Destiny, Fate and Soul Contracts – Forever Conscious

Past is far behind , my path forward revealed and supported

dreams long awaited manifest, as Thy Will Is Done .

Lots of higher love 💕 to be had , even as I realize what

is forever lost , has been separated infinitely.

Forever after , forever and always , recreations upon

clearings , awaits believers ..of this I have great faith .

All that belongs in my new blue print will be made

clear , no more shadow, no more doubt without

what is held within , perhaps for life times .

Karmic lessons may still exist, for love is tangible

as is free will.

Tigers Eye is a great stone to carry for strength in

times of uncomfortable , anxious or fearful times ,

when action is desired and required .



Doña Luna

Destiny, Fate and Soul Contracts – Forever Conscious
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