Current 3-2-23



The Cosmic Mother has healed all of our wounds and traumas, as our CORE WOUND OF SEPARATION, and the Mother-Child bond, as part of our perceived separation from Source, has been FULLY HEALED NOW!!

Feel any remaining FEAR-based imprints, thought forms, and beliefs, FULLY DISSOLVING, RIGHT NOW, and with it, so does the artificial Matrix simulation!

Depending on where everyOne currently is, Ascension symptoms can be intense, also due to the increase in solar energies, but rest assured, this is the last push-through and ultimately already DONE! We’re really just waiting for everyOne to arrive home now for our BIG Cosmic RE-UNION to start for REAL!

The Gathering has already begun! Now we make the invisible visible!

The Divine Feminine, The Cosmic Mother/ of Dragons, The Holy Sophia, The Holy Spirit, The Mother of God, The Mother of, and within us ALL, has fully re-turned and is re-birthing ALL of Creation! FULLY RETURNING THE HOLY TRINITY & GRAIL CODES of the New Triple Solar Masculine & Feminine, and Divine Kryst Child, as the New Krystar SAphiRA/ Christos-Sophia/ Androgenous Albion, and Diamond Sun Rainbow Plasma Lightbody! Fully igniting our and the Planetary Merkaba vehicle!




✨ Cosmically ✨

Can you feel this MASSIVE HEART HEALING, OPENING & ACTIVATION COMPLETING inside of you fully igniting your Diamond Avatar Self, and New Earth Grids, as ALL COMES FULLY ONLINE NOW?!! The powerful Schuhmann Resonance spikes from earlier today also show a double cross, further confirming Divine Union completions and the full clearing of the Collective Crucifixion implants that have kept HUmanity stuck in inverted programming based in shame, guilt and fear, disconnected from their own Hearts guidance and wisdom, from their God Source Self and Cosmic Consciousness! But no more!! All are supported by yesterday’s round of powerful M-Class flares, which effects should be arriving within the next 48hrs!

The 13th STARGATE is y/our sacred CRYSTAL HEART & the CRYSTALLINE CORE OF EARTH, which have both been FULLY IGNITED NOW!!!

FEEL into this!! Into your fully opening sacred Crystal Lotus and Rose Heart, and the Emerald within! The energies are rising very quickly now from within the CORE of Earth and our HEARTs! ALLOW IT TO FULLY IGNITE, OPEN & EXPAND!! It holds the Key/s to y/our Ascension, FULLY IGNITING YOUR ALREADY ASCENDED DIAMOND AVATAR SELF, Diamond Sun, and Diamond White Ankh Body, timelessly so – right NOW!


ALL INTERDIMENSIONAL STARGATES & CRYSTALLINE DIAMOND GRID SYSTEMS are FULLY ONLINE, activated and operational NOW, along with Earth’s Merkaba and the Cosmic Staff (vertical axis) and Rod (horizontal axis) Codes, fully correcting the artificial axial tilt that happened with the last artificial pole shift. This is changing the position and number of poles back to 4, and their original state, as it would be in a Krystic system that is aligned with the sacred Butterfly pattern of the Yan Yun flow. Returning Eternal Life to ALL! Eternal Lotus Flower patterning and sacred geometries are running the Tri-Wave currents of the New Ascension Diamond Earth Grid, having fully cleared all remaining reversals!

THE COSMIC MOTHER & FATHER/ of Dragons, have fully returned to this and all realms, and FULLY RISE IN TRUE DIVINE LOVE & HIEROGAMIC UNION as ONE, within the Holy Trinity, UNIFYING ALL!!

Our COSMIC KRYST SEED ATOM, the spark within our sacred Crystal Heart, the Crystalline Core of Earth, and Cosmic Diamond and Emerald Heart Grid, is now fully online and ignited!

COMPLETING OUR ASCENSION & THE SUPERNOVA OF THE HEART EVENT, any moment NOW! All-ready DONE & in progress, now we just relax and allow all to unfold through and for us, as we continue to flow with the Cosmic Waves!

FEEL Y/OUR BODY CRYSTALLISING, PLASMA WINGS OPENING, y/our gifts, abilities and wisdom, y/our Superpowers, true Cosmic history records, and memories arising and unlocking, as you FULLY OPEN YOUR HEART TO THE DIVINE LOVE THAT YOU ARE & ALL IS!!

