Grieving is the healing

Healing work is grief work.

Shadow work is grief work.

Grieving is the healing.

Without grieving, we obstruct the flow of the divine intelligence of life that wants to move through us and pull us into deeper alignment with our greatest aliveness.

It’s no small thing.

We are taught to be afraid of our grief because it is wild and untamable.

It reminds us we are in a co-creative relationship with something greater than us, something we cannot control; a higher power that isn’t so petty as to judge us for our human foibles.

In cultures where the wildness is conditioned out of living, where death is feared into an industry, this very necessary and innate aspect of our humanity keeps us from experiencing all that we really long for.

Where there is joy, there is grief.

One of the reasons joy feels so vulnerable, or even opening to love again, is that awareness of the grief that lives inside of it. Inside of our vulnerability, inside our love and attachments, inside the shame (fear and grief) that arises to remind us of the ephemeral nature of all things.

When we embrace the process of grief, we can more fully and fearlessly embrace our joy too.

We also become more skilled at letting go of the things that we need to let go of, that pull us away from love.

We no longer have to wait until we are free of shadow or pain or loss or mourning to get on with our flourishing.

Our joy and flourishing is not a disloyalty to our grief and loss, but an honoring of if, of what was and how we loved.

And, it all has it’s own wise timing that cannot be rushed.

In the myth of the Phoenix, a potent symbol of rebirth, there comes a time in their life where they know it is time to complete a cycle. The phoenix then builds a nest (a funeral pyre) and with a clap of its wings, goes into flames and, perhaps like caterpillar soup, is remade in the alchemy of the fire.

As it rises out the ashes, the ashes left represent salt, or that which cannot be burned, the life force of life itself.


The phoenix uses myrrh to create an egg out of the remains. And, then, takes this egg and leaves it on the alter of the Sun God as an offering and a prayer for creative regeneration, for more life and in gratitude for what was.

In this myth, there is a recognition of death, of a time to complete a cycle. To give something up.

Usually, we experience through loss, the death of a loved one or another initiation of loss.

But we are often also asked to give up our patterns, attachments, beliefs, worldview identities, cultural paradigms, hopes for the future, dreams, longings for what will never be, or even the expertise we cling on to when life wants us to expand into more possibility.

Recognizing this space, the phoenix knows it must sacrfice what is precious in order to generate more life.

It offers the bones, the salt, the life force of life itself, that which cannot ever be destroyed, to the altar of the divine to create more wholeness.

This is our own personal spiral of grief, where we enter the spiral through loss and change, recovery or healing crisis, where we must let go.

Into that fire, we offer what needs to be recycled in order to be reborn into something new. We make a sacred offering of what feels so precious to us in order to receive our wholeness in return.

We learn what our relationship really is with the unknown, what needs to be healed there.

We meet the ache that never goes away, the pain of grief and longing and joy where our wound and Eros, God, dances in our continual becoming.

The more we embrace that this is a natural cycle of humanning, the less we have to “work” on ourselves like projects on a “to do” list, because we come to trust the natural cycles of our soul’s evolution.

In intimacy with the ache, we understand what is needed, what our particular Chironic medicine is cooking up within us, what to leave at the altar of the divine, how to spread flower petals with tears of our prayers and come back into resonance with what can never, ever be destroyed that is always living inside of us.


Art by Kirstin McKinzie

Dr. Mia Hetényi

Wounded Child

With practice, we can see that our wounded child is not only us.

Our wounded child may represent several generations.

Our mother may have suffered throughout her life.

Our father may have suffered.

Perhaps our parents weren’t able to look after the wounded child in themselves.

So when we’re embracing the wounded child in us, we are embracing all the wounded child in our past generations.

This practice is not a practice for ourselves alone, but for numberless generations of ancestors and descendants.

