Stop Calling Women Nags — How Emotional Labor is Dragging Down Gender Equality

I never knew this, from tracing to Germany with no discussion,

I lived with the rigidly of a partner who was critical of my every

move or non move. Asking for help when it is clearly needed ,

was part and parcel of ” marriage ” to an under developed

emotionally stuck man child . I realized he wasn’t meeting

in the middle. He worked outside the home and that’s all he

had to do. Taking a road job he was away 3 days a week,

in order to dodge responsibility ..

Sadly , many adult men were ” sheltered ” in the model of

trauma bond with mom, ” matured ” socially , but from

birth has had less emotionally grounding /bonding with

Mom, and need and deserve it ..The interactions of parents

can very will imprint the male child with fear of emotions

watching Mom treated like a servant..

Gifts were seldom a surprise , request circumvented his either

ignoring the event , or a gift that had no rhythm or rhyme .

Adult men seldom transform this naturally, many

beaten into submission by a spouse who threatens

using kids as leverage .. a huge mistake , for

seldom does a man romance or honor a woman

wife who ” mothers ” him.. the nurture of each

should be the bridge ..

The unpaid job men still don’t understand.
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The Antipsychotic Scandal- Affect on Mind and Body. | finolamoss

As even psychosis has no pathology, and there is no evidence that any mental disorder is caused by a chemical imbalance in our brains, what effect do drugs have ? What permanent damage do they cause to our brains and bodies ? How will the UK Mental Task force recommendations for even more use of…
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Woman in critical condition after ex violated restraining order and ran her off road | The News Tribune

Two people were hospitalized after a man crashed into his estranged girlfriend’s car in Parkland. She received a restraining order three days ago after he repeatedly threatened to kill her.
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Emotional pain as a bridge to heal past trauma – Spiritual Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse

Emotional pain you experience in the present can be used as a bridge to help you identify and then heal past traumas that are holding you back. In complex trauma the link between the emotional dysregulation you experience in the present and the unresolved traumas of the past is not conscious. Unlike in shock trauma…
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Childress & Dorcy Pruter, Live Jan 1, 2019

Dorcy Pruter and Dr. Childress are going Facebook Live on Jan. 1 at 12:00 noon, Pacific time. It’s going to be very interesting.

You’ll hear more about it as the time approaches, but if you can work out a way to be available to watch… you’ll be happy.

I’m happy… so I’m pretty sure you’ll be happy too. In fact, I’m just about as happy as I’ve been since 2008 when I started this journey. Oh my goodness, 2019 is going to be a very interesting year.

Facebook Live, Jan. 1, 12:00 Pacific – Dorcy Pruter & Dr. Childress.

Craig Childress, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist, PSY 18857

What is Orgonite? – Orgonise Yourself – Crystal Healing Orgone

I wear a necklace and have small small pyramids to protect

and heal a room in my place of trauma of a child , who

lived here before me. It’s very hard for me to work in

that space ..clearing and balance as well as protection.

I get lots of positive responses to my Orgonite necklace

which is gold tone on one side lapis on the flip side.

What is Orgonite? – Orgonise Yourself – Crystal Healing Orgone
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