore when life is changing very quickly before you. Your third eye may be developing, as your inner sight expands and your intuition and psychic abilities – telepathy grows. Rest your eyes frequently by closing them and being still. Gentle breathing meditation assists.

Waking up between 2 and 4 am – This is the hour of the night when energy is still and soul becomes active. You can clear much from your mind, if you awaken during this period. You’re receptive to hearing the voice of soul. Greater clarity comes during these hours, as your personality is quiet. Wake-up, meditate, write down your thoughts, then when you go back to sleep, it’s likely you’ll have prophetic dreams (dreams with important messages that you’ll remember). Some people may even astral travel after going back to sleep – i.e., have an outer body experience and be conscious of life continuing on, outside of the physical body while in the dream state.

Sore muscles and joints – This can be caused by old, toxic energy leaving your cells. When powerful planetary alignments take place, it’s important to MOVE your body to assist in the assimilation of higher vibration. If you do not, energy can become stuck and cause painful muscles and joints.

Heat rising in the body – Similar to ‘spiritual flu,’ this can often occur ‘early on with some regularity’ during your spiritual awakening journey. I liken it to the spiritual fire of ‘soul’ waking up within you and burning away illusion, bringing in energetic truths. Rest and drink lots of water when this occurs, as it will pass and reveal greater awareness and a clearer direction when complete.

Dropping objects, clumsiness – This tends to occur when your paradigm has been challenged and your old ways no longer serve you well. You’re being guided to change your ways, to focus more in the moment and not get distracted by many things at once.

Anxiety – Many ‘Empaths’ may feel anxious because of the lower-level (often negative) energy that they pick up and absorb from others and a toxic environment. When there is a lot of cosmic activity, you could feel anxiety rise, accompanied by many of the physical symptoms from this list. If you are sensitive to other’s energy fields, being aware of your abilities is key. Pull your awareness in closer to your own energy field, rather than extending it out to meet others. Look after yourself by focusing on what you love.

Loss of memory – This often happens when you grow in self-awareness. You become more interested in ‘the moment’ than the past. And hence, you may not even remember (at a glance) what you did this morning – by lunch time today. You’ll need to slow down your thinking in order to recall. High-vibration energy (5D) keeps you in the moment where all-power and potential exists.

Inability to sleep – This can happen when there is much change stirring within you and you’re unsure of what to act upon first. Your personality is over-thinking and over-processing potential problems and solutions. Many also resist the soul assisting the personality and so try to avoid sleep. It’s during sleep that the release valve on your day is set off. Try meditation before sleep or reading a spiritual text (like The Tip-Off) – it always sets you on a path to greater insight during sleep, bodily repair and upgrade time.

Higher expectations from yourself and others – When you wake up and ascend on your 5D consciousness path you desire to act with authority, integrity and spiritual excellence. Hence, you’ll expect more from yourself each day and ultimately from those around you too. You’ll put pressure on yourself and others. You’ll come to learn that we are all at different levels of evolution and so over time, the expectations you have of others will wain. Instead you’ll apply your own changes (to yourself first and foremost) and then see them ‘naturally’ affect change in others. This is when spiritual wisdom and maturity dawns.

Relationship strains and changes – Ultimately as you elevate in awareness of who you are as a soul on a human journey, your relationships will shift (until you come to be in the company of others like you, who have remembered who they are). Those close will feel that ‘you’ve changed’ because you have. Awareness reveals the truth within one – no more pretending. You’ve broken down the outer defense shield. So, you’ll need to move through a period of time where you’re either explaining yourself and your truth to others, seeing if they’ll come on board and grow along with your new sense of spiritual truth, or some will need space from those close. Some relationships can continue and deepen, while others will need to be conducted at a distance or not at all.

A growing need to break free – This can be accompanied by many of the physical symptoms. If you’ve been off purpose for too long, you’ll feel the desire to change everything at once and just be free of old restraints and ways. Take practical daily steps, as you see fit. One step at a time towards positive change can make a huge difference (and put you at ease) in your desire to be free.