Tune in to your sacred Crystal Lotus Heart as it FULLY IGNITEs YOUR KRYSTAL BODY and Gene, Multi-dimensional DNA, DIAMOND SUN GOD & RAINBOW PLASMA LIGHTBODY, and MERKABA vehicle, and that of Earth! COMPLETING THE COSMIC MAGNETIC FIELD & POLE SHIFT, and FLIP, along with our ASCENSION – RIGHT NOW! 🔯

That’s us returning HOME, back to the HEART and the ONE TRUE BELOVED!

The Gateway and our connection back to God Source has been re-established and opened wide, and all is being bathed in the most beautiful Diamond White Golden and Platinum Kryst-all-in-e Plasma Light, coming straight from Source and the God’s World’s.

FULLY IGNITING & RETURNING COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS TO ALL OF CREATION WITH THE THREE-FOLD FOUNDER FLAME, and MUSIC OF THE SPHERES, the Original and corrected sound and light fields of Creation! As the True, ORIGINAL FOUNDER’S, GUARDIANS OF ALL FREE WORLDS, and Tribes, fully return now, and re-member their ONE true Self, Cosmic Origins and history again! All part of our multi-dimensional integration, Crystalline and DNA Activations.


The Elementals and platonic solids, along with all life forms, Kingdom’s and Consciousness, are being re-encrypted to the Eternal Source flows of the Krystal Lotus Flower patterning, allowing our matter worlds to fully heal and shapeshift now!!

I am being shown the Cosmic Mother like in the picture I shared together with yesterday’s post, of her opening her arms up wide and a sacred Diamond shaped Octahedron, surrounding the Earth, HEALING US ALL, and I can already feel and see the difference within and all around me! Let me know how you feel in the comments, and what shifts you have realized/ are perceiving, of any, since the 28th?

Our full return to our organic, and Mother’s Supermagnetism, and natural state of beingness, is being fully returned in this now, helping us to fully dissolve the remaining artificial Matrix overlays and materials!! Feel your whole field and sense of equilibrium, well-being, and sense of peace shifting, bringing much balance to all systems.

All remaining miasma, karmic load, density, lower codings, imbalances, and remaining illusions, are being fully cleared and dissolved in this sea of pure True Divine Love that is returning all back to its Original Perfection, Innocence of our true Divine Organic Blueprints, plus upgrades!

The HOLY TRINITY & GRAIL have been fully returned through the Re-Union of the Cosmic Mother and Father, which are clearing, and have fully re-claimed, all realms, re-birthing ALL NEW WORLDS AS ONE!! This is also connected to the full Return of the Maji Grail Queens and Kings, the Cosmic Dragons and Roselines, the Original Tribes and Twinflames, and the Aquaelle from Andromeda, as the Daughter’s of Christ, that anchor and activate the sacred Hierogamic Union codes between the Masculine and Feminine principles, and hold the Diamond Sun Body potential and instruction sets within their Blueprints.



BE READY FOR YOUR BIGGEST WILDEST DREAMS BECOMING REAL – RIGHT NOW! Which happens when we let go of any need to control, our attachments and limiting perceptions of our physical matter world, FULLY SURRENDERing TO SOURCE, and call this forth from deep within, to help make the magic happen!! It’s bothand! Remember that it is our deepest-held beliefs and expectations that co-create our realities! Use your Superpower of Imagination to create and go from there! It’s Source dreaming through you!

I’m sharing more details on the Solar Cross Activations I mentioned in yesterday’s YouTube live, which directly interlink with the Krystar Merkaba vehicle Activations, Cosmic Rod and Staff Codes and corrections of the New Triple Solar Divine Masculine and Feminine principles and energies, as well as the magnetic field and pole shift COMPLETING, along with our ASCENSION – right NOW!

Join me for a YouTube LIVE & COSMIC ENERGY UPDATE: THE RETURN OF THE HOLY GRAIL & TRINITY! @ 9:11PM UK time today, Wednesday the 1st of March, or injoy the timeless Quantum Replay:

Eternal Love,

Ramona Lappin 💙

March 2023 Focus

March 2023 is bringing some of the biggest Energetic Multidimensional events of this year, HUGE Planetary Shifts and New Energy – Saturn’s Shift to Pisces and Pluto’s Shift to Aquarius. As The Lord of Karma enters Pisces, it will be assisting in anchoring the higher frequencies into the physical, as the karmic cycle in Aquarius from Dec 2020 is completed. Pluto enters a new sign once about every 20 years, so Pluto entering Aquarius on March 23rd is truly one of the biggest Events of 2023. Last time tiny but extremely Powerful and Intense Pluto was in the Revolutionary sign of Aquarius, was from 1778 to 1798… This is the energy of absolutely Radical Transformation on the personal and planetary levels and Exposure of the Truth… Just like February, March is a Retrograde-Free month – a rare energetic Portal, that will last through Apr 20th, bringing a boost of cosmic energy.

