Queen for my lovelies …Own this

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Scientists at Goldsmiths University in London 
did a study to determine the catchiest pop song ever recorded. After 
extensive research in which they evaluated an array of factors, they 
decided that Queen’s “We Are the Champions” is the song that more 
people love to sing than any other. This triumphant tune happens to be
your theme song in 2019. I suggest you learn the lyrics and melody, and 
sing it once every day. It should help you build on the natural confidence-
building influences that will be streaming into your life.


When Narcissist’s Collide – Part Two

When Narcissist’s Collide – Part Two

— Read on narcsite.com/2018/12/17/when-narcissists-collide-part-two-8/

Formers “happy” twin, of almost 20 years ( perhaps longer ) was energetically his match ; his equal . She escaped early this year , of her own violation , worn and sickened by the years of so many evil acts .. I was at his home , for business purposes this spring and she called and immediately began to shriek and scream …

While he had begun to show signs of the physical abuse he’s self indulged in , all his life , and a 40 year plus, denial of his cumulative trauma, triggers, temper towards a lot of feminine and masculine energy , fear , anger and denial have been focused on me. Disposing of me was his solution, one elitist , secret societies blueprints.

Psychiatry created the ” unfit” Mother, ignoring Domestic Abuse, as I was legally medicated into what is termed Bipolar. Much like my ” induced ” pregnancies Bipolar was induced by medications that created mania, dank dark depression and too often Trauma..Ignored was an unknown , never expressed addiction and induced breakdown by Xanax ..ignored were my words,

My husband hit me..

I was made responsible for all the negatives as our children experienced trauma after trauma and my compliance to my abuser , their Dad , following 17 hell on earth days in a psychiatric ward ..

It’s been supported that I alone was responsible for financial , moral, religious , and failure as a Mother, wife by Virginia law , by AMA medicine , and by those who care for, love , and side with a man who lost his way long ago .Who has been allowed to utilize our children in an effort to retaliate my possession of real estate .

Half owner, no partnership exist there either , in his divorce which is a slam and a deterrent to my belief in Virginia’s slogan Virginia is for lovers❤️

It has been 20 years this year , Dec 27 th 1998 that he walked away..Medicated beyond beyond, sick at a soul level, my Mom in her 5th year combating heart disease, triggered by the recreation of a Christmas in my 12 year when my parents split …I realized how little god influenced the father of our 3 sons. For 5 intense years as I existed in a chemical straightjacket , I watched our family erode. The actual words ,and inference was that I decided taking medications that induced horrific reactions that were normalized by licensed , still practicing psychiatrist , because I did not want to mother or be a wife..Socially shamed , each married, set boundaries that blocked truths that many now speak in denouncement of the discrimination and abuses by professions and elitist families that insures children are trophies used to avenge a partner who knows their darkest shadow..

So I do celebrate , the end of a cycle that began with a man , his recent purchase of a home , for which he needed a maid with benefits .. His closest friends were couples and at 27 he just wanted a steady , a friend .

Not knowing how to love deeply , trauma unspoken bonded with a Mom who will protect her name and his, clearing every experience that might have taught him ,evolved him , in a love that finds no one can be or do for him as she does..retarding deeply rewarding relationships , which angers him more .. Seeing something in me, lighter in spirit , forgiving , connected when not directed at him 24/7 left him feeling abandoned and angry , plus I should work , not have babies , and Mother his sons. It’s still alive in him , and his denial is his …

God has been good to me in so many ways, especially in the facts , the studies , the too many affected families , ignored by corporate for profit and power…releasing this in the most magical Christmas season, fraught with threats all around us.. I am knowing in every cell that many wrongs are being corrected , and that will speed up , as 50 years of stuck information downloads in folks who are receiving God in a masterful manner , who embody the light of Christ , whom was balanced and spiritual , and did not discriminate.. Joseph and Mary were equals as he considered her so, and so Jesus was balanced in masculine and feminine ..

Old souls like myself , are but the first wave of such love and light , seeing in our grandchildren a world that does not have to repeat 14 generations of family trauma, abuse etc .

Indeed it is a return to love ..

In celebration and Thank You’s that are infinite, I humbly allow the light on places that deserve healing and liberate my family , and your family , for there are many ways to empower yourself and better understand that in knowing better , we do better , as a collective society we rise ..I was drawn to that , by moving to my mountain , which continues to challenge my foundation ( living space ) but not my faith …

Many Blessings & Much Peace,

Doña Luna

Craig Childress On Einstein and Human Rights

I love the Internet, and Reddit is interesting. I just read this article from National Geographic linked through Reddit about the FBI surveillance of Albert Einstein because of his advocacy for human rights.