Career dissatisfaction – This goes along with a desire to break free. As you become aware of your spiritual reality and are working in tune with cosmic energy each day, the dissatisfaction you may feel in your career or work can increase. This is because you have a growing need to ‘be on purpose’ and if you feel your talents and skills are not being utilised in your work – then you may want to change onto a path that does uplift you and bring great reward and satisfaction. Some people, may realise that their current career is right and they just need to be more of themselves within it. While others will need a complete career path change.

A strong desire to find your purpose – This goes along with a desire to break free and can also include career dissatisfaction. One of the great consequences of ascension is the urge for soul to move you onto your purpose for incarnating on Earth in human form. It can become an insatiable urge to remember who you are and what you’re here for. I have a powerful meditation that can assist you.

Lethargy – This can occur when you’re not treating your physical body well during periods of pronounced cosmic energy shifts. Ensure that you address your diet when in ascension mode and consume high-frequency (fresh, plant based foods) and drink lots of filtered water – limit processed foods (although many will over-consume these in an attempt to feel good). Also, ensure that you move your body daily and practice applying what you’re discovering about your reality each day. Action moves lethargy.

Some need less sleep – Many will be so awake, excited and inspired that they need less sleep. Follow your individual call.

Greater empathy and compassion – As you deepen your ascension process the energy centre of your heart will expand and create a greater field of compassion around your physical body. You’ll more easily feel what others feel and pick up on energy from your environment. Tears and emotions can be strong, usually during heightened periods of cosmic activity. Use what you feel and pick up on to be kinder to yourself and affect positive change in your own life – first and foremost.

Change of diet – It’s hugely common that once you wake-up and ascend you feel the intuitive urge to clean up your diet. I remember back in the mid-90’s (when I first woke-up) one of the first practices I was intuitively guided towards was becoming vegetarian – which I did, even though it wasn’t that popular 25 years ago. I loved the immediate effects upon my life. I eventually became vegan and with the range of plant-based, organic (in-season) foods on offer today, it’s easier than ever. I credit changing my diet (straight away as I woke up) to having accelerated my spiritual growth and increased my empathy and compassion (oneness) for all sentient beings of the light. Follow your personal calls to change your diet, as you see fit.

Shifting friendships and rifts can grow within families – This goes hand-in-hand with ‘relationship shifts and changes’. Family and longstanding friendships (in particular) will notice changes within you, when you begin to wake-up and grow. They’ll say, ‘You’ve changed’. You have! They may take issue with it, as they want the ‘old you’ back – particularly if they haven’t woken up and/or have no indication that they will – you’ll be challenging them. This can often be one of the most difficult ascension symptoms to assimilate, as you feel long-standing loyalty to family and friends. However, there is no going back once you begin to ascend. So, each of us has to decide how we choose to interact with family and friends who are no longer in alignment with us. Some go quiet, and plan a path away from old influences. Some try and change those around them (this may or may not work, as all souls have free will). And some may accept that a new path awaits them – which will bring in new friends and possibly means a changed relationship with family, meaning little or no contact. Each of us will walk a different path. All is well, as we choose what best suits. I have a healing Guided Meditation to help with families

Increased telepathy and psychic powers – As your inner sight opens and clears (your third eye) your telepathic abilities (sending and receiving energy messages on the spiritual planes) will naturally increase. Indeed, now that a 5D energy template is fully operational around Earth, it’s easier than ever to trust in and use your telepathic and psychic skills. What you focus on can manifest at lightning speed, for positive or negative effect. So, being self-responsible for how you direct yourself is key in 2020 and beyond. See my recent blog post to assist with understanding how telepathy works.

Noticing double/triple digit numbers – The SIGNS – Number sequences will begin to jump out at you. Soul resonates with the language of numbers. Numerical sequences form the matrix of reality. And hence, when you see them in uniform sequence i.e 11:11, 2:02, 3:33 etc. these become markers, serving to wake-you up and point you in the direction of higher consciousness. When you see a number sequence, simply pause – take note and say, ‘Thank you’. Then go about your day and wait for further instructions to drop into your awareness – as they will.