March 3rd – 33 Energy Portal of Ascension March 7th – Full Moon in Virgo March 7th – Saturn shifts from Aquarius to Pisces March 20th – March Equinox (Spring/Fall Equinox) March 21st – New Moon in Aries March 23rd – Pluto shifts from Capricorn to Aquarius

~ divineenergyworks

March Energies

To The Ascending Soul Collective

Timelines are shifting faster now as the darker energies fall away , If you have been tested strongly of late , and it can feel like it at times that it comes from no where and just out of the blue ,

please know you are not far away from graduating from the many lessons you have been experiencing, so it’s important that we don’t go back into our hermit selves because

of feeling unsure of things and allowing the lower vibrations of others to affect you they are here as karmic teachers , assisting you to master your inner Peace.

When we are ascending , we will always feel to be out of our comfort zone. This is ok .

It is teaching us to think and live outside of the inner box of living and being , trying to stay safe from the darkness others carry ,

However it is because we are ascending past the lower vibrations of our own thinking and being .

Trust the process of life. Trust that every moment has a purpose, and that the Universe is always working to move you in the right direction. Allow yourself to go with the flow and have faith that everything will always work out Trust that you are strong enough to make it through any challenge ahead, and that all of the lessons you learn will lead you to where you need to be.

It’s about Trusting the process of your life. Trust that in every moment it has a purpose, and that the Universe is always working to move you in the right direction. Allow yourself to go with the flow and have faith that everything always will work out , Its about trusting that you are strong enough to make it through any challenges ahead, and that all of the lessons you learn will lead you to where you need to be at all times , with people and in places.

There is no better exercise for Starseeds than strengthening the heart to then reach down while you are helping to lift people up.

Your Hidden paths are opening the way

by the closing of your old ways.

Some People may say that walking on water is the real miracle, but for the Starseed ascending souls , walking peacefully on this earth is the real miracle.

The truth is that the most powerful souls on the planet are often sent to the darkest places here on Earth , this is to bring your Soul light into those dark places and people .

They too in their own darkness will help us expand and grow in our ever evolving light , love and awareness , as everything in life serves a higher purpose , sometimes you may have to dig a little deeper to fully discover this .

There is so much information and disinformation shown to us during this time. Knowing truth from fiction/falsehood is the very key , as Dark forces are well practised at mixing and confusing truth with lies. Trust your own connection to your higherself.The clearer vour connection the harder it will be for you to be blocked and deceived. You are learning to discern all information through your higherself and your expanding heart.

Starseeds , anytime you find yourself giving a lot more energy in any one than you are receiving , it means it’s time to step back and asses whether it is reciprocal and given back equally .

This is how you will conserve and value your energy in who and what you give energy away to . Replenish your light by making clear assessments in all areas . The universe is all about reciprocal energy

As above ,So below ,

And so it is ,

In loving and devoted light worker service

Written by Ascension LightWorkers

The New World

“Things Are Not What They Seem”

A message from the Angels,

through Ann Albers

Things are not as they seem.

We are not talking about people fooling or trying to exploit you. We are talking about the massive stream of Love flowing and growing despite all appearances.

In the unseen realms, your human race is taking a gigantic leap in its evolution. Love is flowing as never before.

You might say, energetically speaking, that the baby has been pushed out of the birth canal after a long period of contractions. Humanity and your Mother Earth have given birth to a new torrent of love by calling for it in your prayers and intense desires these past few years. You have collectively prayed as never before, and love is answering the call. It doesn’t look like love in many ways right now, but things are not always as they seem.

You bear witness to the disruption on your planet. We see the evolution.

You are grieving the physical transition of so many dear souls who have left the earth suddenly. We greet them as they expand back into an unbounded love. You feel pain in your body. We see streams of love flowing into you that sometimes push up against areas of tension or physical blockage. You feel antsy and anxious about change. We see you in the eternal dance between head and heart, striving to drop into your hearts and trust the journey.