FBI File on Albert Einstein


The pathogen active in your families is a variant of the same pathogen that was active in radical nationalist Germany in the 1930s, just a different variant strain on a few of the features. Racism, antisemitism, and terrorism are all on the same structural lines – pathological anger, hatred, and violence – the profound absence of empathy and the capacity for human cruelty.

This article linked in Reddit intrigued me when I saw it for several reasons, primarily because of the threat posed to Einstein by the allies of pathogen (taking various forms as variously the Nazis and the FBI), because the pathogen is threatened by sanity and human rights.

I found a couple of statements by Einstein interesting considering the nature of the pathogen. The pathogen gets really upset that I call it the pathogen (the agent causing a disease process), and I was intrigued by a couple of statements made by Einstein calling militant nationalism the “measles of mankind,” and that he declared segregation to be a “disease of white people.”

Pathological violence, pathological hatred, pathological anger – the absence of empathy – is a pathogen created in trauma that creates trauma. It is akin to a disease process – anger, violence and hatred – the absence of empathy and the capacity for human cruelty; infecting and spreading through trauma.

This trauma pathogen that has captured your families in the nightmare of forensic psychology and the family courts is broader than just your families, it takes different variant forms in other contexts – the structure of it is pathological anger, the absence of empathy, and the capacity for human cruelty.

The structure of the trauma pathogen can be seen in its themes. Trauma is pattern – it repeats patterns. It is in the themes that the pathogen’s structure is made evident – and the core theme is the absence of empathy and the capacity for human cruelty; creating pathological anger and hatred – (which is the pathological processing of sadness and grief from the childhood trauma, because sadness and grief are processed by receiving empathy, which didn’t happen in the psychological violence of the initial childhood trauma).

Another theme created by the trauma pathogen is how science poses a threat to it. Science speaks truth, and the pathogen cannot tolerate truth.

In relation to patterns and the flying monkey pathology surrounding AB-PA, I also find the following paragraph from the National Geographic article intriguing:

From National Geographic: “The rising Nazi party was soon denouncing relativity as “a Jewish perversion”—the 1920s equivalent of using “fake news” as an all-purpose put-down—and Einstein was receiving so many anonymous death threats that he tried to avoid walking alone.”

Einstein left the danger posed to knowledge by the pathogen’s allies in 1930s Germany, and yet he was nevertheless surveilled by the American FBI because his advocacy for human rights somehow made him “an extreme radical” according to J. Edgar Hoover.

The allies of the pathogen are embedded in systems – the pathogen uses ignorance and fear.

The solution is found in science – in knowledge. AB-PA is grounded in science – Bowlby, Minuchin, Beck, van der Kolk (attachment, family systems, personality disorder, complex trauma). Standard and established knowledge.

The physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has a wonderful quote about science; “The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.”

Bowlby, Minuchin, Beck, van der Kolk… science… will pervail against ignorance, fear, and the capacity for human cruelty.

Our role is to speak the truth and act with integrity. The pathogen hates knowledge.

Craig Childress, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist, PSY 18857

The hard TRUTH – we never mattered to the Narcissist – but NOBODY matters to the Narcissist except for themselves and their vast needs!

via The hard TRUTH – we never mattered to the Narcissist – but NOBODY matters to the Narcissist except for themselves and their vast needs!

We MUST actualize the truth that there is NOTHING real about the Narcissist ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

We MUST actualize the truth that there is NOTHING real about the Narcissist ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

— Read on afternarcissisticabuse.wordpress.com/2018/12/14/we-must-actualize-the-truth-that-there-is-nothing-real-about-the-narcissist-absolutely-nothing/

Hope Tools ❤️

In drawing Beloved towards one, I wear a ring , heart pointed out,

Sterling Silver

I burn a red candle with a rose thorn , on a New Moon , detailing Beloved

and he is … Having his own process set in motion by events , in perfect

order that we both be lighter in coming together . Divine timing brings

twins together in mass for the Divinity of days ahead …I am extremely

proud of the 1st male I have ever known on this plane who embodies

everything …the end of the freaking earth…

I had an occasion to consider the following song was directed towards

Beloved , each and every word given today .