A thirst for ancient, esoteric knowledge – You may find that answers call from our ancient past. You’ll begin searching for buried truths that mainstream archeology dismisses. An interest in ancient technologies, practices and connections with the stars with call. The ancient Egyptian, Syrian, Mayan, Indian, Aboriginal and ALL indigenous cultures will appeal. Dive in deep and love what you find. Goddess cultures may also call – a time on Earth when the feminine (creative) was elevated above the masculine.

Meditating, taking up yoga or healing arts – This goes hand-in-hand with a change in diet and all of the other ascension symptoms. You’ll feel your physical body changing (bringing in more light) and as a result you’ll feel the urge to practice exercise and healing techniques that help you to master your energy flow. These practices can accelerate your spiritual growth.

A need to take action – Where you’ve been sitting back unsure or unmotivated, once ascension begins you’ll likely feel the need to move and be active along your path. Some people may want to tackle many changes all at once. Go at your pace and apply what you know. Walking your spiritual talk is imperative to being grounded and authentic when embracing 5D ascension.

OBES, conscious outer body experiences – This can occur when you awaken early in the morning (and then go back to sleep), between 2 am – 4 am. You may have a lucid dream at first (you know you’re dreaming within the dream) followed by a rumbling in your body and a feeling that you’re tearing away from the physical body. You could find that your astral or energy body is travelling through different dimensions – and you’re conscious of it. This can happen quite spontaneously for many and may never happen at all for others. It takes practice to master being out of your body and will teach you much about the cosmic nature of reality.

Tears flowing, overly emotional – This occurs in line with the heart field expanding and your empathic skills developing. This means that water is flowing in your physical body, cleansing and clearing old, stuck energy in the process. It can be a very positive sign. If you become overly emotional, you can ground yourself by stepping outside barefoot into nature and allowing the outdoor energy flow to naturally reset you.

Increased self-awareness of your old patterns – As your consciousness grows, so does your ability to reflect and make self-responsible determinations of where and how you’ve developed repetitive patterns because of choices you’ve made. With considered insight comes the ability to consciously choose and shift your patterns to a higher energy flow. You do this with daily action steps.

Vivid dreams – This goes hand-in-hand with OBE’S and waking up in the early hours. Soul is wide awake and directing you to learn more about who you are through the dream state. You’ll also be cleansing and gaining clarity on past situations and future visions. Keep a notebook near your bed and write down whatever you can remember, as soon as you wake, before it slips from your consciousness. You’ll learn much from your dream states. Focus on the ‘feelings’ in your dreams, They tell you everything.

Being hugely creative and inspired – With a higher vibration being channeled through you, creativity surges. You could find that you’re constantly being inspired with new ideas. I suggest that you implement your ideas – one at time. Try them out and act on what you receive. Soul loves it when you apply your direction. Not applying your creativity can result in pent up energy stifling you.

Sinuses running, increased sneezing – As your third eye (the awakening pineal/pituitary gland in concert with the heart – the inner pyramid of truth) comes on line, you could find that your sinuses run – and you could experience sneezing fits. This I liken to a clearing of the third eye.

Stomach irritation and irregular bowel movements – As old energy and lower vibration moves though your physical body, you could notice that you ‘let go’ with increased movement in your stomach and bowels. You quite literally can either release a flood of old energy via the bowels or resist it leaving and then feel constipated. Water helps to clear you, as does rest. Such physical irritations and cleansing usually clear up as you let go and as, powerful planetary influences pass.

Lower back issues – Issues of feeling supported (or not) often play out in our lower back. You could find that as you change and others around you do not, you could feel frustrated and like you’re all out on your own. This is often when backs can seize up – as you feel unsupported and can manifest this feeling in your back – which supports your body. Tell yourself that there is plenty of support all around you and that you’re truly capable. Lie on the ground, outdoors (or against a tree) for great healing relief.