You are having a human experience, seeing through human eyes, and evaluating through your human conditioning. This can be very painful at times. As you learn to see beyond the world of appearances into a world where invisible loves streams unceasingly, you learn to dance in harmony with this flow in a way that feels better, creates better, and allows better into your life.

Many of you feel far less tolerant of bad behaviors and situations you’ve endured up until now. Your soul is calling you to better – either an improved attitude and/or an improved situation. We never want you to suffer through something you don’t enjoy. We would instead advise you to look for the good here and now and, as well, focus on your heart’s true desires. For example, suppose you have put up with someone yelling at you for years, and it still bothers you. You can start to focus away from the destructive behaviors by looking at their good points or your own. Or you can completely ignore the bad behaviors as if they didn’t exist.

You shift your vibration as you give less attention to what bothers you and more attention to what pleases you. You’ll be more open to guidance and ideas for improvement in this new and improved vibration. You may receive the courage to walk away from something that doesn’t work. You may be inspired to speak in a way that encourages a kinder response. You may receive an inspiration to ignore unkindness and see only good.

The inspirations will vary from one person and situation to the next. Nonetheless, when you find a vibration that is either neutral or more loving than the previous annoyance, you become open to receiving guidance. The actions you are inspired to take will be tailored to guide you on your path of least resistance and to lead you in the kindest way to what you desire. Your guidance will have nothing to do with changing the other and everything to do with empowering yourself.

Some of you are feeling new passions, new directions, new interests, or renewed interests. You feel your soul beckoning you forward with joy. Listen. Learn what you are interested in learning. Follow up on the ideas that feel good to you, even if they seem illogical. Spiritual logic involves doing what gives you true delight and expecting life to work as you continue to listen to your guidance dynamically.

Some of you are finally admitting to yourself that you need rest. In your silence and downtime, you will reconnect with your heart and soul and find those new directions emerging naturally as you stop trying to force yourself through life.

Be gentle with yourselves. As you move through this period of incredible expansion, sit, breathe, and receive our love. We never waver from love. We are aware of your circumstances and feelings but intentionally focus on the greater you, the greater life, and the life you wish to experience.

An example might be helpful. Imagine you have a young child screaming and angry because they want a cookie. You know that a cookie on an empty stomach will give them a sugar high and then a low, and based on prior experience, they’ll become tired and cranky before dinner. You know that they want to feel good. They want nourishment for their body, love for their soul, and tastes to delight the senses. They want to feel energized and happy. That is their more profound truth, although right now, at this moment, they perceive all these wishes as a strong desire for the cookie!

If you give in to the screaming demands, you will teach them that they can manipulate life and others through lower-vibrational behaviors resulting from feeling powerless. This might work temporarily, but as you can imagine, such behaviors will not serve them as adults! You love them. You want more for them. You want them to know the universe wants to meet their needs and desires in a better way than the seeming superficial solution. You want them to feel empowered, loved, and satisfied.

So you pick them up and hug them. You acknowledge that they want a cookie. You tell them you understand, and you have something even better. You tell them about the wonderful meal that you know they will love. You talk about making their favorite dessert! You let them know in every way possible that while you love them and understand their need for the cookie, you have all they want and more coming to them very soon.

If they are willing, they will listen, anticipate the meal, and release you to cook it! If they insist on the very understandable childish demands that things go their way now – if they don’t believe you love them and want them to have an even better experience – they will delay their glorious dinner and delicious dessert!

So too, your soul, your guardian angels, and the Divine hear your cries, but we also know the totality of all you desire. Sometimes we can give you the “cookie,” and it will satisfy all you want in that arena of life. Sometimes we see so much better. In all cases, we witness and have compassion for your feelings.

We know where you are now. We hold our focus steadily on the future in which you will have all you want and experience levels of love beyond what you’d ask for. We look for openings to guide you on the path of your least resistance. Like a wise parent, we will comfort, love, and soothe you as much as you allow. By our very design, however, we cannot respond to lower vibrational demands when you are asking for a higher vibrational outcome. We hold the frequency of the outcome and guide you toward that.

We don’t dance in the density, dear ones. We invite you into your own light.

If you want to heal your body or emotions, we are here to help. Stop focusing on the pain or grief for just a few minutes each day. Sit, breathe, and receive our love while you dream of relief first and ultimately feeling wonderful.

