Dimensions Explained

The 12 dimensions of consciousness explained

What is a Dimension?

A Dimension is a state of consciousness and a means of organizing different planes of existence according to the vibratory rate of that which exists. Each dimension has certain sets of laws and principles that are specific to the frequency of that dimension.

Circular time means three dimensions cubed or 3 x 3 x 3 dimensions which = 27. Circular Time Theory states that over a very long period of time things will repeat. Over a very long period of time things will repeat almost exactly.

All Human Beings are Multi-Dimensional Beings of Light with a visible dense physical body which some of their Consciousness has been projected into, and have the potential to access the first 5 dimensions.

Usually many of us are comfortable with our awareness being at 3-D level, but with spiritual application (i.e. meditation and reflection and asking our spirit guides for assistance) one can access the 4th dimension usually referred to as the astral plane or “time”, and even the 5th dimension.

The Twelfth Dimension ~ The All That Is; The Source

It is not possible to envision the Twelfth Dimension.

Numerologically, the number twelve is 1 and 2 joined. It represents the fusion of Unity (1) and Duality (2). In spiritual terms, it is God. Many ancient cultures have defined this God as “beyond words,” and rightly so.

The Twelfth Dimension includes and exceeds all infinities. Beyond definition, it is always more than we can imagine. For instance, you might say, “God is pure, unconditional Love.”

For that statement to be more true, you would need to add, “and then some.” In other words, whatever we can say or conceive about this being/state, there is always something more to it – “and then some.”

Ultimately, this is The Source – The All That Is (and then some). There are no “me’s,” “you’s,” or “us’s.” It is absurd to say, “I am [this] God,” because at this level there is no “I” to say it.


The Eleventh Dimension ~ The Seed and Soil of Universes

Every so often, The Source manifests the “material” to create Universes. We call this “material” the Eleventh Dimension. However, it is actually two distinct beings in one. Numerologically, the number eleven is 1 and 1 combined.

They are exactly equal, yet different. (If they were not different, the number would just be 1.) One of these entities is pure yang in nature – the Great Yang.

The other is pure yin – the Great Yin (or The Void). The Great Yang exists everywhere and always (until The All That Is says, “Come Home.”) Not reasonably, so does the Great Yin.

Both are omnipresent, but a thin “membrane” somehow separates the two. This membrane insures that the two Forces do not fully embrace.

If this were to happen, they would immediately awaken from their high dream state and return to the Source. Actually, this does happen. When it does, a Cosmic Year has ended.

From a theological (and anthropological) perspective, the Great Yang is God the Father, the Creator. The Great Yin is God the Mother, the Creator.

Within them is the potential for the co-creation of all spirits, forms, and universes during that Cosmic Year. The Making of a Universe

A universe is born when a seed – a particle of the Great Yang – transduces the thin membrane that separates the Yin and Yang.

The seed fuses with a “particle” of the Yin, creating a zygote that grows very rapidly at first. Science calls this event “The Big Bang.” Technically, however, it is not an explosion, but the explosive growth of a living universe.

The Tenth Dimension ~ The Truth; The Universe and Its Parameters

The Tenth Dimension is a conscious entity – a Universe.

It is not, however, a universe of form. (Form begins at the Ninth Dimension.) Through the eyes of form, a universe is born, develops, matures, and dies.

This cycle marks a Cosmic Day. Numerologically, the combination of the 1 and 0 represents the union of The Something and The Nothing.

This dimension is like the outer shell of the Universe. Beyond it is The Void. From an Eleventh Dimensional perspective, we can see billions of these effulgent shells blazing in the Nothingness of The Void. (The Nothingness of The Void is not the same as “outer space,” the latter being confined to the Third Dimension.)

Within this shell are progressively smaller shells, each representing a dimension. The hard center is matter, the Third Dimension.