~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Art: Emily Balivet

Trauma – Not Everyone One Heals this Go around

‘Not everyone will heal in this lifetime. It’s important that we accept and understand this. The perpetual emphasis on acknowledging and healing trauma is a beautiful thing, but its not for everyone. Because some of us don’t have the capacity to heal. Some can’t even get out of bed, because of the weight of their pain and the complexity of their trauma. Too much has happened, and there is no possibility of transformation. This is very hard to accept in our toxic positivity culture, one where trauma is the new buzz word and where people forget that they are not walking in someone’s else’s shoes. Just because you were able to heal parts of your past, doesn’t mean everyone can heal parts of theirs. We have all lived in a trauma inducing culture. Some of us didn’t make it through in one piece. That’s a fact. And if we can just accept this, and honor and comfort them as they are without any effort to ‘heal’ them, we actually stand a chance of co-creating the kind of trauma-sensitive world that avoids this level of suffering altogether. Because trauma is perpetuated by insensitivity. Our tendency to turn a blind eye to the truth of people’s suffering, to shame them for not healing, to blame it on their karma and their choices, is precisely the dissociative consciousness that perpetuates the trauma cycle. You want to help, but you just make it worse. Better to accept people right where they are. Better to provide comfort to the fallen ones. That alone will heal the world.’

Jeff Brown

Trains : Amp up your energy to be on board

My bags are packed , I’m ready

**Time to Board
The trains are in the station, the 3D fear train is heading in one direction and the 5D love train is heading in the other and its time to choose, which one are you going on?
Maybe choose is the wrong word here because its more like the train chooses you, based on where your vibration is right now, which is determined by your thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs.
The essence of who you are is determining which train you will find yourself on.
You see the world right now is a melting pot of choices, vaccines for or against, covid real or not real, Trump or Biden, rascism, wokism and on an on. There is real division going on out there and it’s coming from all angles. It’s like the universe is pulling out all the stops to push you into this group or that group.
However it’s not the choices you make but rather it’s the energy that you accompany those choices with. For example when both trains leave the station you will find for and against vaccine people on both trains. The difference is the angry, frustrated, exasperated, scared and fearful people will in general be on the fear train and the relaxed, indifferent, happy, serene, go with the flow people will be on the love train.
And it’s nothing to do with whether you are for or against the vaccine but the emotions and feelings that this triggers within you.
It’s not what you choose, it’s what you feel.
This is what determines whether you are ready for 5D or not.
Its nothing to do with what’s going on in the world that is all smoke and mirrors, we are lining up to board the train of our destiny purely based on how we feel right now. Good or bad. It’s as simple as that.
So last chance to unplug yourself from all the negativity in the world and let it go, serenity is the key and you must do it now. Nothing matters but how you feel so WAKE UP and go with the flow. If you hang on to the smoke and mirrors you are stuck in 3D.
Its common sense how can you rise up to 5D (the higher vibrations) when you are full of negativity (low vibrational energy) you must be basically negative energy free.

Balance of masculine & feminine

The divine feminine is stepping into her power

For decades now

Women have recklessly fought

To be acknowledged, seen and heard

In the trenches of a man’s war

She thought the solution

Was to become more like a man

So she became…







And controlling

This has not worked…

This has only served to create relentless battles of the sexes

In a world where male physical strength

Will always intimidate and dominate the smaller female vessel

What she didn’t understand

Is that the aforementioned traits are in fact

Masculine weaknesses…

Weaknesses which only serve

To promote dysfunction and disharmony

In a society already programed to run on fear

A society which conditions us

To view ourselves as separate entities

Each trying to survive in a dog eat dog world

Controlled by masculine force

This year the new female is being rebirthed…

She is no longer seeing her strengths

As being purely masculine traits

She understands her true power

Comes from stepping into her feminine qualities

Knowing she has strength in her softness

She has power in her surrender

She has wisdom in her intuition

And she has love in her heart centred approach

She is embodying her feminine strengths…













Balancing them with the her masculine strengths…













She is strong without being controlling

She is powerful without being aggressive

And she is an undeniable force of nature

Determined to change the world

Through her love

Meanwhile our beautiful divine masculines

Are also adjusting to the new energetic balance…

He is no longer seeing the softer female as a threat

Or a creature to be feared

Now he too is able to embody more of his feminine energies

Creating a truly formidable balance of power

Within himself as a whole

The time has come for him to lay down his defences

And relate to the feminine with renewed



And appreciation

Offering her protection and a sanctuary of safety

While the world on a grander scale

Also adjusts to the new energetic harmonies

Of unity and peace

Understanding that the balance

Of masculine and feminine strengths

Is in fact the ultimate divine power…

Within each individual

Within every relationship

And on a global scale

Balance is the key

The journey is human

The mission is love

Gemma Star

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Solar Event -Coming at ya


Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

The Great Solar Flash: A Powerful Cosmic Healing and Ascension Event
We are in the midst of a planetary-scale shift that is beyond the normal bounds of human experience.

