From a friend , I concur

I am so over the partisan political divide. What many of you are saying that Trump said yesterday was taken WAY out of context by the dishonest media. Here is a person’s viewpoint who does this kind of work.
“This is from Stephanie Grutz: owner of Balance Integrative Health in Dubuque. She’s amazing.
I have to say something about this because I see it going around social media.
During the White House press conference this evening, a medical specialist spoke about COVID survival rates depending on exposure source, heat, humidity, sunlight and disinfecting agents. This guy did a great job going over these details (educating general public on half life, etc.).
When he was finished, Trump took the stage and mentioned Injecting light into veins since UV light is working on outside surfaces. Trump also talked about disinfects being used outside the body easily, questioning if there was a way to disinfect the inside of the cells.
I’m an independent voter, always have been. Definitely had had strong opinions about this current president. But, putting politics aside, his words made me literally jump up in excitement.
He had no idea that he was talking about therapies that are readily available in the USA and many other countries.

  1. First, when he talks about injecting UV light… YES! See my last photo and video of me doing just that a few months ago in Seattle at Advanced Medical Therapies.
    IV laser light therapy helps repair mitochondria, fight pathogens, boost mood/energy, enhance the immune system and more. I did this light therapy with a specific IV protocol of nutrients and antibiotics while my body was preparing for a specific treatment.
  2. Second, when he spoke about finding a way to inject disinfectant into the body… YES! We do this all the time for integrative oncology. Literally, people receive hydrogen peroxide infusions along with their chemo/radiation protocols to help kill cancer cells. This hydrogen peroxide is obviously compounded by a specialty pharmacy, mixed with the correct solutions and protocols are followed. Yes, if you go buy a bottle of H202 and inject it straight into your veins you’ll die. Don’t do that.
    Lastly, my favorite nutrient in the world…… Vitamin C. When Vitamin C is at high doses, it actually converts into H202 (hydrogen peroxide) within the cells. This is why it works SO well when we are using it with integrative oncology, chronic viral infections and more.
  3. Please don’t buy into the media hype. They want to get a rise out of you… makes their rating better and then they will keep producing more junk.”

Author: GreatCosmicMothersUnited

I have joined with many parents affected with the surreal , yet accepted issue of child abuse via Pathogenic Parenting / Domestic abuse. As a survivor of Domestic Abuse, denial abounded that 3 sons were not affected. In my desire to be family to those who have found me lacking . As a survivor of psychiatric abuse, therapist who abused also and toxic prescribed medications took me to hell on earth with few moments of heaven. I will share my life, my experiences and my studies and research.. I will talk to small circles and I will council ; as targeted parents , grandparents , aunts , uncles etc. , are denied contact with a child for reasons that serve the abuser ...further abusing the child. I grasp the trauma and I have looked at the lost connection to a higher power.. I grasp when one is accustomed to privilege, equality can feel like discrimination.. Shame and affluence silences a lot of facts , truths that have been labeled "negative". It is about liberation of the soul from projections of a alienator , and abuser ..

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