The song has intense meaning on many levels .. it was a song , I hardly

knew , in 1989. The psychiatric experience was a culmination of many

traumatic experiences and Xanax . Addiction was not mention , but

autistic symptoms and suspected bipolar were , as were Domestic Abuse

that escalated a still accredited Dr in Virginia . I discovered he saw my

grandmother Cora Lee , but she was Blessed to have her youngest daughter

intervene …

After a brain wave test , perhaps my 2 nd day in, already in an sensitive

state , pushed above and beyond any experience I have known

I was put in a padded closet . I am not aware if I had been locked

in , but for a period of time in that space , my mind , my heart

screamed out the words to the following song . I felt in all ways

as this video examples , shattered , in so many fragments , I might

never be put together again. I was altered for sure .

A peaceful quiet Christian woman , who became by roommate

was my anchor after attempts on my life , realizing my abuser

had control and I was very vulnerable , as were our children .

I surrendered to return to our home , complaint to raise our sons

and do his bidding ..5 years later I turned to professionals , and was

induced into Bipolar ; ignoring Abuse and Trauma.

I sang/screamed this song to Universe, Beloved please come to me.

Faith says yes , he is near..

And that closes a circle of almost 30 years ….😘❤️🎶


Patience is prayer , I long ago surrendered to Enchanted Love as I always

aspired to meeting in the middle . Far too many lessons in inequality of

gender brings a forced neutrality …finally .. I get that , and it doesn’t

matter if no one else does , and Heaven on earth when they do…tribe

finds you, as it has found me.

Returning to love was my RX ..all that is entailed and induced by actions

and reactions that DO have relativity .

And that is a ” good thing ‘ .

Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna

A gift from a Beloved , sharing w/ my Beloveds : Surrender

Surrender is often taboo, like death , it’s an unknown

a frontier of fear and dank and darkness …I was so there

for so many years , 13 as a over medicated , ” mental”

patient ..my journaling attest to my effort to connect

with Spirit ..I know I would have exited had it not been

for each of our sons, my parents , siblings etc.

An induced ” attempted ” suicide via an RX , was inferred

as my emotional state due to a divorce ..

My “emotional state ” was 3600 mg of a highly addictive

RX , and a partner leaving our home to be happy , and

sharing that happy publicly..crowing …adding to the shame

then projected blame , sailing through with aide of his personal

family supplier of funds ..His Beloved …no doubt ” Bonded

in trauma , owning an elitist mentality and barren emotional

addictive life style that defied spirit or growth..

It has long since been in my stages of recovery , that retaliation

would not be my focus , but that’s still the perception of folks

whose fear drives them..I know this…I am there focused on

reclaiming my personhood …My fragmented heart , has been

patched with with such gold as to certify as a glow worm !

In that my Beloved shared her dream of me as a child , as

this child had known deep shadow , and much separation

and trauma, Beloved saw me as a very happy child self again.

Showing my child self picture , she smiled and said, yes that was

your child healed and happy in my dream..

This yet another profound gift , I wish to share , a gift..

“Until you surrender your need to know why things happened

to you as they did , you will hold on to those wounds with intense

emotional fire . Your mind will want to heal but your pride , anger

and emotions will remain caught up in wanting to make sure

that the people who hurt you feel bad about what they’ve done.

Or you may want to hurt the, back . But rest assured , your emotional

self will remain attached to unfinished business rooted in feelings

of abandonment and humiliation , of having lost something or

being cheated . Your mind may do what’s required for healing

and go through all the prescribed steps , but your heart will never

fully participate in the healing process . In the end, forgiveness is

an act of release , surrendering a need for explanation . From that

prospective , forgiveness has nothing to do with the individuals

who harmed you . It is the act of accepting that there is a greater

map of life , through which many rivers of events and relationships

all interconnected . Forgiveness is your release from the hell

of events and relationships , all interconnected. Forgiveness is your

release from hell of wanting to know what cannot be known and

and wanting to see others suffer because they have hurt you.”

~Carolyn Myss.

It is a reclamation , after too many years of non negotiation , which

has been an equation of his children/grandchild are his ..I own

half ” his” property .. Does not compute , and I am ever Thankful

to throw down this monkey , a circus that supports ErasingFamilies

or Domestic Abuse , and move into manifesting safety for those

in need …Praying divine assist his journey ..

2019 is a very special, a very holy new beginning …🙏🏼

It is so for me , as we Spirituality Detox these dank shadows

know it’s soon to be de solved as more light evaporates

Journeying closer and closer in heart’s longing for harmony .

Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna

Side Effects Of NPD ; NeverEnding Retaliation..Case Of Amy James ,Tx Law Fail

Just A Little More Background On My Situation With the late

Some of you may have never met me or heard of me and you’re reading this for the first time. Some of you may be perps and some of you might be my friends. To make a long story short, my ex husband is a deeply disturbed person who is hell-bent on revenge. We spent a long marriage together before I finally left him. At some point he signed me up for a harassment program through his connections to some people who are alleged to be employees of the NSA or CIA. I was unaware of this until a little over a year ago. They’re claiming to be from Cicada 3301, a LARPer group that works doing online live larps and alternate reality games, but for all I know, maybe they are not them…

I’ve had to start a GoFundMe again (https://www.gofundme.com/child-support-to-transgender-rapist) because I don’t want to go to jail and have a record that would prevent me from getting a law license when I sit for the bar again (I’ve failed twice, thanks to my apparent inability to fight back the tears that come with losing custody, and thanks to having so many kids to take care of that I don’t have much time for studying).

In 2010, I tried divorcing him but I was extremely stupid and I didn’t consult an attorney until after I told him I wanted a divorce. We tried counseling but there was no way I was going to stay. He ended up hiring a lawyer after making many threats that he was going to take everything from me including the kids. He then raped me and told me that I was not allowed to hire an attorney or he would stop giving me and the kids money, kick me out of the house, and drag it out in court until he was sure I would lose everything. He told me his dad was willing to fund this in case our money got tied up by the judge.

Long story short, by March 2011 all I wanted was to get out of the marriage as smoothly as possible. In Texas there is no guaranteed spousal support so I took what I could get and moved out after the rape, thinking that I was doing a good job of splitting everything up equally because of my belief that he would be able to take the kids away from me and we would end up having to move in with my parents. I wanted to stay closer to their school and on my own and I thought I could make it on my own because I was almost done with law school so I wrongly assumed that I would be able to graduate, quickly pass the bar exam and then be fine. He was making $125k to $130k per year and I somehow stupidly thought I could make it on $1400 per month child support and $900 or so per month in equity from our house with 50 50 custody and student loans etc. I could probably pull that off living with my parents, but without that, it just became too difficult on that budget with two kids.

I then decided to graduate a semester earlier than planned just so I could get a job sooner.

I moved out at the beginning of March but that is when things turned bad. Within a couple of weeks he told me that if I didn’t sign the orders he had his lawyer draw up, he wouldn’t be paying child support that month, or sending the equity, so I would have had no way to pay rent the second month. (https://steemit.com/divorce/@amyjamey/that-awkward-moment-when-my-ex-husband-forced-me-to-sign-a-divorce-decree-without-an-attorney)

I was left no choice but to try and keep things going smoothly and agree to the things he had in there. I had a friend review the orders and she thought they looked ok so I just signed them, he fake fired his lawyer and tried to get a refund on his retainer, and then we went in front of the judge to finalize everything. I was so relieved that I was away from him and so happy to have that over with. He even forwarded me an email from the attorney at the time that I tried to get admitted later, where that lawyer obviously knew a lot of things about what Joel said about me that were completely untrue, and he was trying to call Joel an insane person, saying both of us were crazy. This was probably the first piece of evidence I have of him lying about me to everyone around us.

Looking back I was a complete moron. I should have done things differently but I didn’t. I didn’t stand up for myself before moving out and giving him all the power.

For the prior 14 1/2 years (since 1996) I had given my entire youth to this person and sacrificed a lot from my career so that he could go to graduate school and get a good job so I could become a stay at home mom. The entire time I still wanted to go back to school but I didn’t know that he was against this as he had agreed to it while we were dating. I put him through school at Texas A&M and paid all of our bills the first few years while he was in grad school and establishing his career but he was against me going to law school and he has kept me down ever since I started.

My ex husband had a disturbing habit that he only revealed to me after I had already fallen in love with him and that is that he is a TIM (a trans identified man). His delusions are described in detail here:

I found myself single with no adequate means of support less than a year after getting a divorce for this reason (I finally couldn’t handle his perversion any more and just had to get away). I did want to modify the child support almost immediately, as I felt it was inadequate after only a few months of living on it. I called his bluff by telling him that every time he would complain to me if I asked for more money early from the equity agreement, that he wanted me to go get on welfare, by telling him that he needed to pay his fair share of child support instead. He demanded that I sign over the house to him on a quitclaim deed and I said no because I knew that he already had the house anyway and I was still on the mortgage and did not want to keep myself on the hook for that while legally signing it over to him. He ended up selling it without my signature anyway so the whole quitclaim thing was stupid.

