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Here Is Exactly How To Fix Our School System

The first thing you have to understand is that our school system came from Prussia. In the 1840s Horace Mann went to Prussia to study what was becoming a very popular way of teaching children. He brought the system back to the United States and industry giants like Rockefeller and Carnegie fell in love with it for its ability to consistently churn out supplies of “worker bees” year after year. It is not surprising that the school system is also referred to as the “factory model.” What is unbelievable is that nothing has changed for almost 200 years.

The goal of schooling is to create a labor class. The most important goals are to teach reading and writing, punctuality, to prepare students for working long hours, and to teach how to follow instructions.

This stifles creativity and prohibits students from pursuing their own interests.

This has also led to the dreadful classification of students based on how “smart” they are and dividing them up into classes – the advanced, the average, and the below average. The school system decides how smart you are going to be and most blindly agree and submit to a self-fulfilling prophecy which has a huge impact (and for most not a good one) on the rest of their lives.

Fortunately my father saved me from that fate. My first day of high school I showed my dad my class schedule. He noticed only one of the classes listed was advanced.

“Are there other advanced classes?” he asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Then why aren’t you in them?”

“That’s the ones they put me in,” I told him consentingly.

“No,” said my dad.

That next day I found out my father had already been at the school early that morning and told them to put me in every advanced class my schedule would allow.

If it were not for my father it would have been impossible for me to have graduated third in my high school class and been voted “The Most Likely To Succeed”. I would have succumbed to my the fate the school had imposed on me of being an average student. No one should be an average student.

According to society I did everything “right” in school. It was my “success” in the school system that allowed me to look back and see just how bad a shape it is in. It did not prepare me to create the dream life I truly envisioned for myself.

So can the system be fixed?

Yes it can and I am going to tell you how right now.

First we have to stop looking at classes like art and music as inferior to math and science. Art and music foster creativity. They set you apart from the crowd. They show you that you are unique. Students need to spend at least as much time developing their creativity as they do learning math and science. Math and science are very important should not be used to further the agenda of making you a person who is good at blindly following instructions. I can remember taking Calculus. I could follow the instructions I was given to make sure I gave the correct answer on a Calculus problem but I could not tell you for the life of me how being able to do that served any conceivable purpose.

Please don’t make the mistake of thinking I am condemning teachers. I had many great teachers in school. They were just not given the correct tools and curriculum to follow.

As I mentioned earlier we need to cut back on the math and science and add more classes that help promote creativity and individuality. Below is a list of classes that should be required courses not electives.

Creative Writing
Foreign Languages
Cultural Studies
Comparative Religion

We also need to create classes where students choose their own topics and take it upon themselves to learn without an instructor. The internet makes this very easy.

We need to out law homework. Students spend enough hours a day in school. They don’t need important family time taken away them. Family time which parents need to demand of their children.

Speaking of hours in school, we need to cut the school day in half. Again remember the long school day was designed to prepare for working long hours. From kindergarten through high school you spend between 12,000 and 13,000 hours in school. They estimate reading and basic math takes about 100 hours to learn. Do you really think you need 12,900 more hours after learning to read and do math?


Because of all of the excessive hours, schooling after Middle School should not be required. If students want to go on to take the higher math and science classes needed for certain jobs then that should be 100% their choice.

Apprenticeship would be a great alternative. Instead of going on to take more classes they are going to have no use for, they could apprentice a few hours a day in a field that interests them. Imagine if todays doctors had been working in a hospital since age 13 or 14? How much more skilled would they be with all the on hand experience? Think about it.

Until we change our school system we are going to keep seeing the same cycle in government and big business that we have seen the last hundred years. The income gap is going to keep getting bigger and bigger. We need to start the change and we need to do it now.

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We have so much to show you about your mind.

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