Explaining 5D

To explain the concept of a 5D New Earth to you, I will try to use a scientific definition, because the Bible is only useful in 3D. To put it on paper is difficult. It is something you have to experience to understand fully. The third dimension (3D) is most likely the dimension you are experiencing now. To experience a higher dimension such as 4D or 5D requires you to raise your own vibrations to match the same level that the higher dimensions are vibrating at. It is not a matter of getting from here to there, or floating up into the sky, because all of the dimensions are simply overlapping. You might even want to think of yourself as multidimensional, which means there are other versions of you existing in other dimensions. Whichever dimension you are currently experiencing is simply a matter of your perception and your vibration. I have found that everyone I love exists in the higher dimensions when I have been there, but they act different (more loving) than before, because I am now able to perceive them in a new light. If you want a religious explanation, then look to the Hindus. Anyone who has been successful at raising their Kundalini (Holy Spirit serpent) has found themselves living in a whole new dimension. An awakened Kundalini will raise your vibration to allow you to experience new dimensions.

Energy Reminder

This February, our journey of awakening, healing and growth is dramatically accelerated by the activation of the 2222 gateway. There are four points of activation this month with the second being today the 11th. With today’s activation the energies moving through the gateway will initiate a physical transmutation that will ignite new energetic pathways within our physical body and our physical reality.

The energies are now flooding your physical body and will ultimately increase and expand your physical energy. If you have been feeling stagnant and or lost, you may now feel a sudden boost in energy and a new determination to take action awakening from within. As this energy intensifies it is important that
you focus on being grounded and deeply rooted within your physical form.
Be mindful that before charging ahead, you will need time to integrate and adapt to the inner changes that are occurring.

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