We can gain an understanding of the Catholic Church’s model of the Mystery of The Trinity, if we examine it from a tenth- and eleventh dimensional perspective. (The Mystery of The Trinity is that there are “three Gods in One” – The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.) In brief, God number one, The Father, is the Great Yang of the Eleventh Dimension.

God number two is Christ Himself, an *individualized* consciousness of the Tenth Dimension. Jesus said, “The Father and I are one.”

Indeed, tenth-dimensional beings are, in essence, pure mixtures of the Great Yin and Yang. God number three, The Holy Spirit, is the *unified* field of consciousness of the Tenth Dimension. (The Christ is just one of the billions upon billions of beings who comprise this dimension/entity.)

So, there it is – three Gods in One. Like “cosmic DNA,” the Universe contains the entire blueprint of what is to unfold during its lifetime.

The “DNA” has both passive and active aspects. Passively, it is the Divine Plan, the “What Will Be.” Actively, it is the Force of Evolution; it propels the Divine Plan to completion. We call tenth-dimensional awareness “Cosmic” or “Christ Consciousness.”

The Christ is a Tenth Dimensional being who had projected His consciousness into a human form. It was not a metaphor when He said, “I am the Truth, the Light, and the Way.” The Tenth Dimension *is* the Living Truth.

It is also the Light that which is in everything. Finally, it is the the Way home, back to the Creator.

All Beings – all points of Consciousness – have a tenth dimensional aspect. The Tenth Dimension is where our spirit comes into existence. From here, we can project our consciousness into any form in the universe. (Like a cascade of consciousness, we can project our awareness into, say, a seventh-dimensional form. From there, we can project into, say, a third-dimensional form.)

The Ninth Dimension ~ The Creation of Form and Hierarchies

The Ninth Dimension is where the homogenized consciousnesses of the Tenth Dimension arrange themselves into planetary, stellar, galactic, universal, and dimensional consciousnesses.

It is the transition from formless to form. As ninth-dimensional entities, we could say, “I am going to take form as a planet.” Then we do it. As a planetary (stellar, universal, etc.) consciousness, our form goes through evolutionary stages.

On third-dimensional planets, there is what we call “inorganic matter.” Inorganic matter does, however, act as the vehicle (body) of the Planetary Consciousness. This body generates gravity, which is actually the third-dimensional manifestation of a ninth-dimensional life force.

Hierarchy is evident in all of nature. From a humble blade of grass to the night sky strewn with shimmering stars, some forms appear more spectacular and vital than others. It is here that the Powers That Be our ninth-dimensional aspects – set up the hierarchical structure.

There is a hierarchy of dependency as well. Humanity needs the Earth to develop and survive, but the converse is not true. Similarly, the Earth depends upon the Sun for its life, but the Sun can live without the Earth.

The Eighth Dimension ~ Group Souls (Oceans of Light)

A Group Soul is a collection of entities that work together as one unit.

To illustrate, imagine that every cell in your body is a conscious entity. There are liver, heart, brain, and blood cell “entities.” Each is unique and has a function, yet they are one body.

This is similar to the functioning of a Group Soul. (Actually, Group Souls are even more integrated than the cells of our body; they are more like drops of water in an ocean, communicating by sharing real-life holograms.)

As Group Soul members, we can channel into other forms in other dimensions. For example, an entire rain forest could be the vehicle (body) of a Group Soul.

The Seventh Dimension ~ Living Vortexes

Seventh-dimensional beings come in many forms. Some appear as swirling ribbons of rainbow-colored energy.

Others look like webs of beautiful, radiant Light. When these mystic, living vortexes project their consciousnesses into third- or fourth-dimensional forms, they continue to “swirl.”

They swirl, however, not only vertically (like Earth vortexes), but horizontally, diagonally, and into the past and future. “Spinning” into the future allows the retrieval of information from that time.

At this level, we do not live on planets. Rather, our “atmosphere” is an intense field of colored energy. Although we look rather still, we are actually very busy. One of our activities is to explore other dimensions, in service to the Force of Evolution.

