The Life of the Alienated Parent | Psychology Today 2017- Craig Childress

Coping with the emotional trauma created by the experience of attachment-based parental alienation.
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The Long Tradition of Folk Healing Among Southern Appalachian Women – Atlas Obscura

Very possible, I am a 4th generation medicine woman..

I am very Blessed to know and live amongst healers

old and young . Often noted as “witch” I’m ok with

those who don’t know old English defines witch as

” wise woman”.. I aspire every day to learn , and very

often it’s a mother load ..let it rain, in the quantum

leap we will experience beyond 50 years of stuck

teachings ,our review of old fake healing , it will

be most welcome .

Returning to the garden , resonates with my soul.

Women in rural areas have longer life spans .

Hands in dirt , creating is nirvana for me.☮️.

I am looking forward to a home , a foundation that

finally allows more than my current apartment ,

which has great light . I am more than ready..

Being in nature , at one with the earth and sky

is Therapy .

The Long Tradition of Folk Healing Among Southern Appalachian Women – Atlas Obscura
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Last Family Christmas 12-25-1998 12/27/98-12-27-18 = 20 years 7,3059 Days

Of course , I have been told repeatedly, I am not family ..

It was a ” tiger ” day in Chinese Astrology ..Ms Moon was 62%

waxing . It was a Sunday , Soul #9, Sun in Capricorn , Moon in Aries.

Jupiter was in Pisces.

20 years = 7,3059 Days Grief is cellular, Triggers Abound

True Facts , Love, Support, and Spiritual Practice , Beloved Soul

Family , Erased Families end the cycle of dying alive to cover

abuse and neglect towards myself , and each child ..denial

that I mattered ..

The UK is incarcerating a parent who abuses partner and child .

minimum 5 years …

Our sons were aged 2, 4 and 7 ..As a young mom , I was very

concerned about a lot of things .


The VA Didn’t Spend Millions of Dollars Meant for Veterans Suicide Prevention, Report Finds

The VA Didn’t Spend Millions of Dollars Meant for Veterans Suicide Prevention, Report Finds
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Should Men Be Able to Opt Out of Fatherhood? – VICE

Historically they have ..

Tons of Uncle Dad’s ~

In the late 1930’s a husband could state his wife did not keep

a clean house , grounds for divorce , liberating him to keep

all his assets . Wife was confined to a mental ward , for not

doing her work/ job as husband saw fit.

Older movie : The Snake Pit covers what that might look like.

It was true in my state of Virginia.

For 50 years Corp Psychiatry and chemical co, created diagnosis

fabricated , and mind altering addictive RX , to induce the

mental illness ” straight jacket ” that predisposes law to agree

in solidarity , stripping away all rights .

I sadly found this out, and it was heartbreaking to discover Law

is masculine . Women are ” allowed ” at hand length ” ..Failed with 2

and 1 in Va Supreme Court , 3 person panel. They never had the truth

Women’s Rights , Children’s rights , Men’s rights, rarely have justice

in a billions of revenue generated corporation , that as we witness daily

is personal power and greed .

Weighing the pros and cons of a man’s right to “financial abortion.”
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The ‘intimacy discount:’ Sentences lighter for men who kill female partners – The Globe and Mail ( Canada )

Study finds that men who kill their wives, girlfriends or other female family members are handed shorter prison terms than men who kill strangers
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Find A CEN Trained Therapist | Worldwide | Dr. Jonice Webb

If you’re looking for a therapist who specializes in childhood emotional neglect, here is the list of therapists qualified to do this work across the world.
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