Angelic Planet Alignment Happening Now

The Planetary Line Up and Angelic Symbolism – a message

Let’s look at the great Leadership meeting which gathers over us within the planetary alignment of 27.03.2023 and of the angelic symbolism created by such an event.

5 planets fall in alignment along with the sun and moon.

Those who follow my work know of my reason for highlighting this magnificent line up as part of the energetic significance following of 23.03.23.

Angels are assigned to govern the stars and planets, each having their own significance.

With 5 planets gathered to align with our sun, so 5 archangels report for duty with the source of our creation. This is directly related to working with and expanding the new energies of the new era and to overseeing new calling to purpose of beings across the cosmos.

The nature of those attending this line up tells us a great deal of what the cosmos is brewing for future creations and manifestations.

First inline is the planet Mercury, which is graciously cared for by Archangel Seraphiel, leader of the Seraphim and the angel of music. As part of the team of angels known as Thrones, the Seraphim sing the praises of creation.

✨Seraphiel brings creativity, beauty and the gift of sound and particularly signifies a directive for divine creativity.

Next is Venus, whose angelic guardian is archangel Haniel, an angel of grace, love and beauty of a most feminine energy and a gateway for creativity and loving transformations.

✨Haniel brings opportunity for new inspiration and manifestations of loving intention.

The third planet in our line up is Mars, with its bold leadership of Archangel Samael, whose association as a fallen angel precedes his presence and support. Actually Samael is an advocate of masculine energy and holds strong in his guardianship of such attributes. He is the counter balance to Haniel and the feminine aspects of creation.

✨Samael brings strong leadership, principles and intentions to those entrusted with a mission of creating change within adversity.

Our fourth planet is Jupiter, the planet of expansion and adventure, led by Archangel Zadkiel who stands as an archatype for wisdom of all things, including spiritual knowing and learning. He represents a great integrity in leadership and personal responsibility.

✨Zadkiel is renowned across the cosmos for spiritual attributes such as kindness, tolerance and forgiveness, but is also a powerful gateway for abundance and expansion of happiness, opportunity or love.

Last but not least is the planet Uranus, ruled by Archangel Jophiel, guardian of wisdom and sacred texts. Jophiel is associated with feminine creativity, love and beauty.

✨Jophiel’s presence in this heavenly meet up is one of advocating spiritual peace and truth through the highest channel of wisdom.

🌟You know I have spoken for a long time about the significance of the energetic benchmark date of 22.12.22 as a time of a renegotiating spiritual (or angelic)

contracts and I have identified the period of time between the September Equinox of 2022 and that of March of 2023 to be a period of strong angelic callings, or realignment of purpose, affecting those who recognise a spiritual signifance for their physical life presence at this time.

My interpretation is that something BIG is underway in the heavens and you have a choice whether to take part in it or not. Those who feel a deep calling to a change in direction may begin to understand why and recognise the beautiful flow which invites them to seek, explore and expand.

The rest is up for your personal interpretation, but my tip of the day would be to enjoy it and open your wings.🌹

Kirsty Elizabeth ❤️

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