Holy Union

We will all be feeling something magical in the air as the vibrant Full Moon in Leo, which is ruled by the Sun, occurs on the same day as an extremely rare and magical alignment between Mars and Venus – the ‘power couple’ of astrology.

This is the second celestial meeting of a triple conjunction for these two intensely loved-up planets, the first took place in July, 2021 and the third and final meeting of this phase will be on March 6, 2022.

Mars, the God of war, motivation, sex, determination and passion emanates masculine energy, while Venus, Goddess of love, beauty, attraction, romance, values, desire and creativity is the essence of feminine energy. The duo will be dancing together, moving close to one another, heating passions and causing sparks to fly, until early April.

This is a meeting of the divine masculine and divine feminine energies, so don’t be surprised if soul connections merge and suddenly become deeper and more harmonious over the next few weeks or if a new romance suddenly ignites. This can also be the balancing of the divine masculine and feminine energies within ourselves, so it is possible we could go through a huge internal recalibration and energy shift during this time.

As Mars is the God of War we may be feeling the need to gently go to war with ourselves, and confront anything we know is out of alignment, isn’t healthy or is not serving our highest good. We will be looking to the future and considering our long term happiness, aspirations and commitments. This will be a time for fully recognising where we need to make change and to understand that the comfort zones we have created may not actually feel that comfortable in reality.

We will also be realising how we have often valued others far higher than we have valued ourselves and put in far more effort than we have received back. Reciprocation is essential for healthy relationships, and sometimes we have to take a step back in our dynamics so that we make space to receive and at other times we have to make a move forward to give more and fight for what we love and desire. This energy will help us recognise where some relationships thrive with ebb and flow in natural synchrony, with an intuitive knowing of when to give and when to receive without force, and also where we have no option but to distance and give way.

The moon in Leo compliments Venus & Mars’ sensual energies perfectly, as Leo also radiates compassion, creativity, pleasure, love, fearlessness, strength and romance.

Leos prefer to express themselves from the heart and speak without filter, remaining true to their authentic selves. Therefore, this is a time to embody the lion-heart energy and to feel proud of our emotions and feelings and ability to communicate openly and vulnerably. It also encourages us to let people know what they mean to us, rather than allowing foolish pride to hold us back and withholding how we feel.

The shadow side to this cosmic energy is that we may be feeling unappreciated, with the need to externally seek attention and approval, and our emotions could become so intense we may even be a little reactive and on the dramatic side. We can overcome this by indulging in essential self-care to remind ourselves how valuable, worthy and precious we are and to reaffirm that we can find all the validation and love we need internally.

Leo energy illuminates the mixed feelings we have between wanting to courageously declare what we would like to manifest in our lives, and tripping over our ego because our lion-esque pride gets in the way – mainly due to the fear of rejection. We may feel pulled between doing what the mind thinks it wants and what the heart deeply craves. We will also become aware of how we are often be held back by outdated beliefs of how we are expected to show up in the world, rather than expressing ourselves freely, completely and uniquely.

While we might feel compelled to proclaim our desires and needs, we may also find there’s a self-sabotaging voice in our head that wants us to avoid deep and intimate connection that could make us feel vulnerable and emotionally exposed. We may notice our mind often tricks us into believing we aren’t good enough and we can easily jump to the wrong conclusions, reaffirming false, limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves. This is the voice that prefers us to remain in our ‘often uncomfortable’ comfort zone, where familiarity feels safe.

Despite the fact we might momentarily feel apprehensive, and possibly self-conscious, the recent Venus retrograde will have left us fully in our glow up, as it helped us feel empowered, confident, worthy and with new awareness that we deserve far more than what we have been previously settled for. It is likely we will experience major breakthroughs with our self-esteem and self-confidence, and be ready to lead from our heart centre and share our innermost emotions during this Full Moon.

We will be facing our fears and courageously making a committed effort to show those we care about what they mean to us, and to speak more openly about what has long been playing on our minds. If we have been hiding our true emotions, we will find it almost impossible to deny how we feel, and between now and March 6th we will all be feeling the need to break open and finally speak our raw truth.

We may feel an overwhelming desire to alter aspects of our lives, and fortunately we will be feeling magnetic, charismatic, and with the ability to effortlessly and almost instantly attract whatever, or whoever, is in alignment. The intentions we have been setting, particularly regarding our closest relationships, are about to become a reality, so expect epiphanies, new insights and even sudden revelations that could deliver the change we have been hoping and waiting for.

Leo’s positive and high vibrational energy will help us boldly manifest our creative goals and turn hobbies and interests into careers that we feel passionate about and proud of. Our imagination will be running wild, and we will feel far more motivated, innovative, driven and inspired than we have in a long time. As there are currently no planets retrograde, this is a phase of forward moving energy, and it is the optimum time to take productive steps towards making our wildest creative dreams become a reality.

The Moon also squares the north and south nodes, Taurus and Scorpio, relating to the journey we have taken so far and where our destined path is heading. This means that whatever is predestined for our future could become clearly visible during this Full Moon, and we get an extremely rare glimpse into what the future holds. It could also mean we receive unexpected news or a new opportunity to alter our lives and receive abundance in ways we may have only previously dreamt about.

The Full Moon rises between Leo’s brightest stars, Algieba and Regulus, and they will both be visible on either side of the moon. This cosmic energy brings magical energy, so make a wish on the evening of this Full Moon, and be open to extraordinary blessings and an abundance of miracles.

Insights by & Image shared via Alex Myles

No surrender to Wounded Masculine

The feminine cannot, will not surrender To the wounded masculine …
A man who criticizes herBelittles Dishonours ControlsManipulates Abuses Or attacks her 
Her own inner masculine will not allow it He will rise fiercely to the forefront To stand guard To do the job himself
The feminine can and will only surrender To the divine masculine …
A man who is devoted to her Elevates Honours CherishesSupports And protects her
A man with boundariesPresence DirectionIntegrity AccountabilityAnd humility
In this space She will feel him penetrating her very essence…
Her body Her mindHer heartHer soul
And she will feel safe …Safe enough to surrender 
This is the natural law This is the dance of healed polarities
This is surrender …To love
~ Karen Star ❤