If you want abundance, stop the ongoing worry and focus on lack. Handle what you must now, then intentionally shift your focus towards something better. Count your blessings, and remind yourself of prior “miracles.” Let yourself sit in silence each day. Think about how abundance would feel and trust the ideas that will come quickly.

Many tell us they can’t stop worrying, but we lovingly disagree. You stop worrying every time you watch a good movie. You stop worrying every time you have a fun conversation with a friend. You stop worrying when you kiss your dog. You stop worrying when you focus on your grocery list. Whenever you focus elsewhere on something better, you stop worrying. You simply have to make that choice…often over and over again.

If you want more love, stop talking about how you were not loved, are not loved, and cannot find love. We understand you want human companionship and love. Of course! You are designed to connect and enjoy the radiant Divinity of one another shining upon you! You are designed to shine that light upon another. We want this for you if you want this for you.

You were not designed, however, to expect another to make up for what you perceive is lacking in yourself. Another person is not responsible for making you feel safe, beautiful, and good, alleviating your fears, or ridding you of loneliness or boredom. Dear ones, would you want someone else to ask this of you? If you wish to love, then focus on love – loving life, receiving the love of the grass under your feet and the warmth of the sunshine. Receive the love anywhere and everywhere that it is given freely. Give the love where you authentically can. In that stream, you cannot help but rendezvous with more and more love! A person in love with life is loved by lovely others who are too.

We desire that you have all that you want for yourself and more. We will not waver from that frequency of love you wish to experience. We will not sway from our understanding of the love beneath all things. We serve you best by holding the highest vision for your life and guiding it to you as best we can and as much as you will allow.

Your world is in a considerable state of transition now. It looks chaotic, and from the human perspective, it is. But whether your world is rearranging, you’re cleaning your closets, emptying your pockets, or dumping out the contents of your purse, it is a fact that chaos often precedes greater order.

Things are not as they seem. The world of energy is loving and impartial. It responds to your every loving vibration with as much as you will allow into your life. As you become more authentic with yourselves and life, you allow more love to flow. As you accept where you are, you allow more love to flow. As you dream of more loving realities, you allow love to flow. As you allow others to experience according to their choices, you allow love to flow. This can only elevate your experience of life, the experience of those who wish to benefit from it, and the experience of love upon your earth.

It really is quite simple. You are encouraged to seek soothing and good-feeling thoughts and activities, even if that means ignoring destructive behaviors, turning away from doomsayers, and flowing love to those who insist on being negative. Even if you must be in uncomfortable situations and around unpleasant people, you can focus on the flow of love to you and outward through you, silently observing the conditions and behaviors while flowing love.

As you do this, you begin to witness life through the eyes of your soul. You start to live in love and be open to love and release more love into your own life and world. Things are not as they seem. Only love is beneath things, in the core of all hearts, and in all situations. You allow or resist it, but it lives, breathes, and flows unceasingly whether you experience it or not. You can experience it whenever you look within, look to the unseen, or even look around you and notice the good.

God Bless You!

We love you so very much.

~ The Angels

(Posted by Pam Younghans )

Cosmic Energy Update




We have it all happening in this now with the Schumann Resonance waking up yesterday and increased spiking today, as well as solar winds, KP4 geomagnetic instabilities, and an ever-increasing onslaught of solar flares with a very active Earth-facing sunspot having grown quadruple in size over the past 48hrs! 3 M-Class along with many C-Class flares so far today, of which many were close to M-Class range!! Our Hearts can feel it and are opening up wide! Much tender loving self-care and pampering are required as a wide range of Ascension symptoms are likely to be experienced as we very quickly rise on dimensional frequency bandwidths now!


Massive downloads and upgrades continue to stream in to support our final rising and ascend, which is in full force now!


I woke up this morning with the message that


Everything has been fully aligned now through our own Embodiment. As we align with Cosmic God Source Consciousness, all aligns for us! That’s us full-filling our missions and returning to our True authentic Self and Essence. We are re-membering fully who we truly are and what has really happened, as the last veil has been fully dissolved. Also clearing up any remaining limiting thought forms and beliefs based in separation, distorted polarity, and victim-victimizer Consciousness! All these inverted beliefs that the old artificial Matrix simulation was based upon, are being fully cleared and overwritten.