It’s a cosmic event that has traveled across many light years into our 3D Universe, and it’s about to change everything we think we know about reality.

It is the Great Solar Flash! This is very powerful! It is an energetic event that will impact every aspect of our lives on Earth and in the Universe.

It will help make the transition from so-called “materiality” to higher dimensions faster and smoother than ever before! As a result, we can experience massive energy shifts within our bodies and more fully connect with each other.

In addition, it’s predicted that during this time, star seeds such as yourself will have more access to higher realms of consciousness, such as angels, ascended masters, and ETs.

In fact, this event has been in the making for a long time and is likely the most important energetic shift of our time.

If you have been following any of my previous posts, you already know that I’ve been showing people how to prepare for this event for their entire lives! So, let me tell you about what’s happening.

This message is for all those who will be awakening after the solar flash. There are many predictions about what will happen during and after this galactic alignment and solar flash event.

This information is about what I feel will occur based on my own experiences and understanding. I am not predicting that this is how it will be for everybody, but this is how it will be for many.

If you want to explore your life, find out what is happening inside of you that might not be helping you, and feel connected to a greater sense of purpose and meaning, The Solar Flash will facilitate an an elevated frequency that will enable you to break through the limitations of this Universe to connect with what lies ahead effortlessly.

The Great Solar Flash is not just a physical event but also an energetic one that has a profound impact on our lives on Earth and throughout the Universe!

When this happens, we can feel it physically as well as mentally. The physical effects include an increase in energy, a feeling of deep relaxation, and increased synchronicity.

The mental effects are even more profound as we enter a state of heightened awareness and connection with our spirit guides and angels. We are given the opportunity to go beyond our current limitations and evolve into greater levels of consciousness.

The solar flash has been happening for a long time, but it was not recognized as such until now.

It is said to be connected with the rise of extraterrestrial civilizations and their contact with humans. The Solar Flash has also been connected with an increase in UFO activity and other extraterrestrial events, such as crop circles appearing on Earth and other planets in our solar system.

It will help us to release all that is not serving us, including old karma and old patterns from the past, so that we can move forward into our next stage of growth and evolution. The event comes at a time when we are ready to make changes in our lives, once again allowing us to take full responsibility for our actions and their outcomes.

The solar flash is expected to bring about many incredible changes for humanity. It will be an opportunity for us to ascend from this dimension into a higher vibrational frequency that can be accessed through meditation and/or astral travel. It will also be an opportunity for us to heal ourselves from all forms of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual illness.

The solar flash will bring us a whole plethora of positive changes. It will bring about the gift of ascension and show us how to transform our negative aspects into positive ones. It is definitely something that every human being should be looking forward to with excitement and optimism, as it will change our world forever and transform it into a much better place.

This is a powerful healing and ascension event that we have been preparing for many years. This particular event will be occurring very shortly. Even if the date of its occurrence does not hold any special significance for you, I still encourage you to make preparations for it. You never know when cosmic events may come along and change your life forever!

This event will bring about massive positive changes for all of humanity and the Earth, allowing us to enter a new epoch of peace, harmony, and prosperity—an exciting era that we’ve been preparing for throughout many lifetimes.

The time is now to begin preparing for this event. We have the power to trigger the flash by changing our consciousness and activating our DNA, which will transform the planet into a 5th-dimensional world.

Write down any questions you might have and leave them be. Focus only on the now and do not worry about the future. Be appreciative of the present. Crave to receive everything that the Universe has to offer.

If we can focus on the positive and allow our vibration to rise every single day, we will receive unimaginable healing energy, release as much negativity as possible, and all of the miracles that are destined for our lives will occur before our very eyes throughout the year ahead.

For those who are sincere in their intention, I cannot envision why this would not be a reality. Have faith and trust, and know that no matter what happens with this incredible Solar Flash event or anything else in your life during this year – that the Universe is always working for good in love and light.

So begins the greatest event to take place in our lifetime. But this flash is not just for those who believe in its existence. Rather, it is for everyone, whether they recognize it or not. The cosmic energy released during the solar activation will reach all people, even those who are still in denial of its existence.

That is how powerful this is and why we must prepare ourselves now by doing whatever we can to increase our vibrational frequency and be ready to move into a higher state of being!

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.