Signs of Intelligence

Signs of low intelligence. Are you humble and smart enough to admit the truth about yourself, at least to yourself?

  1. Lacking curiosity

The hallmark of low intelligence, lack of curiosity keeps people stuck at their present level of knowledge. They know just enough to get by in the world. They don’t ask questions and seem to be satisfied with where they are intellectually.

  1. Lacking intellectual humility

Intellectual humility means accepting you don’t know what you don’t know. Curiosity and intellectual humility are the engines of intellectual growth. The tendency in people is to believe they know everything. Yet, the more you know, the more you realize how little you know.

.3. Closed-mindedness

Being closed to new ideas, opinions and information keeps low intelligence people stuck where they are. Closed-minded people have a tendency to confirm their pre-existing beliefs. Hence, they cannot learn new things.

  1. Not interested in learning

Low intelligence people mostly see learning as a waste of time. They don’t even have the intelligence to see how learning can benefit them. They stop learning when they graduate. High intelligence people, on the other hand, accept that learning is a lifelong process.

  1. Not seeking novelty

Low intelligence people seem to have an aversion to novelty in general. You’ll see that they not only avoid exposing themselves to new ideas, but to anything new- new art, new music, etc. On the contrary, novelty is very stimulating to high intelligence people. They seek novelty to keep expanding their mind and to see things in a fresh light.

  1. Avoid thinking

Low-intelligence people avoid thinking when they can. They always need to be told exactly what to do and won’t use their own minds. They thrive in formal education structures requiring rote learning but lack street-smartness. Put them in a novel situation where they’re required to think on their feet and watch them crumble.

  1. Diminished ability to reflect on things

The ability to reflect on things is one of the greatest cognitive skills of humans. It helps us understand the causality behind events. Keen observation plus the ability to reflect have been the drivers of human progress.

  1. Lacking critical thinking

Critical thinking is difficult because it goes against how the mind works. The mind assimilates information as beliefs and then goes about confirming those beliefs. Testing the validity of those beliefs takes up significant mental energy. Yet, it’s the only way to get closer to the truth.

  1. Not changing their minds often

The rate at which people change their opinions indicates the rate at which they’re learning new things. While intelligent people change their position on things from month to month or week to week, low intelligence people hold on to the things they learned years ago.

Having too strong an opinion on anything is generally a sign that a person is only looking at part of the entire story.

  1. Black and white thinking

Low intelligence people are masters of black and white thinking. They only seem to think in terms of opposites, ignoring the grey areas in between. Reality is often too complex to be interpreted in opposites.

  1. Lacking creativity

As they lack novelty-seeking, low intelligence people also lack creativity. Creativity doesn’t emerge out of a vacuum. The most creative people constantly expose themselves to other creative people in their fields. This way, creativity feeds on itself and produces beautiful things in the world.

  1. Lacking cognitive flexibility

Changing one’s mind often is a sign of open-mindedness. It’s opinion-flexibility i.e. not being rigid in one’s opinions. Similarly, cognitive flexibility means not being rigid in one’s ways of thinking. Cognitive flexibility is the ultimate goal of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. The ones who develop it can significantly improve their mental health.

  1. Short-term thinking

Low intelligence people are consistently unable to overcome their desire for instant gratification. They frequently turn a blind eye to the long-term consequences of their present behaviors.

  1. Poor decision-making

We all make poor decisions from time to time. But low intelligence people consistently fail to weigh the pros and cons of their decisions.

  1. Unrealistic thinkers

The more in alignment a person’s mind is to reality, the smarter they are. Being out of touch with reality is a sure sign of low intelligence.

  1. Poor interpersonal skills

Being able to deal effectively with people is also a sign of high intelligence. Low intelligence people lack key social skills such as:

Having a win-win mentality
Being empathetic
Good communication skills
Having emotional intelligence
Ability to deal with criticism
Ability to understand sarcasm
Ability to see things from another’s perspective

Message : Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael 💜❤️🌎💜❤️
Via Erena Velazquez💖

My Beloved Souls,

I am Archangel Michael, and I want to congratulate humankind on starting to connect the dots on founding the truth behind the deceptions and lies portrayed for a millennial.

The plans of implementing New World Order are failing everywhere globally. The Darkness is losing the grounds despite their efforts to create fear by raising the prices and creating shortages in the necessities. Their goal is to create confusion and distract everyone from the focus on staying in the Light.

Please, don’t believe the misinformation told by your media. The truth can’t stay hidden anymore. What you are seeing now, it’s the end of era of the elite, who mislead and deprived humanity from living prosperous and happy lives.

You are Light and carry God within you. Nobody can’t stop your evolution into 5D. Right now, only a small percentage of humanity is ready to move to New Age. This situation can change instantly, if the ones, who work behind scenes, are going to disclose finally the truth.

The time has arrived to introduce to general public, what has been occurring around the world. The ones, who are still asleep, need to be exposed to the real reality not illusion. The Cosmic Energies are very high on your planet, which are perfect conditions to help awake more people.

Only the truth can set everyone free. Please, release all of the negative emotions and open yourselves to receive Love and Light from the Cosmic Universal Consciousness. Now, you can manifest and create anything you desire, and just trust yourself that you are capable to be a creator.

Everyone on Mother Earth is a powerful being. The goal of the Darkness was to make you weak and doubtful about your origins. All souls came here from many different Stars, Universes and Galaxies to free this part of Milky Galaxy. Each day you are getting closer and closer to the day, when you are going to see the Golden Age.

Recent events in Ukraine exposed a lot of the truth, who really is the Light, and who is the Darkness. Follow the natural flow coming from the Cosmos. I, Archangel Michael, sending my Love and Courage to everyone. Remember you are not alone, billions routing for your planet. Thank you Universal Channel

You are almost there, be patient and loving to each other.
Archangel Michael

Channeled by Erena Velazquez

Kali = Freedom

”Kali is a girl’s girl – a fire eater, who has chosen to walk barefoot along the path of freedom. She’s the festival girl you admire, a fire dancer, twirling her blazing baton, beneath the stars. Now you see her, now you don’t, flames swooshing, music pulsing, back to dark. Arms spinning, gyrating hips, fleetingly illuminated by a corolla of flames, ‘revolutions’ of defiance and ecstasy, as the Milky Way passes overhead. Then back to black! Kali’s Eternal Dance, represented by a skirt of many arms, is energy in motion.

Just as the Earth spins on Her axis, Kali’s Eternal Dance is in constant motion. Movement shifts blocked emotion. Close your eyes and sway to the healing rhythm of the universe. Seek your ecstatic frequency in the primordial Shakti, the divine female energy, where the inconceivably violent forces of creation reside. Kali is never still. She is destroyer and creator; apocalypse and genesis; decay and birth; blood bath and incubator. Her medicine is deeply rooted in the cosmic cycles of death, birth, rebirth. Every woman holds patriarchal trauma somewhere in her body, so Kali urges us to let go, have fun, move our bodies, shake our hips and feel sensation. Undulate, jiggle, twerk, do restorative yoga. Find ‘flow’ to raise vibration and thaw emotion. Emotion in motion!”
-Claire Dorey, from her essay, ”Revolutions of Defiant Ecstasy: Stealing Kali and Goddess Wisdom From the Primordial Wave of Feminism” in the upcoming anthology, Re-Membering with Goddess: Healing the Patriarchal Perpetuation of Trauma

Kat Shaw Artist