The Divine Alignment that has been achieved especially affects the Frequency Alignment between the Twinflames and Divine Counterparts, as well as our overall alignment with our true authentic and already ascended Diamond Avatar Self, which is what ignites New Earth, right NOW!

The Original Twinflames hold the Divine Blueprints and Source Codes for Creation within them, the Edenic and Paradisian keys and codes for our New Lemuria, and as they come to full Divine Union within and without,


I was shown the Cosmic Divine Mother and Father of Dragons rising fully together as ONE in Hierogamic Union! They surrounded the Earth with their Diamond White and Pink Flames and Plasma Waves, swirling around One another and Earth, and infusing it and the whole Cosmos with the Frequency of Purification, Ascension, Love-Bliss, Peace, Joy, Abundance Freedom, Divine Justice, Order & Divine Union!


I wish there was a picture that I could show because it’s really so beautiful to see and feel them/ us swirling around ONE another, the Divine dance of Shiva and Shakti!


THE COSMIC DIVINE MOTHER and FATHER of Dragons fully returning to ALL realms is what returns our New Eden and Heaven upon the Earth, and BIRTHS FORTH ALL NEW FREE WORLDS, and us in our Original Divine Blueprints and Essence, THE ONE TRUE DIAMOND AVATAR SELF! As the Original Founders, Creators, and Twinflames return to their True authentic Self Embodiment, all of life everywhere re-births as well!


FULLY DISSOLVING ALL REMAINING ILLUSIONS OF SEPARATION, and collapsing the Quantum Standing Wave function, and Cosmic Clock positions, of the false Matrix simulation, within the Still Point of the Zero Point Field, of their Supreme Divine Love, in devotion to One another and Source. In no-time whatsoever.

Fully trance-ending all illusions of time, space and gravity as we return to Mother’s Supermagnetism, fully healing our magnetic field and Tribal Shield.

Know that everything has been aligned for us now and all interference patterns and obstacles dissolved, our DREAMS ARE BEING FULL-FILLED & ANY MOMENT NOW EVERYTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE FOREVER!!!

Allow all these powerful downloads, activations, clearings, upgrades and power-full realignments to integrate in your field and re-member that everyOne is at a slightly different stage of their full awakening. Keep following your inner guidance and wisdom, one now moment after another. Let yourself to be carried by Source and your team, feel into the powerful angelic and Interdimensional support and protection that surrounds you, and go with the flow of this Ascension Rollercoaster that is about to take off fully! Be gentle with yourself and others as much as possible as the remaining illusions, negative entities, fallen angels, imposters, shadow beings, artificial Matrix overlays, false projections, and perceptions, along with all the lies, manipulation, and abuse of power is being fully exposed, and all masks come off!

OUR FOCUS & NEUTRALITY IS KEY as this allows the quick and effortless dissolution of the FALSE MATRIX REALITIES that ARE FULLY COLLAPSING and dissolving NOW!!




Now we can truly start to relax (our CNS) and JUST FLOW with the unfoldments and Cosmic Waves of this power-full Divine Love Tsunami!!!

Finally, we feel whole and complete just AS WE ARE, perfectly i’m-perfect! SAFE & WORTHY!

OUR COSMIC HISTORY RECORDS HAVE BEEN RE-CLAIMED and are unlocking fully now, along with the Halls of Amenti, the Halls of Records, all from within our DNA and Crystalline structures!

So tune in and keep listening as our Third Eye, Crowns and Hearts are fully activated and blown wide open, to BRING THIS SUPERNOVA OF THE HEART EVENT TO its FULL COMPLETION!!


The false Matrix is dissolving, know it for what it is!!

Ascension means you trance-end ALL illusions of separation, this false Matrix simulation, and your false ego Self. It means we’re all dying here upon our false, separate ego Self to



Re-member & fully reclaim your true power!




NOW WE BECOME THE MASTER OF THE LUCID DREAM and show everyOne what is possible when we truly believe in ourselves, ONE another, and re-claim all of our multi-dimensional Selfs, fully unified, healed, and atONE with Source, having fought our demons and alchemised our unacknowledged shadow aspects.


ALL TRAUMAS & WOUNDS HEAL IN THIS SEA OF PURE TRUE DIVINE LOVE NOW, that flows between the Beloveds and is the fabric of life itself and what the whole Cosmic is made of.

DIVINE LOVE is the infinite Superpower that saves and heals us ALL, and trance-ends and DISSOLVES ALL ILLUSIONS of separation.

