Surviving Parental Alienation during special events, holidays, and birthdays

Surviving Parental Alienation during special events, holidays, and birthdays

Surviving Parental Alienation during special events, holidays, and birthdays
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Feeling empty ? Be the chalice , and begin to fill up intentions .

Still being tested on past mistakes, lacks , grief will bring a host of

” side effects “…

Currently , 18 to 20 year retro being noted …as newer

much healthier options are availed and accepted , it’s not the ” dark

night of the soul ” of past …

Ghost are gone , welcomed spirits , messages

are received and welcome…Closure , thus peace is replacing the holes ,

the ” sentences ” without periods …and so today , I quietly celebrate .

As realizations of seed planting , or inner knowledge that when shared

were dismissed , bear fruits that combine with past , present and future

that creates philosophers , crones, wise humane humans …to whom

I owe so very much..My heart and soul are at peace , for though I live

and eat and sleep alone, I am not lonely …I no longer feel separation

and I have surrendered all my connections to Divine Spirit , and will

accept what is , what is to be.

Celebrate , your light is known to me , your shadow is known to me.

I hold out my hand , I will not hold on to you, I do hold you in my heart

I am Blessed in each soul that allows me to be, just be …

I am

DonaLuna , in love with all that is, and all that ever will be .

Circus, on The Moon, Bruce Hornsby

You Are Source ~ December 1, 2018

Rose Rambles...

Continue to deep breathe. Bring your conscious breath, your Pranayama, into all your chakras; especially into your Heart. This helps you anchor the New within you. Don’t let anything distract you from being positive. These distractions could be harsh words, the “olds” (rather than the “news”), worldly events and other things that take you away from anchoring the New. You might also choose to anchor your Light onto the existing New Earth Grid. It is ready for you to project your Light to become connected and merged onto Gaia’s New Grid of Light that is present on Earth. Pay attention to your guidance; that voice within; follow it even when it makes no sense in the moment.

When you are consciously linked/merged with the New, you experience much Peace and self-Love. Remember that you are a God-Being. God/Source is not something separate from you; it is who you are. As…

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In exposing the facts , demanding change in Family Courts & Therapy is risky

Well, we should know soon if Dr. Childress can no longer work with you and your families.

A minor’s counsel in a court case I testified in has submitted documents to the court alleging that I violated Forensic Psychology Guidelines (he’s coming after my license).

I did not violate any guidelines.

But truth does not stop the pathogen. I’ve known this was coming. A price that any clinical psychology professional must put up to even work with your children and families is our career.

Not a single clinical psychologist will work with any of your children and families. You are left with only one choice – the stone-cold stupidity and arrogance of forensic psychology.

If my license survives, we’ll see what happens.

Do you see?

It’s the red pill. You have been isolated in forensic psychology so you can be abused and the pathology can continue.

I am a sincere and honest clinical psychologist who is trying to help you and your children – and my license is put in risk because of it – actual risk starting today when I received the court filings of the minor’s counsel with the allegations that I violated Forensic Psychology Guidelines (because I did not do a $20,000 to $40,000 child custody evaluation – and instead did a structured limited-scope trauma-informed clinical psychology assessment – by court order – that found a confirmed DSM-5 diagnosis of V995.51 Child Psychological Abuse.

Clinical psychology will NOT work with your children and families as long as our license is put at risk. That is simply a fact.

Craig Childress, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist, PSY 18857

Leaping & Love, Liberating Old Souls

Closer to 67, than this 66th year that has increased my insight , which

has again increased , since the 11/11/18 that speaks to my soul.. Again

a miracle on the 23rd as our Gaia quantum leaped… (far too many examples)

but to state mine , in this being the 23rd which was the ” induced ” ..our

3rd Child is a #3, his being was uber light ..I loved him from 1st sight, his

thatch of dark hair , after 2 blonds , only a pang of loss of a daughter !

