Domestic Violence Is The Most Common Killer Of Women Around The World

This is increasing ..and it’s too often ignored in preventing death .

Domestic Violence Is The Most Common Killer Of Women Around The World
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The Hidden Epidemic of Men Who Are Raped by Women – Broadly

Far too much is not acknowledged in the life of a boy , males

who are too often ignored in their emotional needs . I can speak

on that topic from my heart , in witness to father, brothers , partners,

lovers and significant others …far beyond it has been 3 sons who

bore witness to my abuse, thus were abused . The isolation or anger

that results from not being allowed to receive the heathy nurture

and support of 2 parents whose only job was to create a safe space

for physical, spiritual and emotional foundations .

Male to male can be violent , peer pressure are very real abuses

as well, and worthy of discussion and healing as Me2Male began

an intensive Mid March 2018 .🤩

I have erred , repeatedly…I ask forgiveness as I try to share my research ,

when we know better , we do better ..

Were there is anger , an Ocean of Love follows : Surf is UP☮️❤️💯

According to dominant stereotypes, men can’t be sexually assaulted by women. But according to a wide-ranging study, around two-thirds of men who report sexual victimization say their assailant was female.
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Erasing Family Documentary | We need to strengthen family bonds after divorce, not #erase them

In the US alone, over 22 MILLION PARENTS are being erased from their children’s lives after divorce and | Erasing Family Documentary
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