He used this argument we were having about him not paying as much as the state requires as a fake excuse for what he had planned all along which was to sue me for custody less than a year after the divorce so he could get out of paying me anything at all. Due to the doctrine res judicata, any event that takes place prior to the date of the last final hearing is inadmissible in court. So after he sued me, I wasn’t allowed to talk about anything that made me look good in court or made him look bad. When I went back to court after he sued me, I was expecting a fair hearing but that is not what happened. Much like with hard core child trafficking, soft core child trafficking is the exchange of children for money in exchange for bribery and favors, which is what occurred. There was literally nothing significant that happened during the hearing that legally should have entitled him to custody whatsoever. The judge just took his time to go through the fake hearing and then handed my kids to my ex. I was told by my lawyer that we would have another chance to remedy the situation if I moved back into my old neighborhood so I moved 5 minutes from their school.

As soon as I did that my ex stalled, and then mysteriously my attorney went dark the day my discovery responses were due. Joel’s lawyer tried to have me sanctioned for $5k. I was without a lawyer and being dragged into court with no money and no child support and depending only on my parents for help.

All in all I ended up going through 3 attorneys, being pro se for a while, getting remarried, and then losing the case completely. At the second hearing the judge allowed Attorney Howard Shapiro to get out of my demand for a jury trial by pretending that he wasn’t prepared for a jury. Then I was forced into submission with more restrictions such as the typical things you see in parental alienation… restricting and taking away phone calls, and limiting me to 2 hours a week visits plus weekends.

My parents were helping me during this time and they are not rich, but they did spend more on attorneys than they probably should have in retrospect.

I have applied for legal aid but they won’t take my case for many reasons, probably a combination of the fact that I have a law degree and now, the fact that my case is in a county I don’t live in and that they don’t travel from.

Since 2011, I received one year of child support plus a few months. From October 2012 until today, I’ve been on my own and raising my kids the best I can with my parents and my husband helping me.

I met my second husband and we fell in love immediately and got married within a couple of months. We’ve been put through hell by my ex and he has hung in there more than most men would. There were MULTIPLE false police reports and CPS reports against me but they always get ruled out. When I tried to press charges against him for the false reports the cops will not refer the case to the DA so I have to just put up with it.

During my marriage and divorce I received two human rights awards from CCHR International for my efforts to help others become aware of the dangers of psychiatric drugs. I was published in Pathways Magazine http://pathwaystofamilywellness.org/Informed-Choice/the-pill-merchants-the-relentless-and-tragic-marketing-of-psychiatric-drugs.html and featured on every local news station as well as in TIME Magazine https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19655648 and http://content.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1909628,00.html.

Senator Robert Menendez had a bill he wanted to pass that would screen all moms for PPD and I was very much against this. I started a coalition and basically became a prominent activist for a while. https://uniteforlife.wordpress.com/2008/10/07/a-message-to-anyone-who-says-melanie-stokes-did-not-receive-enough-psychiatric-treatment/
I no longer associate with Scientologists or CCHR but that does not mean I am not still proud of the work I once did. I ran a blog, wrote research articles and tried to befriend a lot of people.

A year ago I was investigating Pizzagate and Elsagate when I became the obvious target of some anonymous stalkers but I later realized that the reason had nothing to do with my investigations, it was somehow linked to my ex husband. He manipulated our children’s school and was somehow able to get a CPS case against me by accusing me of allowing a pedophile to groom my son when I reported one of the threats against us to the school. The stalker put a threat against me into writing and I can only assume he had his buddies do it or he did it directly to me himself, but the stalker worded it as though I was the problem because I had reported Doyle Mills of Scientology for suspected pedophilia: https://uniteforlife.wordpress.com/2017/08/06/why-i-no-longer-talk-to-former-cchr-friends/ and https://whyweprotest.net/threads/doyle-mills-osabot.78333/page-2. They simply turn it around and invert it on you and say things like “you let a pedophile groom your kid.” Something that I did not do.