I was a proud Mama of 3 sons and Bucky was calm itself ..He chose to

stay low to the ground , a ” crumb snatcher ” , the sweetest Buddha Baby”

sucking his middle 2 fingers , like my Mom , Joyce , his eyes were hazel

blue grey , who unintentionally named his and wife’s 1st son Grayson

without knowing ” Big Granny ” Joyce’s Dad , 1st name is Grayson.

Bucky was “induced” into a Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp , and a child , was

mystical, a joker, always observing .. His kindness towards me could not

have been any more real than a female , as years ago I accepted the gift

of Divine , in not having a daughter being abused by our abuser .

I am not in denial that I don’t know the totality of shadow that affected

each son..there has been little communication , having shared 5 years

in hell on Earth..

Bucky started slow, observed , and is so beloved.. Quantum Leaping is Like

Bucky , and I know he’ll champion his Destiny ! Asking questions never

pondered , sensing the shift .

I believe I qualify as ” knowing ” as a Leap Year Baby , 2/29/52 , and an

” Old Soul “.. it’s been a lovely quest ,of late bearing fruits of labor , that

this Pisces honors as HOPE was very difficult in times of suck

shadow that has created a breach of Mother/Child …it’s coming


In this Kryon message, He speaks of children , the children

of now .. and their needs. .

He’s 110%, correct ..

I released in a major way, which is totally individual…I allow

my soul to know ..,

Blessings and Peace

Doña Luna

Traumatic Grief -Childress

The pathogen has three defenses,

Remain hidden

Seek allies

Attack with great viciousness

Allies. It is important with this pathogen to identify your allies, and the pathogen’s allies. This is a trauma pathogen of sides.

False allies subvert.

Notice how the Gardnerians responded. They’re arguing to keep you locked to “parental alienation” that continues your abuse by having to prove something in the courts. Why? Do you see? Are they giving your children the DSM-5 diagnosis of Psychological Child Abuse?

Do you see? Now you will learn of allies. Get your PTSD (complex trauma; traumatic grief) properly diagnosed, and I want you to get at least 6 months of treatment with a trauma-informed therapist for your PTSD (complex trauma). Do it.

And then, we are going to enlist the voices of your trauma recovery therapists in support of what I am saying to professional psychology – we have to stop abusing and traumatizing you – you.

None of this is about child custody. You know that, and I know that. That’s a lie. It’s all about abusing and traumatizing you.

So I want you to find your allies. Your choice. They are your allies. I’d recommend someone with trauma-ish knowledge, but whoever you feel comfortable with. Some of you, maybe some of the moms, will find a domestic violence trauma recovery person more suitable. That would be completely understandable.

So don’t be looking for “experts,” start identifying your allies.

I don’t want to wait 10 years to solve this. Today. That sounds about right. Is there any reason you couldn’t start serious loving on your kid today? Didn’t think so, so today.

Craig Childress, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist, PSY 18857

Childress On Heroes – Takes One To Know One !

There’s this thing in trauma recovery called “vicarious trauma,” the trauma the healer feels from working in the trauma dream of abuse to recover the person. You saw that in the Major Winters scene at the beginning, Bull kneeling down trying to process his vicarious trauma, and then again at the end, the soldier with that look… the vicarious trauma.

That’s been a near constant for me working with you and your families. Your grief and loss is so great. I’ve worked serious stuff, cancer and birth defects, child abuse and trauma. I know how to keep a handle on my empathy to modulate my own vicarious trauma.

But I tell ya… I have to keep a near constant check on the extent of my empathy for your situations. That’s been one of the most remarkable aspects of this situation – the phenomenal absence of empathy for you – for you the parents.

I’m trying to avoid vicarious trauma from just being with you, and yet these other people… what’s wrong with them? I don’t understand. The absence of empathy leads to the capacity for human cruelty, and you have been the recipients of much cruelty and suffering.

I’m sorry.

My vicarious trauma doesn’t come from working with you, when I working I’m in a zone so to speak – my psychologist is on. It’s those other times.

I’ll be working with someone, a parent, on some project or advocacy thing. And we’ll start talking, people stuff. How’s your world, how’s your kids, normal stuff. But it’s the how’s your kids part…

I admire you. All of you. Boy, what you have been through.