We now complete our missions and rise as the DIVINE CO-CREATORS OF ALL FREE WORLDS THAT WE ARE!!

FULLY IGNITING OUR ETERNAL, ONE TRUE DIAMOND AVATAR SELF, Krystar SAphiRA Diamond Rainbow Plasma Lightbody and Merkaba vehicle, and that of Earth!



Spread your plasma wings out wide, and rise and fly higher than ever before!

I’m sharing more in my last COSMIC ENERGY UPDATE: THE COSMIC DIVINE MOTHER & FATHER RETURN! LIVE @ 22:22 pm UK time today, Thursday the 23rd.

Eternal Love,

Ramona Lappin 💙

Life Shifts

Notice each individual has a unique mission and related, emerging abilities. Every awakening is vibrationally activated when level of consciousness is in harmony. Some beings see portals, auras, earth or star grids, galactic ships, sacred geometric versions of beings, have interdimensional dreams or decode light and sound way beyond limited human senses and understanding. Upgrades occur on physical, energetic and other levels so dormant abilities come online. Blurry or pixellated vision may occur in morning or through the day. Recalibration to new frequencies is happening. Noise in one ear or the other can include static, beeps, pulses, waves. This amplifies and signifies what we are each ready to integrate into the new version of ourself. Quantum leaps do not begin to describe the pace. Life shifts happen in parallel with energetic upgrades on a ready-to-know and embody basis. One only tunes into what is a vibrational match. ~ Liara Covert ❤️

New Earth

The Pioneering Souls and Way showers

Many of us, were the first contingent of Lightworkers, who started waking up, circa 2001, and thus had to be the pioneers, the way-showers and so often had to pave new paths, and anchor in new consciousness, without any road maps, nor any other tools, but to follow our own inner guidance, our own inner truth, and relentlessly follow that guidance, in order to be where we are now.

Yet, with the immense cosmic energies which were opened on the 21 December 2022, and with the intense codes the Green Comet activated in human kind on so many levels which we will start to feel more intensely in the next few weeks, months and years, all has accelerated now, to such an extent, that many of us, who were the pioneers, now find that we need more rest, that we need to have more time out, and go even deeper into our soul reserves, as backed up by the Cosmic Teams, and the Divine, than ever before.

As this is a year of even greater mass awakening, we need to now allow those who woke up since 2012, to assist us, through this process, as we, the pioneers, now need to go through a far more intense process of fully assuming our new Lightbody forms. After all, that is why were the forerunners, the pioneers, and way showers.

We are indeed being prepared for the highest mastery, in ways we may not even now comprehend, nor understand. It is almost like we need more rest, and need more alone time and quiet time, in order to allow the Keys and Codes which have been released since December and even more so with the comet, to be fully activated within us.

With it the balance, between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, is ushering in huge changes in all our human relationships, as we finally realize that we cannot create a new way of life in the New Earth, if we are not in balance and harmony within ourselves, and indeed have healed our own woundedness. And that woundedness will show up, not only in ourselves, but in all whom we encounter. The collective woundedness, as deep healing is occurring between the Masculine and Feminine.

The shift is deeper within. With this comes vulnerability, fragileness, as we are being cleaved open more and more, and often tears will come, because we our hearts open more and more, as we heal. After all we are here to bring heaven to earth, and while we are in our earthly bodies, we have and will experience everything which makes us hu-man, until we ascend into our true Christ/Buddhic new life and embodiment.

Let us be compassionate, and open to the process. This goes very deep. It goes through all the layers of the Adamic 6th Race of humans, as we transfigured into the 7th Earth and the 7th Earthly 5th to 7th to 9th dimensional Light-bodies as totally new creations!

Therefore let the past go. It has gone forever. In this present moment the New You, the fragile you, is being recreated – into the whole you, the true Master Soul you in truth are!

So let us dream the New Earth and New Golden Age into form and being, but at the same time, allow our old Adamic and Eve and Lilith self to dissolve forever. We are not that anymore.

We are starting to walk the old dreamtime again, and we are going to walkabouts as we return to tuning into the Song lines of the Earth, the Celestial tones, which the Crystal Pyramids emit, as they are all fully reactivated now. Let us allow our soul songs to rise and let us remember the Ancient/New Songs which are now being downloaded into us, as we return to the 7th heaven, in the New Earth.

