Many, have recently unhinged the concreted layers that has kept humanity’s power dormant within the depths of the spine. The gates have been opened and now, the energy of the Kundalini is rising. Once it has evenly distributed through the cracks and crevices of the individual being, secreting from the pores to funnel out through the crown and take form as halo around the head- we step fully into a new reality and way of being.
This facilites full embodiment of our inner God presence. But as this process occurs- the traumas and deep pains of the past which were stored in the seat of the spine; rise to surface to be cleared and alchemized. Because the kundalini is derived of feminine essence- the distortions of history have influenced the suppression and now, seemingly unstable release ~ of this life force. This is an intense process that is both emotional and liberating. Painful and pleasurable. Intense and yet, calming. Once the kundalini has risen and anchored into the being- we experience a sense of ultimate liberation from the physical and mental identity- setting the soul free. This also brings greater presence to the chakras; as extra sensory centers of perception and communication. Reconnecting us. An entire new reality appears beyond this phase~ and it is present for many already. Seek to find comfort in the mystery and satiation within the steps of evolution. The fire is rising
~ Heather Hoffman


I no longer desire to hold onto the versions of me that feel heavy to hold.
The stories of my past brought me here and I love and respect their part in my journey.
But I won’t keep speaking them and breathing life to their wounds to make you feel comfortable because you struggle to embrace who I’ve become.
Growth is all there is and we must allow each other to evolve in all the ways destined for us.
My whole being is in harmony with itself
I am beginning to align my actions with my intentions more and more.
I am cultivating the space that allows me to be balanced in mind, body and soul
Perfection is an illusion that I will not chase.
My circumstances make me who I am today. I am not a victim.
I am a beautiful puzzle and I keep discovering new pieces that make the picture I have of me feel whole.

Author ~Romy Wyser

Shared with Love
Sacred Wild Woman Medicine

Artist~ Hans Walor