The Sixth Dimension ~ Symbols; Communication

It is tempting to call the Sixth Dimension “The Teaching Dimension.”

The intention, however, of this dimension/entity is not to teach, but rather to provide information and the means to convey it.

All language, symbols, and models start here. It is where the Universe pours the archetypical molds. At this level, we find the cast for astrological and genetic codes. It also houses the Akashic records, the complete files on everyone and everything.

This intriguing dimension is a honeycomb of dimensions within dimensions within dimensions. You could spend many long lifetimes here and never for a moment become bored. The inhabitants are astute, quick, and exciting.

The Fifth Dimension ~ Heaven; The Plane of Light; Comradery

For most religions, the Fifth Dimension is the highest realm a soul can reach. Spiritually, it is the last stop downward on the dimensional ladder before we enter the realms of limitation.

We incarnate here as androgenous stellar beings. Living on stars, we don luminous Light Bodies. These eternal forms have no need for pain, the warning signals that physical bodies provide.

Therefore, there is no physical suffering. Neither do we suffer from any form of separation, because we constantly experience the Oneness of God. We base our actions entirely on love, never on fear.

This is because fear does not exist at this level. We are unstoppable, living miraculous lives. Immortality, too, is an experiential given. Many times in a Near Death Experience, a person will travel up a long tunnel.

The tunnel transverses the darkness (the Fourth Dimension) and ends in a bright opening of golden or white Light (the Fifth Dimension). This is the Doorway to Heaven – The Golden Gates. Usually, someone is there to greet the person, although not always St. Peter.

We travel by the application of Divine Will. The shortest distance between two points is not a straight line or a curved line. In the Fifth Dimension, one simply duplicates himself to his destination(s). (We do not fly, either. Flying only becomes a viable means of transportation on the Third and Fourth Dimensions.)

In addition, we can travel by moving through the doorway at the center of the star. In many Ascension stories, the Earth transforms – along with her inhabitants – into her fifth-dimensional Light Body. She physically shifts from a dense, material body to one of Light (a star). The fifth dimensional manifestation of a star is neither hot nor fiery. It is soft.

The Fourth Dimension ~ The Astral Plane

The Fourth Dimension is a gray, polarized plane, housing the forces of Light and Darkness. The battle between good and evil starts here.

Christ was sharing a fourth-dimensional perspective when He said, “If you are not with me, you are against me.” Forms naturally morph on the Astral plane. For example, a tree can easily transform into a wolf.

Because the illusion of good and evil is manifest here and because of the extreme mutability of form, distrust and fear exists. Consequently, strength of Personal Will or Personal Power play major roles in the protection and control rackets. (“I am strong and knowledgeable.

I will protect and guide you and give you what you want. Just do what I say.”) Magic, time travel, karma, reincarnation, luck, psychic surgery, flying, mind reading, disembodied spirits, enchantment, and of course, astral travel, all source from this plane. The God(s) and Goddess(es) of many religions live here.

Hell and purgatory are fourth-dimensional locales, as well. By embodying the principles of this plane, we enhance the probability of living a magical life.

The Third Dimension ~ Where Reality Is Etched in Stone, Sort of

The Third Dimension is where energy congeals into a dark, dense pool of matter. Our ability to experience beauty down here shows that we live in a loving universe. Because of the perceptual filters available (courtesy of the Planetary Consciousness), it is possible for our consciousness to identify with matter. We can, therefore, become dense ourselves.

Because the universe allows the illusion of Free Will on the Third and Fourth Dimensions, we can act like saints or demons, or usually, somewhere in between. When we base our actions exclusively on third-dimensional principles, we live in a material world.

Here, our reality is “easy to prove” in “logical ways.” This is because it is natural that we believe our pictures of reality *are* reality. This etches our *lives* in stone, rather than sketching them in Light.

The Second Dimension ~ Biological Connection

Second dimensional consciousness is awareness on a biological level. Here you can connect with the plant and animal kingdoms.

