‘Female’ Is an Adjective, Not a Noun | HuffPost

While some men may not have have ill-intent by making this mistake, many women are keen to its underlying microaggressive, patriarchal power, regardless …
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Love & Intimacy Miracles – Marianne Williamson

Marianne has been a major positive guide since the early

90s . I have studied many concepts of spirality which

also align with her basics .

A woman of experience who stated she never had Beloved

of any importance occurred after she stood in her own light

and power.. my experience so far , has me having to be forceful

in order not to be sub-servant.. I am equal within and out

and retro just has no place in my life.

Save me ? No , I saved myself with so many various ways

forced by detached partners , social norms that leave

a sensitive bereft and vulnerable to legalized addictions .

I am warm and passionate , creative and interested in hearts

of gold , for I have a non compete , non repeat code .


Attachment Disorder: When the Very Foundation of Being Human is Altered – Emerging Mama

Attachment Disorder: When the Very Foundation of Being Human is Altered – Emerging Mama
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60.000 fathers who committed suicide in the last 40 years because of family court

1 son had vocalized his concern in that I am anti man

which could not be further from the truth. Father’s

are now aware , doing skin to skin, bonding as never

before .

It is for the best interest of the child, preventing stress

that is predicted by government statistic crunchers

that we are going to witness parents outliving their

children. Stress does affect physical and mental and

spiritual health and can be transformed .

Part of that is our return to Natural Time , and attention

to a more peace filled , harmonic life , will be demanded

by children whose wisdoms demand factual truth.

50/50 Parenting and transforming our culture that seemed

intent on suicide . Induced addictions are being revealed as

we grasp the enormity of the shadow that has infected and

misinformed in abuses that are inhumane .

#ErasingFamiles for corporate profit , holding the negative “codes”

that are barbaric , shameful in the treatment and blame

of one person. Targeted parents , whole families erased

as a recent study indicated a whole generation could be

wiped out.

So many have come together , despite the horrid abuses

and further shameful actions of professions , who have been

miseducated , induced into systems that take humans from

their hearts contentment .

So we teach , we inform, we exemplify positive modalities

as we return to love , and eradicate a parent/child dissolution

that in the long run, has many exiting unnaturally .

I have held hope in the deepest part of me, for over 30 years

the shadow of over 50 years would lift , with so many

affected , many are unaware …

It’s enough to know , #WeGotThis, and I urge all to hang on ,

as we correct all that adversely affects the child .


And so I Bless these father’s , who lives were so deeply

affected and ignored in the lives of there child , and pledge

to do all I can to share myself , as the Mom of 3 young men

sister of 2 , daughter of a Dad who ” mothered ” me.


watched the Gandhi clip prior to me writing this.

I really am a lover of peaceful resistance.

While I appreciate your point of view, I have had many interactions with the APA. The last having spoken directly with Dr. Daniel (President of the APA 2018, 617-355-6734) personally.

To be as direct as possible, the statements from Dr. Daniel & the APA’s letter to President Donald Trump June 14th 2018:

“The best interest of a child is to keep families together”

“Lifelong emotion damage”, “Higher ACE’s score”, “Trauma”, “Suicide of a Honduran man”

The APA put this letter together from their decades of experience and unquestionable evidence.

They did not need a specialized committee to review what was right and what was wrong.

This is the APA’s own written statement to the highest person in our country.

By their own written statements, the APA and Dr. Daniel are murderers of children and parents. That is not a comment to try an invoke a reaction, but it is stone cold fact that the APA is absolutely proof positive that the separation of families causes suicide.


I have never in my entire life become part of a group where Complex PTSD and suicide Ideation is almost nearly 100% of the group.

I have seen dozens of suicides in just the last 4 years including, self-emulation, guns, asphyxiation and the murdering of the innocent children.

The APA’s own ethics department wrote to me refusing to answer about psychologists ethical responsibilities in reporting child abuse, protecting from harm, doing an assessment prior to diagnosis and more.

I am done playing games with the APA. The website is all facts and is covered by my first amendment rights. If they do not like it they can pay their lawyers, send me letters, take me to court, but I’ll be damned if I sit on my ass and do nothing while another child loses a parent or parent loses a child.

This is the building where 1000’s of judges, lawyers and law clerks work – and not ONE of them did anything to save the 60,000 fathers who committed suicide in the last 40 years Parental Alienation (PA) is the child’s unjustified campaign of denigration against a parent
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Equal-education and wife-more-education married couples don’t have sex less often

Equal-education and wife-more-education married couples don’t have sex less often

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