Upper back pain or itching between the shoulder blades – Right in between your shoulder blades is where your ‘wings of light’ are located. See my recent blog post on this. Your etheric wings open up and extend, as you further develop your light body and spiritual energy field. This can cause a tightness and itching in the upper back area, as well as a heaviness in your shoulders, as your wings slowly open. Once unfurled, you’ll feel an elevated lightness in your upper back and ability to more easily rise above and see the bigger picture of all. This can take some time to be achieved. Be patient.

Sore neck and shoulders – You could find that your neck becomes stiff (extending down to your shoulders) when you’re not accepting the new information and higher vibration coming down into your physical body. Be flexible and allowing of change. Recognise that there are many ways to achieve your goals. Practicing openness and dropping fear of the unknown will assist. Challenge yourself daily.

Wanting to be on your own – Many feel the need to cocoon off from others and their old way of life when ascending in 5D consciousness. This incubation period helps one to know themselves without distraction and can be vital to your spiritual growth. If you live or work with others and cannot be on your own, you may notice that you become emotionally and mentally distant. Be aware that they may not understand. Explain that you just need some quiet time to go within. Allow others to grow with you, if they choose.

Growing in personal power – You’ll begin to feel more confident in who you are (all of you) the more that your consciousness grows. Authenticity flows, as the person you are on the outside is a direct reflection of who you are on the inside. You move into alignment with soul and your path of light. You act with integrity and higher consideration and respect for yourself and others. This is personal power.

Feeling that everything you’ve ever known has been a lie – As your 5D awareness grows and you reflect deeply on your past, you could feel that everything you’ve ever known and/or have been taught has been a lie. It’s not a lie, it’s just that you haven’t tapped into the wholeness of multi-dimensional reality. Rather than becoming angry or frustrated, you can become excited instead. Your growing awareness now means that you can see how your ‘will’ and choices direct your life. You now become responsible for where you take yourself in life and that equates to personal freedom and equals personal power.

Bouts of euphoria, followed by feeling low – With 5D ascension and shifting daily planetary influences, you can experience bouts of being on a high, followed by days when your energy feels lower. These lower periods are the ‘assimilation’ periods. After growth, you need to stabilise and allow yourself to rest. It’s just like working out a muscle with weights. You push it past its limits, then rest and during the rest period (the low) it grows stronger. Spiritual growth (ascension) works in exactly the same way. So, on slower days – you’re not really low, you’re just assimilating your changes and growth, before getting ready to expand again.

Shortness of breath – Along with heart expansion during 5D ascension, your lungs are taking in greater capacity for life. And so, you could find that as your energy field grows, you experience a sporadic shortness in breath. Deep breathing, right down into your belly (in through the nose and out through the mouth) assists with a more even breath – of the in and out flow.

7thIndeed, these are but ‘some’ of the symptoms of 5D ascension and your rising awareness of expanded consciousness. I trust that this blog post has provided you with reassurance that all is well on your path. And that the more aware you become of your amazing energy body, the more you’ll accept the challenge and elation of your spiritual growth. This makes ‘ascension symptoms’ easier to recognise, assimilate and ultimately master.

Author: GreatCosmicMothersUnited

I have joined with many parents affected with the surreal , yet accepted issue of child abuse via Pathogenic Parenting / Domestic abuse. As a survivor of Domestic Abuse, denial abounded that 3 sons were not affected. In my desire to be family to those who have found me lacking . As a survivor of psychiatric abuse, therapist who abused also and toxic prescribed medications took me to hell on earth with few moments of heaven. I will share my life, my experiences and my studies and research.. I will talk to small circles and I will council ; as targeted parents , grandparents , aunts , uncles etc. , are denied contact with a child for reasons that serve the abuser ...further abusing the child. I grasp the trauma and I have looked at the lost connection to a higher power.. I grasp when one is accustomed to privilege, equality can feel like discrimination.. Shame and affluence silences a lot of facts , truths that have been labeled "negative". It is about liberation of the soul from projections of a alienator , and abuser ..

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