It is the consciousness that directs the autonomic nervous system to regulate and maintain life support functions. Our five physical senses are unconscious of this. This is the place of the chemical beings that make up the body.

You on this level can become aware of how your body is one big communication-network between all the elements within your cells. There is many different beings that exist on this level. Fairies , devas, nature spirits, chemical beings, elementals and also the demonic energies.

The creation Dragons can also be connected with on this level.

The First Dimension ~ Realm of Quantum Physics

The First Dimension is the consciousness of Gaia’s physical prime atom. This dimension is the realm of the mineral kingdom.

Humans’ first dimensional consciousness is “unconscious” to our five physical senses. The first dimension part of our bodies it is the minerals, water, and genetic codes that are the foundation of our physical forms.

When we connect with this level we connect with the entire physical world on a molecule level. This is the place of quantum physics a place of electrons, protons, nuclei, and quarks. It is the gateway between the macrocosm and the microcosm.

You can find spider consciousness on this level. As they are the guardians of the matrix of Gaia’s consciousness.

How to Integrate your Multi-Dimensional Consciousness

On the highest level of creation, you are God. The Universal Dreamer. The God that you are expresses itself as many different aspects, expressing itself on each and every dimensional level. It is time to integrate.

How you may ask?

Here a is simple but extremely affective way to aid the integration process, allowing you to integrate into your physical body the energies that make up your multi-dimensional consciousness. You can literally breathe in these energies into the very cells of your body, your very DNA Integration process.

1) Sit down, make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

2) Allow your body to relax, and allow your mind to become clear. Put out the intention to your soul that you are now ready to integrate your first aspect. This calls in the energy of your soul and allows it to assist you in removing blocks to be able to integrate your aspects.

3) Your soul is building in the air around you, do not worry if you do not see it, it is about a relationship between your soul and your body, you head does not need to get it. The neutral energy of life force that is present in the air is now being programmed with the energy of your soul.

4) Begin to breathe it in. Breathe it into every single cell of your body.

5) As you do so it will begin to agitate anything within you that is a block to you integrating your aspects. Your emotions will rise, as will your fears.

6) Notice any discomfort in your body, take your awareness into this place and breathe in the energy of your soul into this place. Allow the energy of your soul to experience it with you. Your soul is a high frequency, the blocks, the fears, a low frequency, by breathing in soul you are surfacing your blocks and removing them.

7) Allow the emotions to be cleared any way they need to. You may cry, breathe deeper, just allow. You will notice your issues that are connected to each aspect coming up, clearing, and taking you deeper and deeper.

8) Once you have cleared that which stands in the way of integrating you will notice yourself becoming quieter; you’re breathing regulating. Now is the time to integrate.

9) Tune into your soul once more and breathe in the new frequency that your soul brings.

10) You may get images, words, or simply feelings as you integrate this new aspect of self. Just be aware.

11) Stay open until your soul shows you, you are complete. Be guided by your intuition as to how often you should do this process and enjoy becoming the new, whole you. It is that simple.

source of information: illuminology.tumblr.com

~ Mary Long ❤️

Author: GreatCosmicMothersUnited

I have joined with many parents affected with the surreal , yet accepted issue of child abuse via Pathogenic Parenting / Domestic abuse. As a survivor of Domestic Abuse, denial abounded that 3 sons were not affected. In my desire to be family to those who have found me lacking . As a survivor of psychiatric abuse, therapist who abused also and toxic prescribed medications took me to hell on earth with few moments of heaven. I will share my life, my experiences and my studies and research.. I will talk to small circles and I will council ; as targeted parents , grandparents , aunts , uncles etc. , are denied contact with a child for reasons that serve the abuser ...further abusing the child. I grasp the trauma and I have looked at the lost connection to a higher power.. I grasp when one is accustomed to privilege, equality can feel like discrimination.. Shame and affluence silences a lot of facts , truths that have been labeled "negative". It is about liberation of the soul from projections of a alienator , and abuser ..

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