Private firms are making big money out of children’s social services | Ray Jones | Society | The Guardian

Companies have colonised social work, with those at the top taking the profits while families in difficulty continue to suffer
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America’s Largest Mental Hospital Is a Jail – The Atlantic

At Cook County, where a third of those incarcerated suffer from psychological disorders, officials are looking for ways to treat inmates less like prisoners and more like patients.
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NC hospital reviewing 9,200 cases after lab mistakes wrongly diagnosed cancer

After at least 10 patients received improper diagnoses owed to pathology lab errors, Winston Salem, N.C.-based Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center has been reviewing 9,291 cases ahead of a June deadline set by CMS that could strip its Medicare certification.
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Love Makes Your Baby’s Brain Bigger… Neglect, Abuse and Trauma Kill Billions of Brain Cells, Neurologist Says

Love Makes Your Baby’s Brain Bigger… Neglect, Abuse and Trauma Kill Billions of Brain Cells, Neurologist Says
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Church ties, pastors’ friendships allow abusers to escape | Fort Worth Star-Telegram

A pattern of cover-ups and the shuffling of suspected abusers among churches and universities that are part of the independent fundamental Baptist movement.
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Multiple Sensitivity to Pollution , ClausPeter Kessler Dr

It is not Multiple Sensitivity to Pollution, it is not Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, it is Multiple Chemical Element Sensitivity !!!

You have to understand the difference between sensitivity and toxicity. For example: If you are sensitive to mercury (most common), your body reacts to the exposure of each single molecule of mercury from inhalation, ingestion or transdermally and disturbs the order of your system, especially to the predisposed weak spots of your system (skin, immune system, joint fluid, etc.). If you are not disturbed by this vibration (or frequency) of mercury by exposure, your body is able to take care of all other toxins (Arsenic, Aluminum, Meds, Alcohol, Pesticides, etc., not in a toxicological doses), you are getting exposed to and is able to use compensatory pathways to make up weaknesses (genetic) of your body.

If the order of the system is disturbed, your body is not able to do this and will even react uncontrolled , irrational, dysautonomic ( see my Note: Dysautonomia)

Other patients are sensitive to Aluminum, Fluoride, Palladium, Iridium, Indium, Gold, Titan, Silicium, Formaldehyde and react to the vibration of this particular element and not to mercury. The word ‘chemical sensitivity’ should be individually narrowed down to the one or seldom two chemical elements.

The patient is sensitive to a product (fragrance, food, cosmetics, etc.), because it contains in trace amounts the chemical element, he or she is sensitive to, and this can vary from charge to charge of each product.

Calling it a sensitivity to fragrances turns sensitives into Pavlov dogs in being trained to react to anything they smell.