These people I work with from time to time, you, parents, I like you. You’re nice people. Ordinary normal people. So when I talk with you as we do other stuff, I’m interested in you, hi, how ya doin’. It’s your stories. I admire you for what you’ve been through, and for what your doing. You’re impressive.

But then, unbeknownst to me, I’ve taken a bit of your trauma into me… because I care. I don’t notice it, because all my normal psychologist defenses against vicarious stuff are working away – clinkity-clonkity-clonk, keeping me protected from my client’s stuff, from their trauma and pain.

But then… sometimes, when I’m out doing something else, all the little pieces of your trauma that I’ve collected rise and sit in my heart. I like that, and then I also don’t. I don’t like it because your pain hurts so much. I like it because it’s real. It’s yours. I like that I’m there in that. I can’t make your hurt go away, but at least I can pull up a chair.

When people hurt, I like sitting in that chair. That’s why I’m a clinical psychologist. That’s why I’m a PsyD rather than a PhD. I want to be in that chair, sitting there with people in their authenticity. I like that place, even when it hurts. And kinda funny, especially when it hurts.

In the past, in my practice, I’ve told people I’m a connoisseur of sad. I don’t mind sad. It’s real. It hurts, because it’s supposed to. Something bad happened.

With my kiddos, the angry-grumpy 12 to 16 year old getting in trouble at school, at home, and elsewhere… they’re sad. Nobody knows it because they believe the angry that the child presents. But that’s a lie.

My kid, my angry-grumpy teenager who’s getting in trouble all the time – is actually very sad. Something bad happened, or is happening to them. We need to find out what that is, and when we fix that, they stop being so angry and grumpy – because they were a good kid all along.

They told you a lie. They told you this was about the child. Of course we all love the child. That’s a given. They used your love to manipulate you. They used your love for the child to take away your power to defend yourself.

They manipulated the child. If we have an authentic child, then absolutely… but not if they’re manipulating and controlling the child. You got caught. They used your love for your child to manipulate you.

I know you love your child. They can’t manipulate me. This isn’t about the child, it’s about you. It’s about how they are abusing and traumatizing you. I know. I can’t get vicarious trauma unless you’ve got trauma. You’ve got lots and lots… your sad is so deep, and your grief is so large…

So the thing about sad is… it makes us strong. People think strength comes from angry because violence is more visible. They’re wrong. Strength comes from compassion, from being sad.

But the strength of compassion isn’t always seen right away, and the apparent strength of violence is more visible. But compassion is relentless in its force.

I want to thank for your gifts of sadness and grief… sort of. You know what I mean. Let’s see what we can do about getting your children back. Even, and especially your now grown kids.

Grandparents, I hear you. South Africa, Romania, Netherlands, England, you too.

The world for you has been crazy, and painful, very painful. First, we start by returning to sanity. You, your trauma and your grief, are important. We love the child, we all do. That’s a given.

You don’t have to prove anything. I know you love your child, we know you love your child. The whole idea that you had to “prove” you were “worthy” was all part of the trauma dream – the abusive and brutal nightmare of the trauma dream.

It’s time to tell of your pain, to lift the lie that has held you in silence. Wendy speaks with your voice, and each of you has your voice too, your authenticity and the truth of your pain and loss.

Victims is not a correct way of framing it. The psychiatrist Victor Frankl survived the Holocaust, and his book, Man’s Search for Meaning is considered a pinnacle achievement in existential psychotherapy. Frankl, a Holocaust survivor, says we are never victims, we always have choice. He is a persuasive voice for the dignity of the human spirit.

I don’t see you as victims, as much as heroes. What you have been made to endure, your grief and loss, is unendurable, and yet… you do… and you prosper in spite of your suffering.

So as we enter a new phase – a grounding in actual reality – it’s my pleasure and honor to stand with you. I couldn’t ask for a better company of people to stand with on this battlefield.

Craig Childress, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist, PSY 18857