Logic evaporates in trauma until you are self empowered . Body still responds tho

Why you cannot logic your way out of trauma

Full disclosure: I am a trauma therapist. I thought this may be useful info for people who feel like they have ‘failed’ at talking therapy. The reason is that you cannot ‘logic’ your way out of trauma

The frontal part of the brain, the centre of ‘logic’ has little ability to change the deeper parts of the brain, especially when the body is in a trauma response or distress. Talking therapy works when the brain is ‘on-line and functioning’, but when the rational part of the brain is hijacked by the trauma memory, you are unable to hear words, reason or make meaning of events and experiences. When the deeper regions of the brain are in this state of distress, survivors are back in the trauma, their brain and body seem to be in a time warp.

Bessel Van Der Kolk, MD, a leading psychiatrist in the trauma field (I am very proud to have trained with Bessel) says, “Traditionally we’ve tried to heal PTSD through talking and making meaning of the event, but treatment methods that help calm arousal systems in the deeper regions of the brain have been helpful in calming PTSD more than those that try to do so through talking and reasoning.”

“Taking ACTION is the core issue. It’s in action that people take back their power and create healing, and words cannot substitute for action.”

I highly recommend Bessel’s book “The body keeps the score” to understand CPTSD.