The many many things that they have done to me include what seems like a combination of cyberstalking, hacking my emails or surveillance of some kind, death threats, and other covert forms of stalking / targeting. In addition to that, he has the AG’s office siding with him and got them to file a malicious and false case against me based on something that was prohibited in our orders. For years they kept my child support obligation to him higher than it was supposed to be by claiming that I owed him medical copays that I didn’t owe because he refuses to use Medicaid for the kids so I don’t have the obligation.

If the AG had not done this I would be current right now on my child support obligation to him, because I could’ve modified it in spite of their b.s.

In September of this year we went to court and the AG and his attorney both agreed I don’t owe him the copays and then allowed me to lower my child support obligation to minimum wage. I’d been trying to lower my child support to minimum wage since 2014 when I was out of work for 6 months. I applied 3 times and filed a motion that was ignored for many months while they wasted my time racking up my obligation to as high as possible through resets and threats.

I went from having to pay him $687 per month to $525 per month to finally $322 per month and then $199 per month plus arrearages. This new amount is a lot more fair but I haven’t been able to pay it since September because I’m unemployed right now. My husband is in school and I watch our kids, so I’m basically a stay at home mom and he is working at a job that he only recently got because he was trying to finish school.

A few weeks after the September hearing the AG sent me a letter in the mail demanding $1000 by December 22. I felt like this was extremely hypocritical and unfair because I had just paid several thousand dollars in child support via my tax returns. The AG office does not count this as a voluntary payment and they can put me in jail. What they want is total compliance. They want regular payments of the $199 plus the arrearage payment, monthly and on time, or they can put me in jail. There is a statute in Texas that allows the court to jail me for 6 months for every month I don’t pay on time.

If I were able to find a job and keep it, I could afford this per month, but ever since I lost my job at Baum Hedlund at the close of their Cymbalta litigation I have not been able to find anything. I’ve lost 3 jobs now because of pregnancy and it’s clear until I stop having kids that I’m not a good potential employee or a suitable breadwinner.

The fact that our case wrapped up in September with the AG modification and that they then threatened me within a month or two of an enforcement suit tells me that they plan to follow through on Joel’s efforts to completely keep me from ever being able to pass the bar or even to put me in jail immediately as soon as he can get a court date.

The average amount paid in Texas by fathers is $267 if I am not mistaken. For years I was forced to pay double or even more than double that… The mere fact that I’m a woman means that nobody believes me when I complain about what I’ve been through because there are so many men who are tired of paying child support and losing custody that there is a huge stigma against any woman who has lost custody.

Some of my friends who are lawyers have told me that any time a man fights, he wins, and that the family court is stacked against mothers because mothers tend to come back to court more often and that brings in more federal dollars to fund the courts.

My own research brought me to a website for an expert who said that studies show that in a large majority of cases, like 70% or so, custody is uncontested and moms have custody. But that in the other 30% of cases, they’re contested, and men win 80% of the time due to legal abuse and financial control of the situation.

The death threats I was subjected to by Joel’s buddies include things like threats that the Finders Cult of the CIA would be coming for my kids, and being sent a video of a teenager getting decapitated
(https://steemit.com/pizzagate/@thehoneybee/memorial-for-a-murdered-child-after-school-pizza-movie-exposed), photos of dead bodies (https://steemit.com/elsagate/@amyjamey/joel-philo-and-his-sinister-twitter-account-a-clarification-on-the-cyberstalking-posts-from-months-ago), and statements like “do not trust him you will die” and “see your mother put to death.” (This one – https://twitter.com/realamyjamey/status/1069365591943905287) came after my kids told him my mom is being treated for breast and lymphatic cancer. I’m taking care of her daily.)

I can only imagine the lies he has told his friends and buddies in the NSA or CIA to make them think I’m somehow worthy of being treated like this.

My ex works for Infor, and according to the stalkers he hired, he makes $250k per year. https://www.infor.com/blog/we-are-in-this-together-sink-or-swim
https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2272830 – this post was made by a perp trying to make it look like I approved of him being doxxed…

I guess it pays to target innocent women you’ve raped.

I told my friend Dona who asked me to write up a detailed explanation that I don’t want to fight him anymore, I just want to pay and walk away. Unfortunately I’ve tried looking for work, even temporary work, freelance work, selling my belongings, and a GoFundMe. There have only been 9 shares and one $35 donation to Joel that I am going to send in by the Dec. 22 deadline.

There’s no point in fighting him anymore. I just want to keep my freedom and move on with life. If anyone can help me reach the $1k goal I would greatly appreciate it.