What Causes Attachment Based Parental Alienation in Narcissistic Relationships? | The Recovery Expert

Psychiatric Dr created the ” unfit mother ” in me

with toxic RX , incapacitating me , so my abuser

had a clear shot to have a separation and divorce

he paid 2 lawyers to put together his way.

3 men came together , to cut me off at the knees

avoiding facts, for which I had 30 days to respond

to …I incorrectly thought my lawyer had my best

interest at heart .

He had been partners with ex’s lawyer , and over

powered, with only 6 % of his work in family law.

Of course it took, coming to , reading the contracts

of dissolution as if I were in agreement , ” no fault”

was his desire . Making me responsible for my own

health care , and legal fees. As to personal property

he had me signing loan notes , buying himself

and sons cars, and his new love and he going through

our home , keeping all he wanted ..

To say I had a choice, as a misdiagnosed and medicated

mental patient , cover up of such much abuse

where winner takes all, and that’s generated by money.

Whose lawyer is connected and or owed a favor

and not about what’s best for children. Of course

he saved tons , waiting until youngest was 16…

Gone Guy ARE You Happy ? Yet . That gal he left

with/for left him this year …

And all he said as he left , was he had to leave to be

happy , openly dating immediately, living with her

leaving our youngest to live in our very neglected

and abused home .

Of course that was my fault too. Too sick to do

my job , was laziness .

As a Dad , as a partner he did much harm..As a

monied landowner , he has had family connections

and seemingly a permanent ” get out of jail free

card ” and it’s always the other person’s fault.

“It’s funny how sometimes the people you’d take the bullet for, are the ones behind the trigger.” What exactly is parental alienation in the context of a
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When CPS Kidnaps Children for Money

It is my understanding that 30k per kid , per year is paid

by federal gov.. it’s largely about money/control !

When CPS Kidnaps Children for Money
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Know the Narcissist: The Narcissist’s Self-Importance and Grandiosity – Esteemology

Know the Narcissist: The Narcissist’s Self-Importance and Grandiosity – Esteemology
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Why Divorce Is Expensive, What It Will Cost To End Marriage | Personal Space

A credit check, to see who can afford to withhold

generating more revenue to lawyers , pushing the oppositional to the max ..it pays more .

Why Divorce Is Expensive, What It Will Cost To End Marriage | Personal Space
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Why have police destroyed rape kits? – CNN

Far too much of this , in great need of transforming, and that

is coming .

CNN’s exclusive investigation, “Destroyed,” reveals police across the country have destroyed hundreds of rape kits — many untested — before the statute of limitations expired.
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