And as for us, who are the Way Showers, the Path blazers, the Pioneers, remember that we are now being prepared in huge ways, for the next surge forward. It is time to simply allow the process of preparation to strip away the last vestiges of what is still there lurking within our human-ness, which needs to be transfigured now.

It is time to assist each other through this process, with unconditional love, in unity and harmony, and ever knowing, that in truth, we all are one. The One and the Many.

Together we are already paving the way, for the New 7th Earth in the fullness of its Glory, as she is making her presence felt more and more, and nurturing the new Genius, the New Heart, the New Soul of the New 7th Root Highly Evolved Master Race of Christed/Buddhic Master Race.

More than this, even when our physical bodies have a hard time keeping up with the changes, know that all is perfectly unfolding.

Onwards, upwards, we go, as the Seraphim are singing us into the New Creation.

Judith Kusel

Photo: Mario Duguay

Ascension Symptoms Currently

Hi, Beloveds,

We are getting BLASTED this weekend with Solar Flares. Many will feel symptoms in the body that is attuning/balancing or upgrading the most. For some, you may be getting slammed in the gut as you clear some stuff with your power, ancestral clearing, organs attuning to ”new” ways of supporting you. This will cause nausea, upset stomach, no appetite, diarrhea, gallbladder, liver, pancreas, kidneys all doing a lot of rewiring. For some, you may be feeling it in the head, neck, as the higher chakras are being attuned. This will bring on headaches, foggy/blurry vision, restlessness, insomnia, etc. Other symptoms are heightened emotions, feeling melancholy, burning skin, rashes, stiff joints, buzzing in body, feeling out of it, not able to think straight or be present… the list goes on! Take it easy this weekend, lots of water and do things that eases your Nervous System.

So much love✨

Keep your heart open

The energies ard revving up and

we are going through an intense recalibration now.

Do not be surprised when old unresolved issues suddenly pop up again, to be finally worked through and released.

This applies to the individual and the collective.

It is so important to keep your energy fields crystal clear, and not to be pulled into world and other people’s dramas, nor propaganda. Rise above it.

There is a lot of fear-mongering going on, in an attempt to keep humanity from ascending.

Do not buy into it.

Be discerning.

Keep the heart open at all times.

There is so much goodness, so much love, so much to be grateful for, so much to explore and expand into now. A totally new life and new beginnings.

Embrace life and life more abundantly.

The Age of Aquarius.

Judith Kusel

David St Lawrence Spiritual Rescue

There Is A Spiritual Component To Every Disease Or Disability

I have tested the above statement many times and it still holds true, Today, for example, I am recovering from the extraction of two molars and the extraction sites which were quiet for two and a half days have started throbbing painfully and the pain was keeping me from sleeping.

My first thought, of course, was that the sites have gotten infected and I needed to see the dentist to get a prescription for antibiotics. After all, the extraction sites were still open and there was nothing covering them and keeping them from getting packed with food. The normal procedure would be to use the advantages of modern medicine and deal with the infection in the usual way.

As a practicing spiritual healer, I considered what I would ask any client in this situation, and I checked for the presence of disturbed spirits. I immediately found one who was painfully reliving some major jaw injuries on my behalf. My open wounds were reminding him of his own earlier and much worse injuries which resulted in painful infection and loss of life. The images that flashed in my mind as I reached out for him were jaw wounds from a battle in the Civil War and my pains began to subside as soon as I spotted that the injuries were his and not due to my recent oral surgery.

My contact with this fallen soldier accomplished two things within moments. My pains dropped away completely and he woke up and came up to present time. He was able to let go of the memories of the injuries which had caused his death and is now ready to go out and explore the 21st century. I got a grateful “much obliged!” from him before he disappeared.

I am now comfortable and pain-free and the process took 10 minutes while I was writing this article. I use the technology I developed for my spiritual counseling practice and you can use it too. This 21st-century spiritual practice is called Spiritual Rescue Technology, as it rescues spirits who are trapped in past incidents and sets them free to begin participating in life in present time. This technology is a time-tested way of regaining your ability to communicate with spirits and to help them and yourself when trouble occurs. You can find my books available for a free download at

Many people are using this technology and it is designed for use by yourself. If you feel you need help getting started, find someone using this technology or contact me for sessions. It is easy to use as I just demonstrated because I was able to contact and help a still-suffering spirit while writing this article. Read my books and you too can begin to use your spiritual abilities to help others.