Emotional pain as a bridge to heal past trauma – Spiritual Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse

Emotional pain you experience in the present can be used as a bridge to help you identify and then heal past traumas that are holding you back. In complex trauma the link between the emotional dysregulation you experience in the present and the unresolved traumas of the past is not conscious. Unlike in shock trauma…
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Childress & Dorcy Pruter, Live Jan 1, 2019

Dorcy Pruter and Dr. Childress are going Facebook Live on Jan. 1 at 12:00 noon, Pacific time. It’s going to be very interesting.

You’ll hear more about it as the time approaches, but if you can work out a way to be available to watch… you’ll be happy.

I’m happy… so I’m pretty sure you’ll be happy too. In fact, I’m just about as happy as I’ve been since 2008 when I started this journey. Oh my goodness, 2019 is going to be a very interesting year.

Facebook Live, Jan. 1, 12:00 Pacific – Dorcy Pruter & Dr. Childress.

Craig Childress, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist, PSY 18857

What is Orgonite? – Orgonise Yourself – Crystal Healing Orgone

I wear a necklace and have small small pyramids to protect

and heal a room in my place of trauma of a child , who

lived here before me. It’s very hard for me to work in

that space ..clearing and balance as well as protection.

I get lots of positive responses to my Orgonite necklace

which is gold tone on one side ..blue lapis on the flip side.

What is Orgonite? – Orgonise Yourself – Crystal Healing Orgone
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‘It’s a man’s problem’: Patrick Stewart and the men fighting to end domestic violence | Society | The Guardian

Stewart witnessed his Mom’s abuse , and is very outspoken against

Domestic Violence

Stewart, David Challen and the Hart brothers know the devastation abuse can wreak – and are challenging the idea that it is a women’s issue
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7 Signs You Are Starting to Live in the Fifth Dimension – Conscious Reminder. To Ascend Is To Rise

7 Signs You Are Starting to Live in the Fifth Dimension – Conscious Reminder
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