Raising Vibrations

As you are shifting, growing, moving forward on your destiny road, you’re sure to realise you’re not the same person you used to be.

The things you used to tolerate, mostly to not rock the boat, despite feeling like you’re being thrown overboard, have now become intolerable.

Where you once remained quiet for benefit of all and sundry, even to your own detriment, you now speak out your truth, when you think it necessary.

Where you once battled and argued against the wind till drop down drained, you now keep your inner peace and keep being whole in surrender to sacred inner Peace, guarding your heart and health.

You are beginning to understand and appreciate the power of your voice in speaking. And in silence you learn it’s no loss, for not always voicing an opinion, because some situations simply no longer deserve your time, energy and focus.

Keep the shifting going! ❤

A Friend ~